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Fealty - Lasenby_Heathcote, Robin_tCJ - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Rogers is Lord of America, and was gifted his corner of the kingdom of Starkland after amazing acts of heroism in the war against Hydra. A long, brutal winter forces Steve to go to King Howard for aid, and Howard agrees – under the condition that Steve bond with his Omega son, Tony. Steve agrees, of course, for the good of his people. Prince Tony is a trained Omega Consort – an Omega of status sent to a prestigious academy to become the perfect Consort Mate to high-status Alphas throughout the kingdom. At this academy they learn diplomacy, negotiation, proper manners, and, of course, the various ways to pleasure their Alphas.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  Robin_tCJ  au  au:total  au:fantasy  omegaverse  arranged.marriage  married  bonded  heat 
11 weeks ago by southerly
Creeping Ivy - ravenbringslight - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Loki doesn't usually make errors involving spellcraft, but he does frequently make errors involving his brother. Today is no exception.


What Happens When You Accidentally Throw A Fertility God Into The Middle Of A Complicated Magical Working
marvel  Thor  Thor/Loki  first.time  ravenbringslight  pre-canon  magic  bonded  sex.pollen  pining 
august 2019 by southerly
Steve's Body is a Wonderland - KandiSheek - Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, The Avengers - Ambiguous Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
Trigger Happy:
When Tony wakes up to find himself naked and taped to Captain fucking America he thinks the worst that could happen is an inappropriate boner. He doesn't expect anything to actually happen.
But it does. Of course it does.

Hard Knock Life:
Since the serum Steve hasn't been able to make himself come. His stamina is so unbelievably high that he can't find a partner who can keep up with him either. Lucky for him Tony is just stubborn enough to try.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  KandiSheek  captured  trapped  kink  bondage 
july 2019 by southerly
Previously Thought to be Impossible - Impala_Chick - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
In 1970, SHIELD HQ was working on a powerful aphrodisiac prototype. Tony Stark from 2023 happens to cut open the wrong box at the wrong time, and Steve Rogers from 2023 doesn't know how to feel about it.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  Impala_Chick  AvengersEndgame  aphrodisiac 
july 2019 by southerly
Day Thirty-One: Writer's Choice - TobytheWise - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
“Shit, shit, shit,” Stiles murmurs as he opens his jeans the moment they’re inside with the door closed. He strokes himself roughly until his cock explodes. He watches as rope after rope of cum flies onto the floor between his feet.

Stiles sighs as he releases his cock only to stares down at his member in shock. “Cas? Why didn’t that help? Why is it still hard and angry with me?”

“It’s going to take more than that for the spell to be over.”

Stiles finally peels his eyes away from his hard, red cock to look up at the angel. “Why aren’t you freaking out? You got hit with it just like me.”

“I’m an angel. It’s not as potent with me.”

“But you’re still feeling the effects?”

