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A Recap of Frontend Development in 2019
The world of frontend development once again evolved at a rapid pace over the past year, and this article recaps all the important events, news, and trends from 2019.
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december 2019 by spaceninja
Understanding client side routing by implementing a router in Vanilla JS – Will Taylor Blog
We will start by taking a look at what client side routing is. Next, we will build a simple application with basic client side routing in Vanilla JS. Finally, we will think about the more advanced features that we usually see in client side routing packages, and implement one of them ourselves - parameterised routes.
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december 2019 by spaceninja
Angular, Autoprefixer, IE11, and CSS Grid Walk into a Bar…
As toolchains grow and become more complex, unless you are expertly familiar with them, it’s very unclear what transformations are happening in our code. Tracking the differences between the input and output and the processes that code underwent can be overwhelming. When there’s a problem, it’s increasingly difficult to hop into the assembly line and diagnose the issue and often there’s not an precise fix.
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january 2019 by spaceninja
Top JavaScript Frameworks and Topics to Learn in 2019
We’re not going to look at which ones are the fastest, or which ones have the best code quality. We’ll assume they’re all speed demons and they’re all good enough to get the job done. The focus is on one thing: What’s actually being used at scale?
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january 2019 by spaceninja
SC5 Style Guide Generator
Informative and easily navigable live style guide which can be edited directly in the browser. Style guide is based on KSS, spiced up with some very useful features and a nifty UI built with AngularJS. It supports SASS, LESS, PostCSS styles as well as pure CSS style sheets.
styleguide  kss  css  generator  grunt  gulp  sass  angular  javascript 
march 2018 by spaceninja
Frontend in 2017: The important parts
In this post, I’ll summarize some of the important things that happened this year in the frontend ecosystem with an eye toward big-picture trends.
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january 2018 by spaceninja

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