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Mr Webster's Wager - Fahye, emilyenrose - Society of Gentlemen - K. J. Charles [Archive of Our Own]
"Double or nothing," said Webster abruptly.

"How exactly do you mean to double 'everything I had?'" said Ash. He meant it to come out level, but there was a quaver in his voice.

"One more trick," Webster said. "Play, and win or lose you will walk away with your fortune." Ash stared at him. Webster made an impatient gesture. "I don't want or need your money. Or your house. Or your coat and shirt, come to that."

It was an offer of princely generosity. Ash's mouth was dry. "And what would you have from me?" he asked.

Something flared in Webster's cool expression for a moment, like a shark flashing a fin in still waters. "A month," he said.
societyofgentlemen  au  historical  francis/ash  canondivergent  via:themadstork 
january 2018 by sorchasilver
Dude, what's a bulwark? - kellifer_fic - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Beacon Hills is the kind of small town where everybody knows everybody, and what everybody knows is that surly diner owner Derek Hale and free spirited single dad Stiles Stilinski have been in love with each other for years. If only they knew it too.
au  derek/stiles  teenwolf  via:Raxhel 
march 2013 by sorchasilver
AraSigyrn: Save the Unicorn
Adam always wanted to be a rockstar. Being the poster-child for unicorn conservation, the top trending scandal on Twitter and a wanted federal fugitive? That wasn't ever meant to be part of of the plan but when Adam finds a baby unicorn hiding behind a dumpster one night, his life is never ever the same again.
no, really, this is super great!
fanfic  slash  au  americanidol  unicorns  adam/kris  ***  length:50k+  a:AraSigyrn  ~saved  via:doitninetimes 
november 2011 by sorchasilver
kradam_kiss: Fic: Dazed and Clueless, 1/2
FIC FOR ME (HELPSOMALIA FIC) 11.5K of clueless boys and meddlesome friends. With awesome Brad and Tommy.
adam/kris  author:jerakeen  au 
october 2011 by sorchasilver
gailsauce | ‘Verse Masterlist: Idol University
Kris is gay and out, Adam isn't, Brad is fabulous and the supporting cast rock!
kradam  adam/kris  au 
january 2011 by sorchasilver
yekoc: fic: We Are Golden
We Are Golden
Adam/Kris, au, nc-17
8400 words

excerpt: He puts the bowl to the side and looks at the cracks between the boards in front of his face. Without moving his head at all, Kris counts six of them, and when he's doubled-checked that number twice he closes his eyes and says out loud, "Adam is gay."
kradam  adam/kris  au 
february 2010 by sorchasilver
Just a Glance Away
Adam POV, Allison's having a bad day, and Kris And Adam meet. There's ice-creams and tree-climbing and longing. And then they kiss. And then they kiss again! Lovely and sweet and happy.
adam/kris  au  american_idol  kradam 
august 2009 by sorchasilver
glambert_fic: Fic: Summer Boys
Superpowers teenage AU fic. Adam's psychic, Kris is a werewolf!
kradam  au  american  idol  adam/kris 
july 2009 by sorchasilver
apreludetoanend: To Teach the Human Heart the Knowledge of Itself [Jensen/Jared, R]
Every spring, while thousands of other college and grad students flock to sunny beaches or head home to do laundry, Jensen gives his time to a performing arts group which aims to raise money and arts awareness in school aged children. Each year, the group spends spring break together on a different deserted college campus rehearsing and performing a play, letting local schools observe both the process and the final product, and raising money and encouraging participation in the arts in the local community. Jensen's about to finish grad school; this is his seventh and final year with the program, and performing the lead role opposite his best friend Chris might just be the highlight of his year—that is, until he arrives to find Chris missing in action, and some guy named Jared taking his place.
spn  j2  rps  jared/jensen  slash  au  toread 
july 2009 by sorchasilver
certainentropy: A Complicated Love and Affection Between Two Men - Master Post
Summary: Thanks to his idiot friends, Jensen gets signed up to compete for Jared Padalecki's friendship on the second season of MTV's Bromance. Can he beat out seven other guys to be Jared's new best friend...or maybe more?
spn  j2  rps  jared/jensen  slash  au  supernatural  big_bang 
july 2009 by sorchasilver
You say I'm obsessed like it's a bad thing. - A Place in This World Masterpost
Summary: Popular sci-fi author J Ross, a.k.a. Jensen Ackles, escapes from the noise and pressures of NYC to the suburbs of Northeast Ohio after the passing of his grandmother. When he meets his neighbor, speech therapist Jared Padalecki, and Jared’s little girl Kara, Jensen’s carefully controlled and ordered world gets turned upside down.
j2  rps  slash  au  supernatural  spn  big_bang 
july 2009 by sorchasilver
i've reserved a spot in special hell - They Stumble That Run Fast | Master Post
Warnings/Spoilers: College AU. Geek chic!Jensen in glasses. Jared reciting Latin poetry. Socially inept Christian Kane. Abuse of Shakespeare in a gay way. Misha being Misha...except weirder and in college.