Castiel nods his head as he slowly takes his trenchcoat off. The way it falls from his shoulders has Stiles’ belly fill with molten lust. This is going to be a long night.
supernatural  TeenWolf  dean/castiel  Derek/Stiles  established  TobytheWise  crossover  magic  Castiel/Stiles  Dean/Castiel/Derek/Stiles  first.time  pwp  canon-ish 
april 2019 by southerly
as the vines contemn the frost - gwendolynflight - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
After nearly everyone has been rescued from the Library, Penny, Quentin and Eliot have to enact a ritual to rescue Margo from her prison. Post Season 3 AU.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Penny  first.time  gwendolynflight  season3  post-season  magic  threesome  pwp 
march 2019 by southerly
Almost Like Magic - Bluesummers - The Magicians - Lev Grossman [Archive of Our Own]
Quentin happens upon Eliot during his first heat, but for some reason is reluctant to act on his urges.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot  first.time  Bluesummers  au  au:mirror  omegaverse  heat 
march 2019 by southerly
If I Have To - Bluesummers - The Magicians - Lev Grossman [Archive of Our Own]
What if instead of picking a fight Penny executed his revenge on Quentin in a more sophisticated manner?
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot  first.time  Bluesummers  magic 
october 2018 by southerly
You Belong To Me - RisingQueen2 (FallenQueen2) - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Alec is brought in as ‘encouragement’ for Jace by Valentine Jace puts his claim on his Parabatai, before putting a plan into motion.
Shadowhunters  Jace/Alec  first.time  RisingQueen2  season1  au  au:branching  Jace/Alec/Magnus  polyamory  captured  bonded 
may 2018 by southerly
Accommodating - berlynn_wohl - Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
AU where Thor is the Grand Champion on Sakaar. The Grandmaster is having trouble finding suitable bedmates for the Lord of Thunder, because he is so ridiculously well-endowed. Thankfully, someone else has dropped into Sakaar recently, someone who has proven himself able to handle even the most demanding lovers. The Grandmaster introduces them to each other.
marvel  Thor  mcu  Thor/Loki  established  berlynn_wohl  intersex.character  captured  kink  Ragnarok 
march 2018 by southerly
Sharing is Caring - SailorChibi - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
When Steve goes into a rut while he and Tony are kidnapped by Hydra, Tony is convinced that what happens between them is going to ruin everything. He's wrong.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  UST  SailorChibi  au  au:mirror  omegaverse  drugged  heat  Steve/Tony  first.time  Steve/Bucky  established 
december 2017 by southerly
The Heart of Ophelia - anyrei, mugglerock - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Always throwing himself in harm’s way for the Winchesters, Castiel ends up getting hit with a love curse. Under the influence of fabricated emotions, Castiel learns just how dangerous unrequited love can be. And Dean learns what it means to doubt everything he’s ever believed. They have a week to find a way to lift the curse, otherwise the intoxication of “love” will kill Castiel. Literally.
supernatural  dean/castiel  first.time  anyrei  mugglerock  season12  magic  love.spell  pining  hurt/comfort  canon-ish 
october 2017 by southerly
Falling In Love (Is Hard on the Knees) - CMRandles - Captain America - All Media Types, Doctor Strange (Comics), Fantastic Four (Comicverse), Iron Man - All Media Types, Marvel (Comics), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Preventative Measures:
Strange wound the strands together until they formed an intricate braid. Then he took the finished braid, gold and blue interspersed evenly and began to tie it in a knot. He was chanting under his breath, barely audible. Reed held his breath.
Doctor Strange’s eyes flew open as he pulled the knot tight. He took a deep breath, let it out and handed the knotted band over to Reed.
“Is it done?” Richards asked breathlessly.
“You tell me,” Strange replied, and pointed across the room.
Steve was just considering throwing Tony over his shoulder like a naughty toddler when all at once there was a visible ripple in the universe. It swallowed him like an ocean wave and he froze. Then the room, the world, the universe melted away and there was only Tony Stark standing before him with his rumpled tuxedo, hair wild, eyes wide, lips slightly parted. Tony’s hands were on his arms, holding him fast.
Kiss him, a voice insisted in Steve’s mind, kiss him or you’ll die.

Additive Gestures:
It had been almost a year since Reed Richards and Doctor Strange had conspired to make Tony and Steve fall ass-over-teakettle in love with one another. It had all been executed in the service of world-saving, but for Tony it struck a deeper chord. Even after the spell had been broken he continued to harbor strong feelings for the super soldier. Feelings that he was assured by Steve himself were not returned. Tony had suspected at the time that Steve wasn’t being entirely honest with himself about the nature of his feelings and had spent the intervening period crafting and executing Operation: Make America Gay Again. Overall, results were mixed.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  CMRandles  matchmaking  magic  angst  pining  break.up-make.up  hurt/comfort 
april 2017 by southerly
A Good Idea At The Time - A_M_Kelley - Guardians of the Galaxy - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Peter and Drax get separated from the other Guardians during a mission in a snow storm and take refugge in a cave, where keeping their body temperature up results in some physical activity.
marvel  Guardians  mcu  Drax/Peter  first.time  A_M_Kelley  trapped  hypothermia 
april 2017 by southerly
eating with your fingers - Anonymous - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Finn only gets his first heat after he's been away from the First Order and the suppressants they've been putting him on wear off.
StarWars  EpisodeVII  Finn/Poe  first.time  anonymous  au  au:mirror  omegaverse  heat 
march 2017 by southerly
Straight on till Morning - Sineala - Marvel (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony Stark resigned his commission in Starfleet five years ago, after a disastrous away mission, and he swore he'd never go back. He just wants to be left alone to build warp engines in peace. But the universe has more in store for him than that, as he discovers when Admiral Fury comes to him with an offer he could never have expected and cannot possibly refuse: first officer and chief engineer aboard the all-new USS Avenger, a starship of Tony's own design. What's more, the Avenger's captain is Steve Rogers, hero of the Earth-Romulan War. Believed dead for over a century, Steve is miraculously alive... and very, very attractive.

