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chuck_slash: Fic Exchange - Xenaclone
Summary: Casey has a secret and Chuck finds out about it.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  cross.dressing  kink 
november 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Care
Summary: Set post 2x09 Chuck vs The Sensei. Chuck follows Casey into his house after they return home from the Dojo.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  season2  post-episode 
november 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Trust
Summary: Post 2x21 - Chuck hadn't realised how much his running away with Sarah would hurt Casey. And so he apologises the best he can.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  season2  post-episode 
november 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - The Long Goodbye
Summary: What did Chuck inviting Casey to the rehearsal dinner mean for him and his handler.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99 
november 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - A Stormy Distraction
Summary: Chuck doesn't like thunder storms and so Casey helps take his mind off it.
chuck  chuck/casey  established  ru_salki99 
november 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Getting Changed... Yeah Right!
Summary: Episode 2x17 - What if Chuck had gone into Casey's to get changed?
chuck  chuck/casey  established  ru_salki99  season2 
november 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Counselling
Summary: Set pre episode 2x12. Chuck's not sleeping well, keeping Casey up too. So the major does the only thing he can - he makes him some cocoa.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  season2  post-episode 
november 2010 by southerly
chuck_slash: Fic Exchange - Ladyofpride
Summary: It's the Buy More's turn to have the grotto, but Big Mike's called in sick, so who is going to play Santa?
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  holiday 
november 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Dancing Penguins
Summary: Written in reply to a prompt by little_dumpling which can be found here. Sarah sees more of Chuck and Casey than she had expected to.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99 
november 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Thank God for Truth Serum
Summary: PWP. What if Casey replied to the Michelangelo comment with one of his own?</p>
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99 
november 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Good Luck Chuck
Summary: AU ending 2x20. Chuck wakes up after being tranqued by Casey and has one last request before being transferred.
chuck  chuck/casey/sarah  first.time  ru_salki99  threesome  au  au:branching  season2  het  polyamory 
november 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Not How He Planned It
Summary: Casey misses a debriefing and Chuck goes to find him.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  hurt/comfort 
november 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Sufficient Punishment
Summary: Chuck wants to make things up to Casey and so offers to let him punish him... in any way he wants.
chuck  chuck/casey  established  ru_salki99  bdsm  bondage  kink 
june 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - The Tale of Dave & Stu
Summary: Sarah and Casey didn't get to Chuck in time to stop Longshore from taking him away. Eighteen months of searching for him and they finally find him.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  au  au:branching  hurt/comfort 
june 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Thelma & Louise
Summary: Casey has to go away for a while and so Chuck gives him a proper goodbye.

Sequel: Casey or Cake? Casey comes home.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  pining 
june 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Don't Freak Out
Summary: Chuck and Casey go to an all boys club to do some recon with some interesting results.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  cross.dressing  undercover 
june 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Loyalty
Summary: Chuck overhears Roan telling Casey the reason why he flunked him and curiosity gets the better of him... literally.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  post-episode 
june 2010 by southerly
Occupational Hazards - recrudescence - Chuck (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sarah's announcement is the verbal equivalent of ripping off a Band-Aid all at once to get the cringing and crying over with as quickly as possible. Even so, being told, "New plan! Casey is now your cover boyfriend," is the kind of thing that takes a little time to sink in.
chuck  chuck/casey  UST  recrudescence  pretending  undercover 
january 2010 by southerly
Movie Night - speccygeekgrrl - Chuck (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In retrospect, Shaw should have seen it coming. He's read Chuck's file; he's seen the effects the man has on otherwise rational agents.
chuck  Chuck/Shaw  first.time  speccygeekgrrl  season3 
january 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Some Vacation - organisational post
Summary: Crossover - Being Human/Chuck. Chuck and Casey go to England on a mission where they get mixed up in a war between vampires and humans.
