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Animated SVG Radial Progress Bars
Using a single path SVG, a smidge of CSS, and ~6 lines of JavaScript
css  svg  radial  progress  bars  animation 
august 2018 by spaceninja
Creating a Bar Graph with CSS Grid
If you’re looking for more manageable ways to create bar graphs, or in search of use cases to practice CSS Grid layout, I got you!
css  cssbasics  grids  bars  graphs  charts  cssgrid  layout  customproperties  variables  fridayfrontend 
june 2018 by spaceninja
Get the hell out of here Dennis
My coworker told me he got banned from a bar when he lived in North Dakota back in 1973 and didn’t try going back to it for 30 years but he finally did and the moment he stepped in someone yelled “Get the hell out of here Dennis” And that’s probably my favorite story ever
bars  drinking  humor  dennis  quotes 
march 2018 by spaceninja
Two CSS properties walk into a bar.
Two CSS properties walk into a bar.

A barstool in a completely different bar falls over.
css  jokes  bars 
february 2018 by spaceninja

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