But nothing is ever easy for Tony. As he wrestles with his secret desire for his new captain and his not-so-dormant fears, another mission starts to go wrong, and Tony becomes aware that Steve has secrets of his own -- and the truth could change everything.
marvel  avengers  616  Steve/Tony  first.time  Sineala  au  au:mirror  au:sci-fi  StarTrek  fusion  pining  trapped  sex.pollen  favorite  ★★★★★ 
march 2017 by southerly
Airman Harris
Xander's attempt to deliver peaches to a remote Air Force base leads him to new friends and a new vision of himself
Buffyverse  Buffy  sg-1  Xander/Daniel  first.time  litgal  crossover  season5  hurt/comfort 
february 2017 by southerly
The Immaculate Barry Allen - Crimson1 - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Barry is cursed to lose his powers until he loses his virginity. Sounds like a job for Captain Cold.


AU with everything being the same except no Earth-2 or Zoom, just normal Flash business Barry has been dealing with since the Singularity.

Legends still happened, and Len was found soon after the Oculus explosion adrift in time, and is now ‘on leave’. To pass the time, he’s decided to get back to his roots by robbing a few places.

Barry is not amused. He’s also a virgin. But no one’s supposed to know that. Except that the meta of the week (or witch? Barry doesn’t even know) seems to be able to look right into his soul and see that he’s never had sex. She also thinks it’s funny, apparently, to curse him to lose his powers until he does something about it.

Enter Snart. Which is definitely a very bad (very good?) idea.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  LegendsofTomorrow  Barry/Len  first.time  Crimson1  devirginized  favorite  ★★★★ 
december 2016 by southerly
The Reaction - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky considered Tony an adventurous eater. Maybe that was just because growing up he and Steve had always had to very little to choose from, and most of what they did have was typically cooked to the point you couldn’t even identify what is was you were eating.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Tony/Bucky  established  jaqen_hgar  kink  aphrodisiac  sex.pollen 
november 2016 by southerly
Taking Care of Iron Man - wetdandelions - Captain America - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
They haven't talked about it yet, but it's obvious to Bucky that their favorite supervillain is Iron Man.  After all, the guy doesn't actually cause any damage, and spends most of their fights outrageously flirting with the both of them.  Bucky's already half in love with the guy, so when Steve and him chance upon the man out of his suit when he's in the throes of his heat, no one can blame him for jumping the poor omega.  (Though Steve does, but all the supersoldier does to retaliate is ravish Tony too so Bucky thinks he's safe.)  OT3 SteveTonyBucky
marvel  avengers  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  wetdandelions  threesome  omegaverse  Steve/Bucky  established  heat  villain!Tony  polyamory 
june 2016 by southerly
Scales and Skin - TheMadKatter13 - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
John never thought he’d present at all. The few times he’d put thought to it, he’d never thought he’d present omega. And if he’d put any more thought into it past that, he wouldn’t have imagined sharing his first heat with a mermaid. Er, merman.
Sherlock  Sherlock/John  first.time  TheMadKatter13  au  au:mirror  harrypotter  fusion  omegaverse  heat  transformation  merpeople  mated 
april 2016 by southerly
The Break-Up of the Ice - Moriavis - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
When Leonard Snart got something he wanted without taking it, it always ended up too good to be true.

