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How to Enable Dark Mode in MacOS Automatically on Schedule
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could schedule the Dark Mode theme to enable itself automatically on your Mac, perhaps in the evening hours, and on a recurring schedule? That’s exactly what this tutorial is going to show you how to do, without needing to download or use any third party apps.
osx  mac  macos  darkmode  automator 
march 2019 by spaceninja
newmarcel/KeepingYouAwake: Prevents your Mac from going to sleep.
KeepingYouAwake is a small menu bar utility for macOS (Version 10.10 and newer) that can prevent your Mac from entering sleep mode for a predefined duration or as long as it is activated.
osx  mac  apps  caffeine  caffeinate  sleep 
february 2019 by spaceninja
RunJS - Write and run JavaScript instantly
A modern JavaScript playground, with Node and browser APIs and support for Babel and TypeScript. Write JavaScript and get instant feedback as you type.
javascript  software  mac  macos 
january 2019 by spaceninja
An extremely opinionated and highly personalized script to set up a new Mac machine, just the way I like it!
dotfiles  osx  mac  unix  bash  git  vim 
january 2019 by spaceninja
.files, including ~/.macos — sensible hacker defaults for macOS
dotfiles  osx  mac  unix  bash  git  vim 
january 2019 by spaceninja
Dark Mode and CSS
With these changes, Dark Mode now becomes another aspect of responsive web design. As with device dimensions or color, the user’s environmental choices must be taken into account. Instead of adapting elements to viewport changes, you’ll be changing designs to match the user interface chrome outside that viewport.
fridayfrontend  css  dark  darkmode  color  themes  safari  mac 
november 2018 by spaceninja
Paul Miller — Using dark mode in CSS with MacOS Mojave
MacOS Mojave has been recently released with the Dark Mode option. The good news is: Safari Tech Preview 68 supports Dark Mode! The CSS itself is very simple. No polyfills are required, the media query code would be skipped if your browser doesn’t support it.
fridayfrontend  css  dark  themes  darkmode  color  safari  mac 
november 2018 by spaceninja
Formation |
A shell script to set up a macOS machine for design and development. Safe to run multiple times on the same machine. It installs, upgrades, or skips packages based on what is already installed on the machine.
mac  osx  macos  development  tools  commandline  terminal  bash  dotfiles 
september 2018 by spaceninja
BLACK series by Jean-Marc Denis
A wallpaper series using shapes and lights.
wallpapers  black  iphone  ios  mac 
february 2018 by spaceninja
Every Default macOS Wallpaper – in Glorious 5K Resolution
Every major version of Mac OS X macOS has come with a new default wallpaper. As you can see, I have collected them all here.
mac  wallpapers  design 
february 2018 by spaceninja
Shade: The greatest contrast tool in the galaxy.
Shade provides WCAG 2.0 AA contrast insights and battle-tested recommendations to fix the errors that pop up.
design  tools  mac  apps  color  contrast  accessibility 
february 2018 by spaceninja
SSH keys in macOS Sierra
n Sierra, Apple has changed it so that you now need to explicitly add the known identities to the ssh agent. This is done using ssh-add -A which you need to run every time you reboot.
mac  osx  ssh  keys 
february 2018 by spaceninja
Clearing Accidentally "Learned" Words from macOS Dictionary
Now forevermore, the spell checker won't catch that misspelled word. Fear not, you can fix it.
mac  osx  spellchecker  dictionary 
february 2018 by spaceninja
Aerial: Apple TV Aerial Screensaver for Mac
Aerial is a Mac screen saver based on the new Apple TV screen saver that displays the aerial movies Apple shot over New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, China, etc.
apple  osx  mac  screensavers  appletv 
january 2018 by spaceninja
Awesome macOS Screensavers
A curated list of screensavers for macOS.
osx  mac  screensavers  awesome  lists 
january 2018 by spaceninja
Awesome OS X Command Line
A curated list of shell commands and tools specific to OS X.
osx  mac  terminal  commandline  unix  awesome  lists 
january 2018 by spaceninja
The Best Way to Type ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Every time you shrug, you don’t need to Google, then copy, then paste.
ascii  shortcuts  keyboard  mac  ios  shrug  emoji 
december 2017 by spaceninja
Inspecting Yosemite's Icons
I want to focus on my favorite visual update in Yosemite — the dock icons. Before Yosemite, Apple maintained a system for icon design through a checklist of mostly unstated and understood guidelines paired with a few specific recommendations in the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). With Yosemite, that system becomes more consistent, and regular, yet the HIG remains silent on the specifics.
apple  osx  mac  icons  design  yosemite 
december 2017 by spaceninja
Designing for "Show scroll bars"
In MacOS, it's possible for scrollbars to cover clickable elements hugging the right side of the page.
fridayfrontend  osx  macos  mac  scrollbars  layout  design  ux  accessibility 
january 2017 by spaceninja
Stand for Mac
Stand's a little app we built to send you a notification every hour to stand up and get moving around, right on your Mac.
stand  apps  mac  reminders  notifications 
february 2016 by spaceninja
Install Bash git completion · bobthecow/git-flow-completion Wiki
git-flow completion requires git-completion to work. How exactly you go about installing git-completion varies wildly from system to system, so it's hard to give exact installation instructions.
git  bash  osx  mac 
july 2014 by spaceninja
OS X dotfiles: bash, git, vim, etc.
