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David Brooks - Clear, Hold and Duct Tape -
Brooks on Obama's policymaking decisions vis-a-vis Afghanistan. I don't know enough to opine with much confidence, but it sure does seem that adjusting our goal (i.e., lowering expectations) is necessary.
op-ed  david_brooks  barack_obama  afghanistan 
december 2009 by sordomudo11
Afghanistan, November, 2009 - The Big Picture -
Wow, wow. So powerful and sobering. If you have any hesitation about clicking on the two graphic images, don't. They're shocking.
photos  afghanistan 
december 2009 by sordomudo11
Brooks - The Tenacity Question -
Really strong piece by Brooks on whether Obama is committed and tenacious enough to see the war effort in Afghanistan through to a positive ending.
barack_obama  afghanistan  op-ed  david_brooks 
october 2009 by sordomudo11
Brooks - The Winnable War -
Brooks is guardedly optimistic after his trip to Afghanistan
afghanistan  david_brooks  op-ed 
march 2009 by sordomudo11
The Afghan Miracle
Krauthammer reminds us just how remarkable a change has been made in Afghanistan
afghanistan  charles_krauthammer  op-ed 
december 2004 by sordomudo11

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