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Editorial Observer: What Lara Croft Would Look Like if She Carried Rice Bags
Interesting article on the UN's free video game in which players have to save a starving country w/o violence.
december 2005 by sordomudo11
The Best Man for the U.N.
Friedman suggest a former president for our rep to the UN...
thomas_friedman  john_bolton  un  united_nations  op-ed 
april 2005 by sordomudo11
Billions of Promises to Keep
Kofi Annan (UN Secretary General) in the NY Times on the need for help in Sudan
sudan  kofi_annan  united_nations  un  op-ed 
april 2005 by sordomudo11
Loudly, With a Big Stick
Brooks on the purpose of the UN and American's future therein. Good stuff
david_brooks  united_nations  john_bolton  op-ed 
april 2005 by sordomudo11
Back From Battle
Brooks reports on the solidarity of Dems and Repubs that showed a united front at last week's Munich Conference
david_brooks  iraq  nato  united_nations  op-ed 
february 2005 by sordomudo11

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