chuck  BeingHuman  ru_salki99  chuck/casey  first.time  Mitchell/George  established  crossover  au  au:branching  paranormal  pining  matchmaking 
january 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - Ghost
Summary: Set nine months post 2x21 - Chuck vs The Colonel. Chuck's life has returned to normality, but he's struggling to accept that this is all there is for him now. That is until he receives an email at work from an anonymous sender.
chuck  chuck/casey  established  ru_salki99  break.up-make.up  season2  au  au:branching 
january 2010 by southerly
The Reading Room - The Major & His Captain
Summary: AU. While stationed in Afghanistan, Casey gets a call that he had always hoped he'd never get.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  Casey/Sarah  canon.ships  au  au:total 
january 2010 by southerly
Girlfriend Resplendent Valentine - Dirty Work
Summary: CIA won't do her goddamn job. Casey's used to doing the dirty work.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  imkalena  break.up-make.up  season1  post-episode  jealousy  pining 
january 2010 by southerly
regann: FIC: Idle Curiosity (Chuck, Chuck/Casey, PG-13)
Summary: Sometimes, for no reason at all, Chuck finds himself wondering what John Casey would be like in bed.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  regann 
january 2010 by southerly
Chuck vs. Bowling, Drugs, and the Unexpected Romance - Anonymous - Chuck (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The life of the world's only functional Intersect holds a number of problems and unexpected adventures. Chuck can deal with everything but the bowling.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  everysecondtues  post-season  season2 
december 2009 by southerly
The Reading Room - Burger Boy
Summary: The way Chuck looked at Casey when he first encountered him on top of that building got me thinking... what if they already knew each other?
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  pre-canon 
december 2009 by southerly
Ru_salki99 - Proof
Summary: Post Chuck vs Sensei. Chuck goes over to check on Casey.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  post-episode  season2  pwp 
august 2009 by southerly
Ru_salki99 - Thank God for Old Pervy Cupids
Summary: Chuck and Casey get given a mission that ends up in their true feelings being revealed... and in Chuck's case, more flesh than he's strictly comfortable with too.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  matchmaking  undercover  pretending 
july 2009 by southerly
Flat Broke and Straight
Summary: Slight AU set when Chuck was at Stanford - Some guys will do anything for money.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  au  au:total  pornstar  canon.ships  pre-canon 
july 2009 by southerly
It's in his Kiss
Summary: In his dying moments Casey allowed himself to enjoy Chuck's kiss more than he should have.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  season2  post-episode 
july 2009 by southerly
Not on the Equipment
Summary: While taking a break from researching, Casey has an accident that leads to both he and Chuck becoming very distracted. PWP.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  humor  pwp 
june 2009 by southerly
Best Birthday Ever
Summary: 'A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days.'
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  drunk!sex 
june 2009 by southerly
Agent Bartowski
Summary: Sarah's gone and Morgan thinks Chuck needs to get laid. And Morgan... well, he's like a dog with a bone sometimes. While Casey - he has his own ideas.

Sequel: Codename: Proton. Summary: Casey's back - but for how long? What does his presence in DC mean for Chuck and his role as a spy? 190380
chuck  chuck/casey  ru_salki99  matchmaking  undercover  pretending  first.time  au  au:branching 
june 2009 by southerly
libraryofsol: Fic: Tied Up
Summary: The first time it was, admittedly, more than a little terrifying.
chuck  chuck/casey  UST  entangled-now  kink  bondage  humor 
april 2009 by southerly
Agents Provocateurs | One-on-One
Summary: Sequel to Hand-to-Hand; Chuck and Casey make their way from that awkward phone… incident to a physical relationship, but what happens when Morgan gets jealous that they’re ‘hanging out’ without him and lets himself into Casey’s apartment?
