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Writing Tests For CSS Is Possible! Don’t Believe The Rumors, by Gil Tayar
You know that fear. The fear of changing something in your CSS. Deleting a CSS rule is a lesson in getting yourself to calm down, telling yourself that it’s OK, you are absolutely sure that deleting that rule won’t change anything.

And only manual testing can assuage that fear. And yet, even then, you’re still frightened that you haven’t checked _everything_, and that you missed something. Not to mention that it’s amazingly boring.

Never fear again! Testing your CSS code, testing the visual aspects of your code, is now possible, and I will show how. A slew of new Saas tools have come to the forefront which enable us to write tests that check that everything is the same that it was (even if we moved from BEM to CSS-in-JS).

So grab that keyboard, refactor your CSS, because writing tests for it is now possible!
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11 weeks ago by spaceninja
Animation Performance 101: Measuring with Dev Tools
In the last part of this series, we’ll take a look at the most important part of performance: how to measure and diagnose bottlenecks. Performance optimizations are meaningless without data! We’ll go through how to analyze using Chrome DevTools*. First, let’s take a look at two tools mentioned in Part 1.
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april 2019 by spaceninja
Keeping a React Design System Consistent Using Visual Regression Testing
Ensuring visual consistency is one of the biggest challenges of working on a UI component library. Since visual regressions in one component can lead to unwanted changes across an entire application, it becomes vital that we test not only our components functionality, but also their visuals. What follows is the story of how we introduced visual regression testing into our React component library that implements our design system.
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january 2019 by spaceninja
On the importance of testing with content blockers
I recommend everyone to browse with content blockers turned on. The goal: protection against tracking. Safari and Firefox have good tracking protection features. With more people using these features, we should test our sites with content blockers turned on.
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january 2019 by spaceninja
Testing iOS on a Mac (for Free!)
Full interactive iOS Mobile Safari browser testing is possible right on your Mac, no additional services necessary. We'll set up Apple's Simulator and configure it for testing Safari on a wide range of iOS versions and devices.
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november 2018 by spaceninja
Learn to Integrate Visual Testing with Percy
Did you know that you can set up a review system so that every pull request you make shows you exactly what has changed visually on your site? That's exactly what Percy does. When you do a pull request, it literally takes screenshots and compares them to the screenshots of what is on master. If anything has changed, it lets you know.
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november 2018 by spaceninja
Getting to Know a Legacy Codebase
The kind of codebase that no one person truly understands any more; the kind of codebase that’s had a dozen different contributors over just as many years; the kind of codebase that’s never had a full-scale refactor or overhaul, but that’s grown organically over time and changed with new techniques, styles, and trends.
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july 2018 by spaceninja
How and Why We Unit Test Our Sass
When design systems are the source of truth and subscribers have easy access to code, it's important that code is well-tested. Lindsey shares how we unit test our Sass and how you can too.
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july 2018 by spaceninja
New to email coding? Here’s where to start.
One year ago I entered the wild world of email. I was confident in my HTML/CSS skills and ready to rock it. But then… tables(!) and inline CSS(!!) and Microsoft Word as a rendering engine(!!!)… I quickly realized the intricacies of email coding were way beyond my expectations, and consequently the past year has involved a steep learning curve.
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april 2018 by spaceninja
Automated Frontend Testing
An intro to automated frontend testing. This is an enormous field containing many skillsets, but this presentation covers the basics of testing in the context of building websites. It covers functional testing, performance testing, and QA tools for development teams.
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january 2018 by spaceninja
We've updated the radios and checkboxes on GOV.UK
Great user testing story about why the GDS team increased the size of checkbox and radio controls on the Gov.UK platform.
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december 2016 by spaceninja

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