dotfiles  osx  mac  unix  bash  git  vim 
july 2014 by spaceninja
Setting Up My Mac Without MAMP
Setting up a Mac without MAMP used to be sort of complicated, but it's been getting easier and easier with every version of Mac OS, and it's not that hard any more. I thought I'd share the process I'm using now.
mac  localhost  development  mamp  apache  php  mysql  osx 
july 2014 by spaceninja
Virtual Host in Mountain Lion with Apache
If you’re using Mountain Lion and have the need to setup a vhost it can be a little tricky to get the ball rolling. I’m going to do my best to detail the process that I use to set everything up. Hopefully you can use these same steps to square aware your system.
virtualhosts  vhosts  apache  osx  mac 
july 2014 by spaceninja
How to install Xcode, Homebrew, Git, RVM, Ruby & Rails on OS X
After following many outdated and incomplete instructions for setting up a web development environment on a Mac (back in March 2012), and spending a lot of time finding solutions to the problems I encountered along the way, I decided to put together this detailed tutorial.
xcode  homebrew  git  rvm  ruby  rails  osx  mac 
july 2014 by spaceninja
Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL on Mac OS X
I have installed Apache, PHP, and MySQL on Mac OS X since Leopard. Each time doing so by hand. Each version of Mac OS X having some minor difference. This post serves as much for my own record as to outline how to install Apache, MySQL, and PHP for a local development environment on Mac OS X Mountain Lion Mavericks.
apache  php  mysql  mac  osx  localhost 
july 2014 by spaceninja
Getting rid of Open With duplicates - All this
This is the problem: You want to open a file using something other than the default application. You right-click its icon in the Finder, choose Open With, and a submenu pops up with an absurd number of duplicate entries.
mac  osx  openwith  duplicates 
july 2014 by spaceninja
Beware of -webkit-text-size-adjust:none
What that does is prevent WebKit-based browsers from resizing text. Not even full page zoom resizes the text. Now, how can preventing your users from resizing text be a good idea?
typography  safari  mac  bugs  ios  webkit 
july 2014 by spaceninja
ImageAlpha — image minifier (like JPEG with transparency!)
ImageAlpha greatly reduces file sizes of 24-bit PNG files (including alpha transparency) by applying lossy compression and conversion to a more efficient PNG8+alpha format. Such images are compatible with iOS, all browsers, and even degrade well in IE6.
mac  software  png  compression  optimization  images 
july 2014 by spaceninja
Drop-In Modals
Nice technique for dropping a modal window in from the top of the screen, OSX-style.
mac  css  javascript  modal  animation  dropdown 
october 2011 by spaceninja
Scout - Compass and Sass without all the hassle
"Scout is a cross-platform app that delivers the power of Sass and Compass to the hands of web designers."
sass  compass  apps  ruby  mac  css 
october 2011 by spaceninja For Mac OS X
"This app makes it dead simple to use {Less} by automatically compiling *.less files into standard CSS."
less  sass  css  apps  mac 
october 2011 by spaceninja
Bonjour Print Services for Windows
Add this to your windows VMs, and then you can browse to your mac's bonjour address, like scott.local, instead of an IP.
bonjour  windows  mac  vms 
october 2011 by spaceninja
Better Helvetica Font Stack
"Helvetica is easily my favorite font, but it has one downside: it looks like crap on Windows. The way Windows handles the rendering of Helvetica makes a great font almost unreadable at small sizes. The problem is halfway solved by using the following CSS font stack."
css  webfonts  typography  helvetica  arial  windows  mac 
october 2011 by spaceninja
Replacing those blurry VMware icons!
When using VMware in Unity mode, the windows icons are blurry. Here's how to fix that.
windows  mac  vm  vmware  icons  howto  fix 
october 2011 by spaceninja
Howto command-line unrar on Mac OS X
"Decompressing *.RAR on a Mac OS X can’t be done by default. Of course you could use UnRarX to do this job, though not my cup of tea. I like command-line utilities e.g. par2cmdline and unrar. This post will help you installing the freeware unrar command-line tool from Rarlab."
rar  unrar  compression  utilties  osx  commandline  terminal  mac 
november 2010 by spaceninja
Fluid - Turn your favorite websites into mac desktop applications
"Fluid lets you create a Site Specific Browser (SSB) out of any website or web application, effectively turning your favorite web apps into desktop apps."
fluid  browsers  webkit  safari  dock  icons  apps  websites  standalone  mac  free 
march 2010 by spaceninja
A collection of free screensavers for linux and mac computers, including the best Matrix-code screensaver made.
matrix  screensavers  linux  free  xscreensaver  mac 
march 2010 by spaceninja
Free flip-clock style screensaver for Mac and Windows.
windows  free  mac  clocks  screensavers 
march 2010 by spaceninja
Better PDF File Size Reduction in OS X
"I set about creating a filter that struck, in my estimation, a reasonable balance between image quality and file size reduction. And I think I’ve found it. That 175MB PDF gets taken down to 34MB with what I created."
pdf  filesize  reduction  shrink  tools  keynote  mac  apps  free 
february 2010 by spaceninja
Enabling keyboard navigation in Mac OS X Web browsers
Noted for future reference - one of my biggest annoyances whenever I get a new mac is trying to remember how to enable tabbing between ALL form fields, not just text fields.
osx  keyboard  navigation  forms  browsers  safari  mac  apple 
june 2009 by spaceninja
Very nice freeware monospace console font. Looks best on the Mac - on the PC, the lines are too thickly rendered, for some reason.
raphlevien  monospace  console  opensource  fonts  typography  mac  free 
january 2009 by spaceninja

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