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  fiareynne 
april 2009 by southerly
i have no idea what i'm doing - FIC: Broken. Chuck/Lester, Morgan/Lester, Chuck/Casey, R
Summary: Chuck was big and gangly where Lester was small and elegant and there was something beautiful, even poetic, about the myriad of contrasts between them. But maybe that beauty was because Chuck was so normal, nothing like the sparkling, noisy men Lester picked up in West Hollywood or the mousy girls his parents favored. Chuck was real. Chuck, Lester began to think, was what it was all about.
chuck  fiareynne  Chuck/Lester  chuck/casey  Morgan/Lester  established  first.time  angst  break.up  jealousy 
april 2009 by southerly
i have no idea what i'm doing - FIC: Bedbugs (Chuck/Casey, PG-13)
Summary: Stupid-assed customers at the Buy More are an easy topic to get carried away with; when he runs out of those, he talks -- in very limited detail -- about his family and his childhood. He talks about Ilsa, about the other people he's cared about and the jobs he's hated but done anyway. It's funny how much easier it is to talk to his darkened apartment, even knowing Chuck is listening, than it is to have a conversation with someone. (Series:
chuck  chuck/casey  fiareynne  first.time  au  au:branching  roommates  domestic  angst  hurt/comfort 
april 2009 by southerly
Enough is Enough
Summary: Chuck's had enough and comes up with a plan.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  angst  season1  post-episode  au  au:branching  pining  break.up-make.up 
april 2009 by southerly
The Luck of the Irish & Jock Straps and Rimming
The Luck of the Irish: Chuck accidentally flashes, the Intersect revealing to him some interesting information about one of Casey's past mission.

Jock Straps and Rimming: Sequel to Luck of the Irish - Casey finally confronts Chuck about his new hobby. 28081
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  kink  pornstar 
april 2009 by southerly
Summary: Sarah's out of town and so Chuck and Casey go on a reconnaissance mission by themselves.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  undercover  pretending 
april 2009 by southerly
Hide and Seek
Summary: Chuck and Casey are stuck in the closet.
chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  ru_salki99  humor  trapped 
april 2009 by southerly
Any Means Necessary
Summary: The General gives Casey an assignment that makes Chuck see him in a whole new light.
chuck  chuck/casey  casey/other  ru_salki99  season2  first.time 
april 2009 by southerly
Auld Lang Syne
Bryce slammed his fist on the console and rounded on Chuck. "You have no idea how frustrating it is... I mean Christ! Does everyone who meets you fall in love with you?"
chuck  chuck/bryce  first.time  Ishyko  holiday  angst  au  au:branching  season2  pining 
april 2009 by southerly
Chuck Versus Proposition 8
Chuck and Casey intercept a Fulcrum drop at an anti-Prop 8 activist office.
chuck  gen  GwendolynGrace  pretending  humor  undercover 
april 2009 by southerly
Secret Agent Men | Compromised
Summary: Episode tag for 2.01, Chuck vs. the First Date (Therefore, spoilers!) Chuck wants to talk about what he said on the fire escape, but Casey doesn’t want to think about what he almost had to do. It’s up to Dr. Morgan to bridge the communication gap
chuck  fiareynne  chuck/casey  UST  season2  matchmaking 
november 2008 by southerly
Secret Agent Men | A Sister’s Instinct
Summary: Ellie sees a lot of things, but when it comes to her brother, she’s never quite sure how to interpret them.
chuck  chuck/casey  fiareynne  first.time 
november 2008 by southerly
Secret Agent Men | Out Of Uniform
Summary: Chuck flashes on a person from Casey’s past, just in the nick of time. Will it make him realize why he’s so annoyed that everyone at the party can’t keep their eyes off his handler in full dress uniform?