With Barry Allen, he never saw it coming.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  LegendsofTomorrow  Barry/Len  first.time  Moriavis  timetravel  magic  non-con:implied  angst  break.up 
april 2016 by southerly
Gimme Shelter - Woad - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Steve finds himself captive in another universe where an alien called the Collector is in league with Hydra. They’ve already broken another universe’s version of Steve -- who they keep referring to as something called an “omega” -- and promise that the same is in store for him. But there’s a catch: in this universe soulmates are literal, and they seem to think Steve has one. Fortunately, it might just be what he needs to get through their re-education.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  Woad  au  au:mirror  through.the.mirror  hurt/comfort  bonded  other.ships  soulmate!au 
march 2016 by southerly
What Are Friends For? - Woad - Marvel 616, Avengers (Comics), Marvel [Archive of Our Own]
A combination of the serum and an alien virus leaves Steve in an embarrassing predicament. Luckily, Tony is there to help. AKA, the one where Tony compares Steve to a salmon.
marvel  avengers  616  Steve/Tony  first.time  Woad  pon.farr 
march 2016 by southerly
Love Me - sinplicity - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
A meta-human with Cupid-like powers whammies Barry to fall in love with the first person he sees. Just his luck it happened to be Captain Cold.

(“He hasn’t let go of me for almost an hour,” says Len, focusing his steel on Cisco, who shrinks considerably.

“’Cause I love you,” says Barry beside him, his teeth gleaming as he grins. He tries to kiss Len again—god, the seventh time?)
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  first.time  sinplicity  mind.control  love.spell 
february 2016 by southerly
Feathered Frenzy - Triskellion - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
You know of those stories where the transporter sends Kirk or Spock careening into another universe where everything is weird? Well, this isn't one of those. No, this is the story where the transporter makes everything weird in its own universe. Though it skipped the gender-change trope. No, this is a new one. Add on sex, political negotiations, angry admirals, and an unexpected marriage and things get quite complicated.
Kirk/Spock  first.time  triskellion  pon.farr  bonded  married  StarTrekAOS  wings 
february 2016 by southerly
Like a Natural Disaster - Crimson1 - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
When Captain Cold sacrifices himself to kill Zoom, he rises from his seeming demise as a meta human. As Barry seems to be the only source of heat that comforts Snart, and the only one unaffected by the chill of his touch, what builds between them with the connection of their powers is like nothing either could have expected.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  first.time  Crimson1  season2  LegendsofTomorrow  hurt/comfort  hypothermia 
january 2016 by southerly
Well That's Awkward - AntaresofJuly - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
How the citizens of Central City got their eyefuls of superhero/villain flirtation. Also, I suck at naming.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  first.time  AntaresofJuly  humor 
december 2015 by southerly
Real Slick Dean - trilliath - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
There's a new alpha enhancer drug "Rutter" on the streets that gets used at "exclusive parties" for the worst purposes. Detective Castiel Novak and his partner Balthazar work hard to put a stop to it and other sex crimes in their work as Special Victim's top detectives.
supernatural  dean/castiel  first.time  trilliath  au  au:total  omegaverse  drugged  hurt/comfort 
november 2015 by southerly
Spellbound - Crimson1 - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
After a meta (or magic user, Barry isn't entirely sure) whammies him to play out his most secret desires, without having any control over his body or his words until he fulfills that, he is understandably surprised that he winds up at Leonard Snart's door.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  first.time  Crimson1  mind.control  non-con:implied  clueless 
october 2015 by southerly
Come Get It Boy - jibrailis - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
It’s when the hot clench begins settling in his groin that Harry thinks, How delightful, I’ve been hit with sex pollen.
Kingsman  Harry/Eggsy  first.time  jibrailis  sex.pollen  car!sex  pining 
september 2015 by southerly
This Web of Lies Is More Intricate Than A Snowflake - Wolves_of_Innistrad - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
If anyone asked Barry how he got here today, walking through a grocery store with Captain Cold, with Len at his side? Well, he could probably narrow it down to about five instances.

or, Five times the Flash and Captain Cold had to pretend to be dating and the one time they didn't.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  first.time  Wolves_of_Innistra  pretending  unfinished 
september 2015 by southerly
Three Words - triedunture - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Three Beautiful Words (Please Help Me):
The Alpha Pack pumps Derek full of a rare form of wolfsbane that makes him ache to be claimed. Only a non-wolf can get it out of his system while keeping his Alpha status intact. Good thing Stiles is such a stand up guy.