Summary: AU. This is what happened to Jared Padalecki when he mixed a little Cyrano with a little Shakespeare and fell ass over feet in love with, Jensen, his Shakespeare tutor…who may have been in love with someone else.
spn  j2  nc-17  rps  jared/jensen  slash  toread  au  supernatural  big_bang 
july 2009 by sorchasilver
lazy_daze: J2 AU Big Bang fic; Topspin
Summary: Defending Wimbledon champion and world No. 1 tennis player Jensen Ackles is determined to hang on to his title, no matter how good Jared Padalecki, rising star on the tennis scene, thinks he is. With Padalecki's new reckless style, explosive power and natural grace pitted against Jensen's own beautifully strategic, strong and watertight game - all that's for sure is that this is going to be one Wimbledon final match not to be missed. With a media-painted rivalry turning into a mutual dislike that's almost as explosive as the badly-hidden attraction sparking in the air, there's more than a tennis ball flying between them.

When tension explodes into more, and more becomes again and again, how will this unexpected connection affect them, their games, their careers? Will they be able to put aside everything that's against them and make something real out of what was never meant to happen in the first place?
spn  j2  nc-17  rps  au  big_bang  supernatural  slash 
july 2009 by sorchasilver
jasmasson: Fic: In Retrospect (I'd rather have been a poet) Prologue, J2, NC17, COMPLETE
“It’s in the car,” Jared said, slightly sheepishly.

Jensen’s look spoke volumes.

“What? It was just an errand.” Jared said, shrugging. “You shouldn’t need automatic weapons just to go to the bank. And anyway. You always do the shooting. I do the talking. The planning. The charming.”