chuck  chuck/casey  fiareynne  first.time  season2  jealousy 
november 2008 by southerly
The New Arrangement - Organisational Post
Summary: Casey doesn't like Lou, or rather doesn't like the idea of Chuck going out with her. And so, taking matters into his own hands, he decides to offer Chuck an alternative arrangement. Sequel: Getting Comfortable. Chuck and Casey are just getting comfortable with their 'relationship' , not thinking about what it all means and where it's all going. But then Ilsa turns up and makes them confront their feelings head on. 14267
chuck  chuck/casey  ru_salki99  first.time  chuck/lou  season1  missing.scene  au  au:branching 
october 2008 by southerly
i have no idea what i'm doing - FIC: The Stupidest Thing (Chuck/Casey, R)
Summary: After a mission, Chuck has a hard time coping with his actions and Casey has a hard time coping with his feelings. Or idiocy. Or, more probably, both.
chuck  fiareynne  chuck/casey  first.time  hurt/comfort 
october 2008 by southerly
What if... - Devious
“I have to hand it to the woman—you do like having all the attention.”
Chuck  Chuck/Casey  ladyofpride  first.time  humor 
may 2008 by southerly
amoretpsyche: Incidents & Anecdotes
Summary: Casey was perhaps the most fictional person he'd ever encountered...
chuck  Chuck/Casey  thelovehater  first.time 
may 2008 by southerly
love at first geek - FIC: The Last To Know (Chuck/Casey, PG-13)
Casey's not sure what's sadder, that Grimes figured him out before he figured things out for himself, or that he's gone and broken pretty much the cardinal rule of espionage.
chuck  Chuck/Casey  fiareynne  first.time 
may 2008 by southerly
Chuck vs The Itch
The Buy More betting pool on when Casey would actually bed Chuck had just hit several thousand dollars when Casey decided to step things up to the next level.
Chuck  Chuck/Casey  JenaBartley  first.time  jealousy 
may 2008 by southerly
The Wiener Guy - Organisational Post
Summary: What if Chuck was gay? Sarah couldn't pretend to be his girlfriend because... well he's gay. What to do? Hmmm. That's a toughie.
Chuck  Ru_salki99  Chuck/Casey  pretending  Casey/Bryce  implied.pairing  family  Chuck/other  first.time  jealousy 
may 2008 by southerly
To Spy or Not to Spy - Organisational Post
Summary: Chuck/Torchwood crossover. After the destruction of Torchwood Three, Jack and Ianto move to LA. But why there? And why now of all times and just what has UNIT got to do with it all?
Torchwood  Chuck  DoctorWho  Ru_salki99  crossover  established  Jack/Ianto  Chuck/Casey  pretending  timelord!Chuck  family  married  first.time  Doctor/other 
may 2008 by southerly
Bloom, Close - when i say zombies...
Casey finds the idea of being able to kill someone and not trust that they’ll remain dead is causing him work related distress.
imported  chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  greenonme  humor 
february 2008 by southerly
muse_fodder: [Fic] Chuck: Chuck vs the Anonymous Letters (G)
Summary: Two months after Bryce's resurrection, Chuck starts receiving letters from across the country.
imported  chuck  chuck/bryce  UST 
february 2008 by southerly
chuck_slash: Fic -- How To Stop A Nerd Babble -- 15 -- Casey/Chuck
Gate crashing the dinner party, Casey gets the kid up against the wall in the bedroom and starts explaining a few home truths about Sarah. While he’s doing this, Chuck is looking at him with those brown eyes and, well, Casey’s learned over the years that to win, you have to be the best at everything.
imported  chuck  chuck/casey  first.time  evilmaniclaugh 
february 2008 by southerly
Bloom, Close - Moments of Opportunity
“Yeah, crazy, I know. But my sister found the boxers and jumped to a few conclusions.” He shrugs. “I can fix it, but it’s just going to take a few days to convince Ellie.”


Chuck double takes. “What?”

“Don’t say anything to Ellie.” Casey has some demonic glint in his eye. “No, I can use this.” And Chuck really doesn’t like that smirk. (Unfinished.)
imported  chuck  greenonme  chuck/casey  pretending  UST  unfinished 
february 2008 by southerly

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