Three More Words (I'm Here Now):
After Stiles helps Derek through a wolfsbane-induced fuck-or-die situation, Derek finds himself at the Stilinski residence with a hot shower waiting for him. But all he wants is sleep. And all his body wants is his true form...and more of Stiles.

Three Last Words (Oh, Shut Up):
Derek has attained his trueform, which, yay! But Stiles hasn't gotten a moment alone with him since their weird wolfsbane adventure and the aftermath in the shower, so, boo. But when Derek visits in the middle of the night in his wolf's clothing, Stiles is intrigued by the possibilities. There are hints of bestiality (sexual touching while Derek is in his wolf shape).
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  triedunture  sex.pollen  kink 
september 2015 by southerly
Hey boy, take a look at me, let me dirty up your mind - sirona - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It's the fault of the gas they got dosed with. Of course it is. ...Except for how they would have ended there anyway, gas or not.

Or the story of how Steve and Bucky seduced Tony Stark into a life of happy threesome sex.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  sirona  Steve/Bucky  established  kink  sex.pollen  pwp 
july 2015 by southerly
Love Across the Multiverse - Sineala - Marvel (Comics), Marvel Ultimates [Archive of Our Own]
Mojo presents: Love Across the Multiverse! In tonight's episode, a battle-hardened supersoldier finds himself drawn to his handsome, genius teammate! It's an agonizing duel between his long-held beliefs and the secret passions of his heart! Will true love conquer all? There's only one way to find out! Don't miss the highlight of the season!

(Viewer discretion is advised. Mojoworld residents who do not vote for their favorite participants of the season will be summarily sent to the arena. All hail Mojo.)
marvel  avengers  Ultimates  Steve/Tony  first.time  sineala  kidnapped  captured  pining 
july 2015 by southerly
Can Lay My Body Down, Can't Find My Sweet Release - Nellie - Inception (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur is a spermpire and must suck cock to survive. Eames pines. Angst ensues. I promise this is less cracky than it sounds.

Satiation, the-ragnarok. “Authorized sequel/commentfic to Nellie’s spermpire fic.”
Arthur's hungry.
Inception  Arthur/Eames  first.time  Nellie  the_ragnarok  paranormal  vampire  hurt/comfort  kink  bondage 
june 2015 by southerly
At the End of the Rainbow - Crimson1 - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Just as Captain Cold is being taken into custody after a foiled heist, the Rainbow Raider manages to put the whammy on Flash. He whisks Cold away to a secluded warehouse intent on taking his rage out on him, when his anger leads to confessions of other things he'd like to do to Cold, and Cold decides to encourage that to save his skin. Better than getting his face smashed in. Much, much better.

Fear Effect:
Rainbow Raider has learned to instill more than just rage in his victims, so when Captain Cold gets hit with paralyzing fear, it's up to The Flash to save him, and then comfort him in the aftermath.

Ongoing series of various ways Bivolo whammying someone with a particular emotion leads to sex.
TheFlash  first.time  Crimson1  Barry/Len  DC  CWDCverse 
june 2015 by southerly
By a Law Divine - mirrorkill - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Okay, so, kissing Stiles. That's a weird thing that Derek's doing now. He has no idea where it's even coming from, especially considering bickering and fighting is their usual state of existence.
And then he does find out where it's coming from: A curse that's making everyone in town kiss someone they have mutual feelings for.
…yeah, Derek's not even sure why he's surprised by that.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  mirrorkill  future  pining 
may 2015 by southerly
the train is a metaphor - autoschediastic, Ponderosa - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
"What sort of aggression is it then?" Eggsy asks, cutting right to the heart of the matter.