Jensen snorted indelicately. “Thank you, 007.”
spn  j2  nc-17  rps  slash  au  big_bang  toread 
july 2009 by sorchasilver
and you expected miracles. - fic: tell them we're like magnets (j2, nc-17) - master post
The story of Jared and Jensen's life together reads sort of like a fairytale. Come on, childhood friends growing up and falling in love? It doesn't get much sweeter than that. But now their perfect summer has ended, and it's time to go off to college. They're more than ready to tackle this new chapter of their lives together, but deadlines, scheduling conflicts, and epic misunderstandings threaten to make the journey harder, and the outcome uncertain. The boys soon learn that not everything comes easy, that sometimes just being in love isn't enough, and they find themselves struggling to keep their grip on what matters most - each other. (Fifth installment in the reinventing love ‘verse. Previous reading is highly recommended.)
j2  nc-17  rps  jared/jensen  slash  au  supernatural  big_bang  toread 
july 2009 by sorchasilver
annella: Masterpost: Counting the Steps to the Door of Your Heart
Summary: Jensen's life isn't perfect, but he's happy enough. He has friends (well, one friend and one roommate), a prospective career (if he can pass this stupid, stupid test which requires him to be able to talk to people), a sex life of sorts (with guys who are total jerkfaces and think Jensen is a dork, which is actually true), and a life-size Dalek costume with a voice modulator which lets him EXTERMINATE things (like the toaster). Then, out of nowhere, he also has Jared (gorgeous, wonderful, socially retarded, and already taken), and his life turns upside down in the blink of an eye. For the first time, Jensen has found what he wants, but how is he going to get it?
spn  j2  first_time  nc-17  rps  jared/jensen  slash  au  supernatural  big_bang  toread 
july 2009 by sorchasilver
finn21: This Temporary Life / Master Post
Summary: AU. In the year 2025, Jared Padalecki gathers his daughter and son to tell them the story of how he met their father. Rewind back twenty years to the past, Jensen and Jared are best friends making a living in Hollywood. Through their tight knit group of friends and some difficult stumbling blocks on the way, Jared and Jensen learn to laugh at life, themselves and most importantly Chad. Everything seems perfect on the surface until feelings get involved. Written for [info]spn_j2_bigbang.
spn  j2  nc-17  rps  jared/jensen  slash  toread  au  supernatural  big_bang 
july 2009 by sorchasilver
To Live Deep (And Suck Out All The Marrow of Life) - MASTER POST
Jensen Ackles is a survival expert. He's got his own TV show and he's survived in hundreds of different situations out in the wilderness, with no one but himself to depend on. But none of that could have prepared him for Jared Padalecki, Hollywood Playboy whose dwindling ratings and box office appeal have led to the need for a jump start for his career. Jensen is called upon to train Jared for an upcoming celebrity survival show - think Dancing With The Stars only in the heart of Alaska, where instead of dancing, contestants will be required to hunt and fish and forage for food, build fires to keep warm, and make it three months out in the wild without all the modern conveniences they're used to. It's Jensen's job to prepare Jared for this test, but there's no one to prepare him for what it will mean for him to get tangled up in the world of one Jared Padalecki.
spn  j2  rps  jared/jensen  slash  toread  au  big_bang 
july 2009 by sorchasilver
lazy_daze: Putting My Life On The Brink, Pt 4
What Happens in Vegas J2 AU fic. They meet, get drunk- married, fuck, win $3million, and then have to live together for six months to get the money and an annulment. Of course, it isn't quite that simple.

Also, lazy_daze wrote it, so it rocks.
j2  jared/jensen  au 
june 2009 by sorchasilver
welcome to mediaville - Big Bang Fic: Lost and Found (J2, AU, NC-17)
Title: Lost and Found
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None!
Word Count: 47,000
Disclaimer: None of this is true.
Summary: Jensen Ackles is a shy, overweight songwriter whose body issues have prevented him from forming any real personal connections, and at thirty, he’s still unsure of his sexuality, and still a virgin. But when he signs up for an experimental obesity research program, he meets Jared Padalecki, a stunningly sexy fitness guru who slowly but surely changes Jensen’s life.
j2  au  big_bang 
june 2009 by sorchasilver
lostt1: Fic: Just So You Know (Beautiful Soul) Master Post (J2/PG13)
Fic title: Just So You Know (Beautiful Soul)
Author name: [info]lostt1
Artist name: [info]elethoniel
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 23,935 words
Disclaimer: Not mine. I just like to play with them every once in awhile.
Notes: Written for [info]spn_j2_bigbang. Title from Jesse McCartney. All other thanks and notes at the end.

Summary: Jensen has been in love with Jared for years. The problem: Jared is his best friend's little brother. The solution: Jensen moves to California and writes songs for popular pop artists. Every song is about Jared. But what happens when Jensen finds himself living with Jared after six years apart? Will the balance he's found fall apart or will he finally get the one thing he's always wanted?
j2  big_bang  toread  au 
june 2009 by sorchasilver
jeyhawk_fic: Apocalypse: Cancelled - J2 - NC17
Apocalypse: Cancelled - J2 - NC17
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC17
Word Count: ~ 28,000+
Notes: Written for [info]spn_j2_bigbang. Notes and credits at the end.

