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Blindsided - Lisgreomg - Die Hard (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
After Good Day to Die Hard John Jack and Lucy head back to John's place. There's some news that John never got around to telling Jack.
DieHard  john/matt  established  Lisgreomg  married  humor 
february 2013 by southerly
Getting to Know You - Anonymous - Die Hard (Movies), Live Free or Die Hard (2007) [Archive of Our Own]
They’d saved the country, dammit. They deserved some fucking fun, and they were too lame to have any.

“That’s it,” Matt said, making a decision. “We’re going to do this, McClane. No excuses. We are too awesome to be so boring.”
john/matt  first.time  anonymous  post-canon  pining  DieHard 
december 2011 by southerly
Fix It, or McClane Scale of Annoyance - Anonymous - Die Hard (Movies), Live Free or Die Hard (2007) [Archive of Our Own]
When you save the world together, it creates a bond that nothing will ever break. And then you're stuck in your ordinary life being friends with John McClane. Which isn't all that bad, once you perfect the McClane Scale of Annoyance.
john/matt  UST  anonymous  DieHard 
december 2011 by southerly
Head. - persnickett - Live Free or Die Hard (2007) [Archive of Our Own]
It was totally normal, when John leaned over to pick up the pretzels and corn chip crumbs now littering his carpet and Matt found himself staring at the top of John’s bald head and his fingers suddenly and actually prickled with the urge to touch it.

But the night Matt got up to get them what was probably one more beer too many, and flopped down next to McClane on the couch and DID start touching it...well. Maybe that night things had gotten a little out of hand.
john/matt  first.time  persnickett  kink  DieHard 
august 2011 by southerly
Ain't No Sunshine - persnickett - Live Free or Die Hard (2007) [Archive of Our Own]
“Why is it always fucking raining?”

“So I can ask you what you’re doing here,” Matt pants, “standing outside my building in the rain with me, like some bad romantic comedy.”
john/matt  first.time  persnickett  post-canon  pining  break.up-make.up  jealousy  matt/other  DieHard 
july 2011 by southerly
It's All Fun and Games Until... - Severina - Live Free or Die Hard (2007) [Archive of Our Own]
After the fire sale, John and Matt promise to stay in touch -- a promise that neither man keeps, even though memories of each other are keeping them up nights. But when Matt witnesses a violent crime, his safest option is to stay with McClane until the perpetrator is caught. This could be great for both of them... or it could be another of John McClane's Very Bad Ideas.
john/matt  first.time  Severina  post-canon  pining  matchmaking  DieHard 
july 2011 by southerly
The Pizza of My Eye - megyal - dh4, john/matt [Archive of Our Own]
After a long time apart, John connects with Matt again; while Matt is basically the same, there is one fundamental change about him.
john/matt  first.time  megyal  post-canon  kid-fic  DieHard 
may 2011 by southerly
Being Alive - Elayna - Die Hard (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The world dies and is reborn, and in the midst of a police investigation, John and Matt reconnect without a mask between them.
john/matt  first.time  masterelayna  au  au:total  fusion  break.up-make.up  DieHard 
april 2011 by southerly
Kinkfest! - Five times Matt showed John he loved him, and one time John showed Matt
Prompt: Saying "I love you" without actually *saying* it. Little acts that show how much they mean to one another.
john/matt  established  pooka_07  domestic  DieHard 
april 2010 by southerly
"That Guy and That Other Guy," Die Hard/Justice League AU Crossover
Summary: John McClane becomes the new Green Lantern, and Matt Farrell aka the Flash, develops a crush.
john/matt  first.time  vinniebatman  crossover  fusion  pining  holiday  au  au:mirror  lit/film.remix  DieHard  DC 
april 2010 by southerly
megyal - FIC: The art of falling (without breaking your neck)
Matt was sort of high-strung, he knew that about himself. That was one of his biggest failings, he was quite aware of that, thanks a lot. But the thought of sex with *John*, that was enough to drive *anyone* crazy with nerves and need.
john/matt  established  megyal  post-canon  DieHard 
march 2010 by southerly
Always A Bridesmaid by lamardeuse
Even after nearly two months of living with somebody, it was still weird for John to open the door to his apartment and smell supper cooking.

Well okay, so it was a good kind of weird.
john/matt  first.time  lamardeuse  post-canon  roommates  date  DieHard 
december 2009 by southerly
hard4brains: Fic: Guardian-Ward Pact, R, McClane/Farrell
Summary: AU. Matt wasn’t just a name on a list, and now it’s up to John to save the day. Again. (Part 2: 63075; Part 3: 63427)
john/matt  first.time  strifechaos  au  au:mirror  roommates  DieHard 
october 2009 by southerly
Orbits, Drift - by Annie D
Summary: John and Matt get used to each other.
Sequel: Absolute Horizon - Summary: John has issues, but he’s dealing. Then there’s a road trip, Thanksgiving and a whole lot of sex.