Harry knows even before he hears the response. Knows because even as Merlin is saying, "It appears to affect sexual responses. Activating latent desire and cranking up the subject’s sex drive whilst simultaneously increasing pheromone production," Harry is thinking primarily of the distance between himself and Eggsy and how very few steps it would take to be within range to push the boy to the floor and pin him there.
Kingsman  Harry/Eggsy  first.time  autoschediastic  Ponderosa  pheromones  aphrodisiac  sex.pollen 
may 2015 by southerly
Alpha, Beta, Gamma Radiation - Lumelle - Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (2012), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Young Avengers [Archive of Our Own]
It's a new world and a new century, and Steve's still not entirely used to being an alpha. Throw in a developing relationship with Tony (who seems to have replaced the sun at some point, because Steve's world is busy revolving around him), the murky world of alpha dynamics, beta Bruce's problems with alpha Hulk, and Clint's inability to stay out of trouble no matter what his dear mate tries, and he won't have time to worry much about his beta past.

(Natasha seems awfully amused at the whole mess. Steve is not going to tell her she can't laugh. His anatomy has been rearranged often enough)

[Background Clint/Coulson. Teddy/Billy in the later parts.]
marvel  mcu  616  Steve/Tony  first.time  Lumelle  au  au:mirror  omegaverse  heat  Teddy/Billy  date  Clint/Coulson  established  unfinished.series  avengers  YoungAvengers 
february 2015 by southerly
All the Rewards - KouriArashi - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Somehow a Sterek sex pollen consent-issues fic turned into a Sterek building a relationship together series! With lots of smut along the way.

To Those Who Wait
All the Rewards
Learning Experiences
Ten Thousand Promises
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  KouriArashi  au  au:branching  sex.pollen  kidnapped  captured  hurt/comfort 
july 2014 by southerly
The years roll on by, and just like the sky, the road never ends. - Fic: Hold Me Close, Dean/Castiel, NC-17, Pon Farr AU
An away mission going wrong. Getting stranded together on some deserted planet. Just another day in the lives of a couple of Starfleet officers, but when the Vulcan side of Cas suddenly makes itself know, he and Dean are put in a position that has the potential to either make or break them.
supernatural  dean/castiel  first.time  twisting-vine-x  au  au:total  fusion  pining  pining.for.years  pon.farr  StarTrekAOS 
may 2014 by southerly
sexX - greenteaduck - Almost Human [Archive of Our Own]
John follows a lead and Dorian follows John. It's all pretty much downhill from there.
(sex pollen fic!)
AlmostHuman  Dorian/John  first.time  greenteaduck  sex.pollen  drugged  aphrodisiac 
december 2013 by southerly
Wishing Well - astolat - The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Thor had been staring the whole time. Now he flung himself off the table and across the room. He seized Loki by the shoulders. "Brother!" he said, ecstatically. "Has the spell — the spell has worked!"

Loki stared back at him. "What spell?" he spat. And added, choked off, "...dear brother."
marvel  avengers  Thor/Loki  UST  astolat  movie-verse  humor  MCU 
november 2013 by southerly
That Time Derek and Stiles Had to Get Gay Werewolf Faerie Married, and Lived to Tell About it (not that they will) - lupinus, uraneia - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
To build an alliance with the fae, Derek has to prove he's willing to make a commitment. And that he's capable of satisfying the party he commits to.

Fae marriages don't always take the same way other marriages do anyway, so it's totally fine. Derek can get this over with and then pretend it never happened.