July 7, 2008 at 2 a.m. in the morning a comet will hit Earth, destroying all human life. Humanity gets 54 hours to prepare and chaos ensues. A chance encounter has straight architect Jared Padalecki saving the life of deeply closeted movie star Jensen Ackles. The unlikely couple cling to each other during what they think will be their last days on earth, but what happens to the relationship they built when the world doesn't end after all?
j2  big_bang  toread  au 
june 2009 by sorchasilver
Big Bang - Relax, it's Just Sex (Jared/Jensen) NC17
Chad does gay pron to pay for college. Jared finds out and starts doing it too. Then he meets Jensen.
j2  jared/jensen  au 
june 2009 by sorchasilver
oh won't you come on over, stop making a fool out of me - RPS FIC: Keepsake (1/3) J2 Ever After
19,943 words.
AU to the max. Written for[info]j2_everafter. Thank you to[info]light_up for making this the most fun I've ever had writing fic, and to[info]deirdre_c for making it the most rewarding. This would have been an incredibly different and lesser thing if it wasn't for you guys.
Based loosely on Disney/Pixar's Wall-E.
toread  J2  AU 
march 2009 by sorchasilver
beckaandzac: Fic: I'd smother you in kisses, I'd give you outer space (CWRPF AU, J2, NC-17)
Summary: Jensen is the best hooker the galaxy's seen in decades. Jared's fresh out of art school. On the day of Jared's interview for the job of his dreams, their dry cleaning gets switched. HIJINX ENSUE.
first_time  nc-17  jared/jensen  au  j2  crack 
january 2009 by sorchasilver
lavvyan: Ghost Writer (McShep, R)
Harlequni ghost fic. Romance novelist John and ghost Rodney, with a happy ending.
mckay/sheppard  au  john/rodney  sga  schmoop  first_time 
january 2009 by sorchasilver
Behind the Curtain - Master Post
NYC Drama!verse. Jared's a college drama student, Jensen's his acting coach. Complete with SPN the play and phone sex operator!Jared.
rps  au  jared/jensen  first_time  nc-17  supernatural 
january 2009 by sorchasilver
Last Will and Testament
John and Rodney as brothers, raised apart and meeting for the first time. Sex ensues, first before they find out, and then as they find their way to the SGC and Atlantis.
sga  McKay/Sheppard  NC-17  first_time  AU  McShep  John/Rodney 
october 2008 by sorchasilver
junior jumble
highschool heroes verse, by sardonicsmiley
McKay/Sheppard  AU  slash  pre-slash  toread 
october 2008 by sorchasilver
thenyxie: I've Made Up Your Mind (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
TITLE: I’ve Made Up Your Mind PAIRING: Jared/Jensen RATING: NC-17 WORDS: 8744 SUMMARY: Jensen’s a mechanic who leads a relatively quiet life, Jared's a photographer who doesn't take "No" for an answer. When Jared comes into Jensen's garage with a car that doesn’t have anything wrong with it--three times--Jensen finally gets a clue and asks Jared out. But when Jensen has to cancel the date, he finds out Jared’s not so easily deterred. FOR: [info]juice817, who requested first time Jensen from a Jensen-as-a-mechanic drabble I wrote last week. Drabble is included as part of this story. NOTES: Hand!kink. This story features primarily top!Jensen, but also has the aforementioned bottom!Jensen scene. So, you know, if them switching off ain’t your thing, drive on past. Unbeta’d on account of all my betas not being available. Please feel free to point out any mistakes.
SPN  rimming  J2  RPS  first_time  schmoop  AU 
september 2008 by sorchasilver
Waiting for My Real Life to Begin -- Jared/Jensen -- AU -- PG-13 -- 1/?
J2 college AU. Jared has a few difficult room-mates, then along comes Jensen. Jensen's gay, but Jared's straight. Mostly. Probably. Maybe?