Romansu Romansu (in the Pantsu) @ AO3:
john/matt  first.time  AnnieD  post-canon  hurt/comfort  roommates  holiday  DieHard 
october 2009 by southerly
The Live Hard Series
On the Road… To Recuperation: John McClane learns to appreciate the younger generation.

Learning to Agree: John and Matt learn more about each other.

Respect and Passion: John seeks advice; John and Matt learn more about what they enjoy.

Playing Hard: They had no problems with communicating.

Learning New Tricks: Lucy comes for a visit; John learns to enjoy new activities.

Wake Up Call: John receives a phone call in the night and has to deal with unexpected surprises.

Home Care: Matt recuperates; visitors arrive.

Sex, Truth and Vids: John and Matt have a lazy Sunday morning.

For All The World To See: John and Matt are outed.

A Die Hard Christmas: John and Matt celebrate their first Christmas together.

Band of Gold: John asks a question.

Matthew McClane: John and Matt have a conversation about names.
john/matt  first.time  masterelayna  missing.scene  post-canon  kink  bondage  spanking  hurt/comfort  holiday  unfinished.series  DieHard 
october 2009 by southerly
Kinkfest! - Oct 3rd FIC: 'Professional' Terrorist Hunters, LFoDH, John/Matt, FRT
Prompt: The further adventures of Matt Farrell, expert hacker and John McClane, bad guy punch lead to a fall that lands the two in an interesting position — only neither wants to admit how interesting it is.
john/matt  UST  pooka_07  post-canon  trapped  humor  DieHard 
october 2009 by southerly
Kinkfest! - July 11 FIC: "Get Some of This" | LFDH | John/Matt | FRM
If John had said right then, "Hey kid, let's go jump off the Empire State Building without a 'chute, just me and you," Matt would have dreamily answered, "Sure, McClane, we'll do whatever you want."
john/matt  established  megyal  post-canon  jealousy  auction  DieHard 
june 2009 by southerly
Kinkfest! - July 12th fic: Reward, John/Matt, FRAO
“I've got a great tutor,” John said, shrugging. “In fact, he's so good that I've been thinking about giving him a little reward.”
john/matt  established  niektete  bondage  kink  DieHard 
june 2009 by southerly
John’s not sure he approves of what Matt’s drinking.
john/matt  established  juli  post-canon  DieHard 
june 2009 by southerly
kansasinthewind: All Things Being Equal, I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia
Author note: Title from the first Die Hard. I sat down to write McClane/Farrell, but first I had to get John to a point where I'd believe it. So instead, it's all about getting John to a point where I'd believe it, and not at all about the hot sexin'. Hey, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.
john/matt  UST  kansasinthewind  post-canon  DieHard 
may 2009 by southerly
hard4brains: Fanfic: That Guy, Part 1/3
"Alright, so how about explaining what the hell you're doing here, cluttering up my apartment and my fridge?"
Matt took a deep breath. "Well, I got out of the hospital before you did, and I checked with the doctors and they said you'd be stuck in there a while longer, and I thought, you know what, I bet McClane left his apartment in a mess, with no food in the fridge, and that'd be lousy to come home to after saving the old U.S. of A. and everything--"
"Yeah, your place blew up, didn't it?"
"There was that." (Series.)
john/matt  first.time  utopiantrunks  post-canon  hurt/comfort  angst  roommates  DieHard 
may 2009 by southerly
Life, Mid-Crisis by lamardeuse
When Matt bought the gym membership, he knew he was screwed...
From a Rut to a Groove - John has no idea what he's done to deserve somebody who feeds him fresh strawberries and waffles made from scratch, and he's a little apprehensive about what will happen if he starts enjoying it too much...
Interlude No. 1, or In-Laws in D Flat Major - It's always a joy to have the family around you at Thanksgiving.
john/matt  lamardeuse  first.time  angst  pining  post-canon  break.up-make.up  holiday  DieHard 
may 2009 by southerly
dsudis: Live Free or Die Hard Fic: National Pastime (1/2)
"Nothing like the upper deck at Shea in July," McClane said, in a hearty, two-working-legs, not-even-wearing-a-sling-anymore kind of voice that made Matt want to punch him a little bit.
john/matt  first.time  dsudis  post-canon  date  DieHard 
may 2009 by southerly
the magical mystery tour - Fic: The Story of McClane's Life [Fandom: Die Hard; McClane/Matt]
Major Grant: You're the wrong guy at the wrong place at the wrong time.
John McClane: Story of my life.
-Die Hard 2
john/matt  first.time  megyal  post-canon  matt/other  DieHard 
may 2009 by southerly
The Rescue of Matthew Farrell
John rescues Matt from the notorious cult leader, Thomas Gabriel.