Except the faeries want him to marry Stiles.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  lupinus  uraneia  future  devirginized  pining  pining.for.years  married  marriage.of.convenience 
september 2013 by southerly
The Devirginization of Stiles Stilinski - TheVoiceofWrath (meet_your_fate) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles doesn't think it's a problem. After all, what are the odds that it'll come after him? It's not like he's the only virgin left in Beacon Hills! And it's not like people are lining up to help him out, either...
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  TheVoiceofWrath  season3  post-episode  devirginized 
july 2013 by southerly
Well If It’s Do Or Die - PunkPinkPower - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Four times Stiles friends offer to have sex with him to prevent his virgin sacrifice, and one time Stiles says yes.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  PunkPinkPower  season3  post-episode  #things  devirginized 
july 2013 by southerly
Lovebitten - LunaCanisLupus_22 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The one where Derek gets bitten by a lovebug and Stiles is the first person he lays eyes on. Hilarity ensues.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  LunaCanisLupus_22  season2  post-season 
july 2013 by southerly
The Wolf and the Star - mithen - DCU - Comicverse [Archive of Our Own]
taro_twist's prompt: "Clark is just out of college, has yet to become Superman, and is traveling the world (sort of like in Birthright, where he's doing freelance reporting, although you can make up another reason for him to be running around as well, like saving people anonymously). While traveling, he runs into a young Bruce Wayne (from the Batman Begins-verse) while Bruce is also traveling the world and trying to understand the criminal underworld by working as a criminal. Misunderstandings ensue, but what they lead to is your choice."
bruce/clark  first.time  mithen  captured  DC 
may 2013 by southerly
Speaking in Code - mithen - DCU - Comicverse [Archive of Our Own]
Clark and Bruce must go undercover at a newlywed resort to try and stop an assassination attempt.  Hijinks, UST, and reluctant making out ensue.
bruce/clark  first.time  mithen  undercover  pretending  DC 
may 2013 by southerly
I've come to test the timber of my heart - blue_fjords - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Dean has some issues to work through after he and Cas get interrupted during a sex curse. Spoilers through 6x15. A bit of dub-con in the way that all sex curse fics could be seen as dub-con.
supernatural  dean/castiel  first.time  blue_fjords  season6  sex.pollen  matchmaking  pining  captured  canon-ish 
april 2013 by southerly
Alchemy - glacis - Grimm (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Monroe finds a cure for Juliette's Curse, and Nick plus Renard equals an alchemic reaction.
Grimm  Nick/Renard  first.time  glacis  season2  post-episode 
march 2013 by southerly
alpha etiquette - HalfFizzbin - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
While trying to infiltrate the Alpha Pack, Derek is forced to accept a gift he emphatically did not ask for.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  UST  HalfFizzbin  season2  post-season  kidnapped  captured  drugged  pretending 
february 2013 by southerly
Bargain At The Price - astolat - Person of Interest (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"So we'll be crashing the party?" John said.

"In a manner of speaking," Harold said. "I've taken the liberty of hacking their fairly unsophisticated database to put you on the list of, shall we say, merchandise."
Person.of.Interest  Finch/Reese  first.time  astolat  undercover  pretending  auction  kink  bdsm 
february 2013 by southerly
Like a .... Faerie! - 1lostone - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles is about half a year from graduating and just about has managed to work up the nerve to tell Derek exactly what he’s been missing. It just goes to show you... making a wish on New Year’s while drunk off your ass was probably the most intelligent of ways to ring in the New Year
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  1lostone  future  pining  pining.for.years  clueless  matchmaking  devirginized 
february 2013 by southerly
Yours is the Light - unpossible - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Oh, fuck these witches, because this is just unfair. Why couldn’t they just try to kill him instead of serving up all of his fantasies come true and giving him memories like this to jerk off to for the rest of his natural life? He was already ruined for normal relationships, assholes, no need to rub salt into his gaping wound.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  unpossible  season2  post-season  pining  clueless  trapped 
february 2013 by southerly
Tripping Verse - Hatteress - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Tripping: That time the universe decided Dean belonged with Cas and wasn't afraid to pull out the big guns to make it so. Big guns in this case being obsessive fangirls, archangels turned tricksters and overly enthusiastic cupids. Welcome to Dean's life.

Tripping Extras: A collection of deleted/extra scenes from 'Tripping'. Featuring Cas the pervy voyeur, Bobby cursing heavy sleepers and Jimmy realising just how lucky his is not to remember his time as a Vessel.

Moses has an Alibi: If there's one thing Castiel should have learned in all his years it was that peace never lasted. The apocalypse may have been over but life went on – and with it came...complication.

Epic: Lisa's always been a fan of epic love stories. Imagine her surprise when she discovers she's living next door to one.

Be my Kevin: Turns out Crowley's hand in the aborted apocalypse didn't put him back on Hell's Christmas card list after all.

