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Can you maintain this without losing your minds?
Replace "can you build this?" with "can you maintain this without losing your minds?"
tech  code  efficiency  optimization  maintainability 
february 2018 by spaceninja
Do programmers take advantage of managers that don't understand code?
‘Yes,’ said the DP Manager. ‘Jane came to us with a great reputation. We thought she was going to be as brilliant as Fred. But she hasn’t really proved herself yet. We’ve given her a few problems that we thought were going to be really tough, but when she finished it turned out they weren’t really difficult at all. Most of them turned out pretty simple. She hasn’t really proved herself yet — if you see what I mean?’
programming  culture  work  sexism  feminism  gender  efficiency  productivity 
december 2017 by spaceninja
Writing Efficient CSS
"We all have strong opinions on CSS, whether good or bad. CSS can be really helpful, but if you don't think about how it works before writing selectors, you can seriously harm the performance of your page. In this talk, Joe Reeve introduces us to browser implementations of CSS selectors and what that means for your CSS."
fridayfrontend  video  css  efficiency  performance  optimization 
october 2016 by spaceninja
High-Impact, Minimal-Effort Cross-Browser Testing
"In the next fifteen minutes, I hope to save you hours of wasted effort by describing a testing strategy which is not only less labour-intensive, but more effective at catching bugs."
testing  browsers  efficiency  qa  fridayfrontend 
february 2016 by spaceninja
SASS Nested Selectors: The Inception Rule
The Inception Rule: don’t go more than four levels deep. This basically means that you shouldn’t be too specific or mimicking the DOM at any point. If you find yourself more than four levels deep, that’s a red flag.
sass  less  html  haml  css  selectors  efficiency  inception  performance 
february 2012 by spaceninja
Write less Less
"Don’t nest just to nest. Nest to simplify your final, compiled CSS. You’ll save code and headaches later on."
less  css  sass  nesting  efficiency 
october 2011 by spaceninja
Writing Efficient CSS
A list of good tips for making your CSS more efficient, like avoiding child selectors and not qualifying classes or IDs with element names.
css  efficiency  rules  guidelines  mozilla  selectors 
december 2010 by spaceninja
Don't be a hero: Giving up is good to do
"The feature was deemed valuable at a cost of two hours, not sixteen. Sixteen hours of work could have gotten four other things done that individually were at least as important."
productivity  efficiency  projectmanagement  development 
april 2007 by spaceninja

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