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The End of Life of Internet Explorer 11
Stop supporting IE 11. It is as simple as that. As soon as more and more Websites do not work in IE 11 the easier it is for the corporations to see the need to move on to another browser and nobody will be using IE 11 anymore.
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november 2018 by spaceninja
The dangers of cross-browser testing with IE9′s Browser Modes
IE9 has a feature called Browser Modes that attempts to simplify cross-browser testing by emulating how a site would render in a real copy of IE7 or IE8. It’s available within IE9’s Developer Tools. While it’s a good idea in theory, in practice these emulated Browser Modes create more trouble than benefit because they behave differently than real copies of IE7 and IE8 would.
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july 2014 by spaceninja
Microsoft provides virtual machine disk images to facilitate website testing in multiple versions of IE, regardless of the host operating system. Unfortunately, setting these virtual machines up without Microsoft's VirtualPC can be extremely difficult. The ievms scripts aim to facilitate that process using VirtualBox on Linux or OS X. With a single command, you can have IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9 running in separate virtual machines.
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february 2012 by spaceninja

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