Shaving Cream: Dean has to shave his legs for a case. Enter Cas, who’s only too happy to lend a hand.
supernatural  dean/castiel  first.time  Hatteress  season5  missing.scene  matchmaking  au  au:branching  post-season  break.up-make.up  season6  bondage  kink  canon-ish 
february 2013 by southerly
A soul fractured to the bone (searching for someone who can make you whole) - MemeKon - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“You have to merge the two sides together, Stiles. Through mating. Sexual magic is second in power only to blood magic. And the latter one is too dangerous and volatile to be feasible.”

“They have to... With each other?” He inquires; and although hello there spank bank material for the rest of eternity, the issue still stands that “They kind of can’t tolerate each other? Or at least Other!Derek doesn’t tolerate regular Derek.”

“Oh, I see.” There’s the distinct sound of paper rustling. “That’s… less fortunate but still doable. They will need a link. A nexus to help them fix the broken bond between instinct and reason. Someone who both sides trust and have a connection with. Is there anyone who the wolf has shown a particular attachment to, Stiles? Or even someone whom he lets near it?”

There is.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  MemeKon  threesome  possessiveness  polyamory 
february 2013 by southerly
Pink - the_deep_magic - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Jim’s first thought upon waking is that everything has gone completely, mysteriously, and catastrophically pink.
Kirk/Spock  first.time  the_deep_magic  aphrodisiac  amnesia  StarTrekAOS 
february 2013 by southerly
The Perils of Fungi - the_deep_magic - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Yeah, he’ll be fine,” Derek says evenly, hoping Scott is too freaked out to sense that it’s at least two-thirds of a lie because Derek probably knows what this is and Stiles is probably going to be just fine, but poking purple mushrooms with sticks has consequences, dammit.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  the_deep_magic  sex.pollen 
february 2013 by southerly
Gravity's Got Nothing on You - zosofi - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Three weeks,” Derek says.

“Still don’t want to,” Stiles says.

“I’ll pay you,” Derek says, and that… that has Stiles interested. Alf’s Antique’s may be a great job, but it’s not a high-paying job, and half of Stiles’ tuition is coming from financial aid, so…

“How much,” Stiles asks, “are we talking here? Because I know your family, dude. And it’ll be kind of awkward after.“

“My family thinks you’re some sort of fucking gift to the world,” Derek seethes, like he’s jealous, “they’ll probably be pissed at me when we break it off, so don’t worry about that. Five hundred bucks.”

“A thousand,” Stiles says, because screw ethics. Also, the Hale family is loaded. Derek can deal.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  zosofi  au  au:mirror  college  pretending  academic!au 
january 2013 by southerly
Famous Last Words - JenNova - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
All you need to know about this series is that the doc is titled "The Sex Buddy Fic".
A series of 'made-them-do-its' which ended up telling a much bigger story.

Hypothetically: Wolfsbane: “So,” Stiles says, resting his elbows on his knees and settling his chin in his hands. “Hypothetical then: one of you guys gets dosed with some sex wolfsbane – how do we deal with it?”

Hypothetically: Faeries: “Not the point,” Stiles says. “The point is - actual faeries. Tall, creepy, pale, fake pretty, you-better-have-some-cold-iron-handy faeries! I mean, what the hell, man, what the hell.”

Hypothetically: Witches: Derek can't tell how long it's been since Morgan hurled his curse. He's come twice by his own hand in an effort to take the edge off but it hasn't helped at all.

Hypothetically: Incubus: “Incubuses! Incubi! They're only meant to be able to affect women!” Stiles is using way too many exclamation marks but he can't help it because this shouldn't be possible. “Hence all the victims being women.”

Hypothetically: Potion: “Potion,” Stiles says, his eyes clearing as he focuses on Derek. “In a cup.”

Hypothetically: Life: And this is how they found their happy ending.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  JenNova  season2  post-season  sex.pollen  Stiles/other  Derek/other  college  future  pining  pining.for.years  break.up-make.up  drugged  matchmaking  canon.ships  other.ships  favorite  academic!au  devirginized  incubus  ntr 
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