first.time  au  au:mirror  break.up-make.up  john/matt  masterelayna  DieHard 
march 2009 by southerly
Calling All Cops and Autobots
John and Matt both end up working together for the government... on robotic suits, of all things.
first.time  crossover  post-canon  john/matt  megyal  marvel  DieHard 
march 2009 by southerly
bound to drift a while
A serial killer is drawing the attention of the New York Police – and the media. John McClane isn't even involved in the case until the killer targets someone close to him: Matt Farrell. Matt escapes, but his memory is gone and his life is still in danger. Now John has to keep Matt safe from a psychotic killer, help him recover his memory and deal with the budding attraction between them. Then the killer makes another attempt at Matt's life…
first.time  hurt/comfort  angst  pining  post-canon  john/matt  amnesia  seraphina_snape  DieHard 
march 2009 by southerly
Die Hard 4.5 : I'll Be Hard for Christmas
Subcommittee bingo, flashbulb gauntlets, and gay sex scandals - oh, there's no place like Capitol Hill for the holidays!
first.time  humor  post-canon  john/matt  aja  holiday  pining  DieHard 
february 2009 by southerly
Kinkfest! - 8th May Fic: Rent-A-Boy
Summary: Matt has trouble getting work after the Fire Sale so turns to being a rentboy. John finds out and is desperate to get him out of it.
john/matt  first.time  niektete  prostitute  post-canon  kink  DieHard 
november 2008 by southerly
Kinkfest! - Late May 12th Fic: Dinner for Two, John/Matt, FRT
Prompt: Matt is stood up on a blind date. John comes to the 'rescue' & saves the day
john/matt  first.time  nyxreaper  date  post-canon  DieHard 
november 2008 by southerly
gixi: Road Rage
Summary: Sometimes you say things without thinking about them, but that doesn't mean others aren't.
john/matt  gixi  first.time  kink  car!sex  post-canon  DieHard 
november 2008 by southerly
Love is Just a Bloodsport - Fic: Connectivity (Five Meals John Didn't Plan to Have)
"You know, we gotta stop meeting like this," John says one night when he's had enough beers to loosen the way. Series: Rewriting the Disk, All I Want For Christmas, Mornings After Nightmares, Save As, Technobabble.
John/Matt  poisontaster  first.time  post-canon  John/other  DieHard 
july 2008 by southerly
petwritings: Die Hard Fic: Situation Normal, NC-17, 3 parts
Six months after the Fire Sale, and everything is back to normal. Well, mostly normal. Normal-ish.
John/Matt  petwritings  first.time  post-canon  hurt/comfort  DieHard 
july 2008 by southerly
Clouds in my Coffee - New Fic: Mr Rock and Roll
“Daddy?” She sounds uncertain. Lucy has never sounded uncertain in the whole of her life. “Matt’s nice, isn’t he? ... He really likes you, you know.”
John/Matt  torakowalski  first.time  matchmaking  angst  jealousy  post-canon  DieHard 
july 2008 by southerly
Kellifer_fic - "Better Than Real"
Matt’s ask-no-question position was refreshing to Sam, not to mention handy. He never had to try and come up with any reason why he needed the kind of work he did done.
supernatural  Sam/Matt  kellifer_fic  crossover  first.time  DieHard  canon-ish 
july 2008 by southerly
Kinkfest! - May 5th Fic: Don't Call Me At Work, John/Matt, FRAO
Prompt: John on a stakeout or at the station house, Matt cranking him up via cell phone
John/Matt  nyxreaper  established  kink  post-canon  DieHard 
may 2008 by southerly
Just That Simple Thing
She shook her head sadly. "Your Freudian crush on my father is kind of disturbing, Farrell."
imported  post-canon  John/Matt  first.time  torakowalski  holiday  matchmaking  pining  DieHard 
february 2008 by southerly
Quite a lot of the things going on in Matt's life lately can be prefaced by the phrase "after the events of last July".
imported  john/matt  entwashian  UST  post-canon  DieHard 
february 2008 by southerly
The One with the Advocate
Lucy already knows. She didn't so much find out as push the two of them into it head-first. John doesn't mind that. He just thinks it's a little weird that his daughter is writing gay porn about him and her ex-boyfriend.

And posting it on the internet.
imported  post-canon  Suaine  established  humor  john/matt  DieHard 
february 2008 by southerly
How Enos Finally Caught Daisy (Or, Possibly, The Other Way Around)
John's not afraid of new things. He just prefers to take life as it comes, when he can.
imported  post-canon  john/matt  first.time  tigerlady  DieHard 
february 2008 by southerly
What Lucy Saw
Lucy McClane witnesses a private moment between her father and his new love interest.
imported  post-canon  john/matt  established  lasha  DieHard 
february 2008 by southerly

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