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A hollow superpower | The Economist
Don’t be fooled by Syria. Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy is born of weakness and made for television
foreign_policy  russia  vladimir_putin  middle_east  ukraine  nato  barack_obama 
march 2016 by sordomudo11
Withering on the Vine | Thomas Frank
Were you to draw a Venn diagram of Democrats, meritocrats, and plutocrats, the space where they intersect would be Martha's Vineyard.
martha's_vineyard  liberals  barack_obama  bill_clinton 
march 2016 by sordomudo11
Brooks: Obama, Gospel and Verse - New York Times
Good Brooks piece on his interview w/ Obama this week in Chicago. Plus, he mentions Reinhold Niebuhr, who I've been dying to read
2008_presidential_race  barack_obama  david_brooks  op-ed  philosophy  reinhold_niebuhr 
april 2014 by sordomudo11
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