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Writing a Simple MVC App in Plain JavaScript – Tania Rascia
I wanted to write a simple application in plain JavaScript using the model-view-controller architectural pattern. So I did, and here it is. Hopefully it helps you understand MVC, as it's a difficult concept to wrap your head around when you're first starting out.
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11 weeks ago by spaceninja
Handling Errors in JavaScript: The Definitive Guide
This article will be structured in 3 parts, first we will have a look at Errors in general. After that we will focus on the backend (Node.js + Express.js) and finally we’ll see how to deal with Errors in React.js. I chose those frameworks, because they are by far the most popular at the moment, but you should be able to apply your new found knowledge to other frameworks easily!
javascript  errors  node  express  react  try  catch  finally  async  tutorials  howto  projects 
11 weeks ago by spaceninja
Unit Testing in Vue: Your First Test | Vue Mastery
In the previous article, we explored why to do unit testing in Vue.js and what you should and shouldn’t test. In this article, we are going to write our first unit tests. I’m going to make assumptions here that you have written a Vue application before and that you have the Vue CLI installed. In this section we are going to create a new Vue application using the Vue CLI, write some components, and write some tests for them. We will do all of this before ever actually running npm run serve.
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11 weeks ago by spaceninja
Unit Testing in Vue: What to Test? | Vue Mastery
Every developer knows that they should be writing tests, but in reality, many of us don’t do it at all or we aren’t doing enough of it. The problem isn’t the lack of tools, it’s that we don’t have a clear understanding of what these tools are meant to do. In this article, I am going to give you a beginner’s blueprint for what you should be testing in your Vue.js applications as well as the tools you will need to do so.
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11 weeks ago by spaceninja
Knowing What To Test - Vue Component Unit Testing - Vue.js Developers
In this article, I'll share with you some guidelines I use for unit testing components that ensure I don't spend forever writing tests but provide enough coverage to keep me out of trouble.
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11 weeks ago by spaceninja
An Introduction to TDD with Vue.js | frontstuff
TDD makes all this easier. Instead of writing tests by examining all bits and pieces of a finished project and trying to guess what you should cover, you’re doing the opposite. You’re starting from actual specs, a list of things that the component should do, without caring about how it does it. This way, you’re ensuring that all you test is the public API, but you’re also guaranteeing you don’t forget anything.
tdd  testing  javascript  vue  jest  howto  tutorials  projects 
11 weeks ago by spaceninja
How to visually test VueJS apps using and Applitools [step-by-step tutorial] - Applitools Blog
In my previous blog post, we explored how easy it is to troubleshoot and fix React bugs fast using React JS,, and Applitools. In this article, I’ll walk you through a complete, step-by-step guide of how to visually test a Vue JS app with and Applitools.
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11 weeks ago by spaceninja
Mastering testing with Vue.js by testing a real application and setting up CI/CD
We are going to use a real application, hacker news clone, built by Evan, I simply forked it since I don’t want changes to it breaking this article, here is the forked version. At the time of writing this article, there are no tests in this project, and that’s good for us to learn how to write tests, we are also going to create a CI/CD (mostly CI) pipeline with CircleCI so tests will run automatically for any change in our git repository.
javascript  vue  testing  jest  howto  tutorials  projects  testcafe  ci  circleci 
11 weeks ago by spaceninja
Building an Animal Adoption Site with Node and Vue - Part 1
Today we're going to build an application that showcases animals that are available for adoption! This will be a two part blog series, so in this portion we'll just learn how to setup our application and get some mock data flowing from the backend to the frontend. Let's get started!
javascript  api  node  vue  howto  tutorials  projects 
11 weeks ago by spaceninja
Use Eleventy To Generate A Ghost Blog
What if I could source a Ghost blog from the Ghost Content API and then generate a static blog, all inside of Eleventy?
javascript  api  ghost  static  jamstack  eleventy  howto  tutorials  projects 
11 weeks ago by spaceninja
Build a Server Side Nuxt.js App With Vuetify, Axios and Vuex part 1
Nuxt.js is a server side rendered (SSR) application with Vue.js. In this video I show you a tutorial on how to use Vue.js with Nuxtjs to create a simple iTunes search engine. We'll use axios, Vuex and Vuetify to make things easier for ourselves. In this video I'll describe how to install Nuxt, how to use plugins and how to run the app.
javascript  vue  nuxt  vuetify  axios  vuex  api  howto  tutorials  projects 
11 weeks ago by spaceninja
Creating A Spotify-Powered App Using Nuxt.js
With Spotify, machine learning and social media has gone musical. With their app, your friends can check out what you’re jamming to. What if the rest of the Internet could experience your algo-rhythm, too? In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to compose your own application to share what you’re listening to on Spotify using Vue.js and Nuxt.
javascript  vue  nuxt  howto  tutorials  projects  spotify  api 
11 weeks ago by spaceninja
Unit Test Your First Vue.js Component
In Build Your First Vue.js Component we made a star rating component. We’ve covered many fundamental concepts to help you create more complex Vue.js components. Yet, there’s one crucial point you need to build bulletproof components you can use in production: unit testing.
vue  javascript  components  testing  howto  tutorials  projects  jest 
october 2018 by spaceninja

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