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7 absolute truths I unlearned as junior developer
A few things I strongly believed when I was a junior developer which turned out to be wrong.
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june 2019 by spaceninja
The Technical Debt Myth
What isn’t technical debt? Several distinct types of engineering tasks and organizational issues are often lumped under the definition of technical debt — but at their core they’re a natural part of the programming lifecycle. Maintenance work; Lack of process; Quality compromises and questionable design decisions; Contributor frustration; Outgrowing solutions;
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april 2019 by spaceninja
How to Get Buy-in for Reducing Technical Debt
I remember his response vividly: “We're still looking for product-market fit, so the communication from the leadership team is: it's fine if we're bleeding a bit, but let them know when we're gushing out blood.” This gory analogy provided powerful clarity that now was not the time to spend a lot of effort getting the codebase in tiptop shape — though if things got really bad and productivity suffered heavily, we should raise a flag.
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august 2018 by spaceninja
A Taxonomy of Tech Debt
When measuring a piece of tech debt, you can use impact (to customers and to developers), fix cost (time and risk), and contagion. I believe most developers regularly consider impact and fix cost, while I’ve rarely encountered discussions of contagion. Contagion can be a developer’s worst enemy as a problem burrows in and becomes harder and harder to dislodge. It is possible, however, to turn contagion into a weapon by making your fix more contagious than the problem.
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august 2018 by spaceninja
A visual guide to technical debt
A photo of a toilet paper roll sitting on top of the TP holder.
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january 2018 by spaceninja

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