NC-17  SPN  slash  J2  AU  first_time  RPS  Jared/Jensen  schmoop 
august 2008 by sorchasilver
cause of death :: jared padalecki - GAMING AU MASTER POST (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 40K)
Jensen's developing a video game - called Supernatural. Jared's a game reviewer. Gamers have cons, apparently! And guess who meet at one?
NC-17  SPN  AU  J2  first_time  Jared/Jensen  RPS 
august 2008 by sorchasilver
drvsilla: Into His Hand || Source Post
JR Ackles is a professional bullrider at the top of his game. He's got one thing on his mind: winning the championship belt buckle and the right to call himself the best in the world. His unwavering dedication and focus is finally put to the test in the form of JT Padalecki, an up-and-coming rider new to the professional ranks, who has his sights set on winning the PBR finals - and Jensen. Cowboys ride and get by on grit and tough determination - the question facing Jensen is if they have to do it alone.
J2  au  big_bang  toread  Jared/Jensen 
august 2008 by sorchasilver
It's not an obsession, it's enthusiasm - It's a Fine Line Between Love and Hate- Masterpost
For years Jared Padalecki has ruled the fashion world, no one able to hold a candle to his work, but then comes along one Jensen Ackles, fresh off his win on Project Runway, and it's hate at first sight for Jared. Thrown together time after time Jared thinks it's time for teach Jensen a lesson that he'll never forget, only to find that he's one with something to learn.
spn  J2  toread  au  big_bang 
august 2008 by sorchasilver
epeeblade: Of Dice and Jen(sen): Master Post
Summary: In 1999, Jensen is a senior at college, his biggest concerns are getting into grad school and planning his next roleplaying game. Everything changes when freshman Jared Padalecki joins the gaming club.
spn  big_bang  J2  au 
august 2008 by sorchasilver
belyste: CWRPS Fic: Business and Pleasure (J2, Adult) 1/5
Jared's the CEO, Jensen's his assistant. Jared needs a monogamous relationship to improve his image. Guess who gets the job?
J2  NC-17  AU  Jared/Jensen 
august 2008 by sorchasilver
I'll take with me the memories
Jensen's a vet. Jared finds some abandoned kittens. Sweet, fluffy J2 romcom.
first_time  schmoop  Jared/Jensen  RPS  AU  J2 
june 2008 by sorchasilver
vorpalblades: FIC: Late Night Double Feature, master post
Gone are the lazy summer days of Jared’s youth; he now has his first-ever job at the Starlight Cinemas. It’s nothing like he expected – long hours, hard work, and unpredictable coworkers, including one Jensen Ackles. Only one thing is certain: Jared
AU  first_time  humor  Jared/Jensen  schmoop  spn  RPS  big_bang  J2 
june 2008 by sorchasilver
lexzilla: Big Bang Fic: Come Play With Me [master post]
Jared's a horror movie fanboy turned director - and he wants Jensen to be his leading man. Big bang fic.
AU  Jared/Jensen  slash  J2  big_bang 
june 2008 by sorchasilver
belyste: Spin the Light to Gold (J2, NC-17) Master Post
spn_j2_bigbang fic. Long, schmoopy, sweet, mild angst, the boys are camp counsellors one summer.
big_bang  first_time  Schmoop  RPS  jared/jensen  J2  au 
june 2008 by sorchasilver
On Life and Living by WesleysGirl
Earth AU, John is a widower with a young daughter.
AU  kidfic  McKay/Sheppard  SGA  slash 
april 2008 by sorchasilver
Domestic Fic = Love - Never Be (Sam/Dean) NC-17 [Part One]
AU of WIAWSNB, where Dean wakes up in world where he and Sam are together
Sam/Dean  AU  slash  spn 
april 2008 by sorchasilver
belyste: RPS Fic: Can't Point the Way to Your Heart (J2, NC-17)
Summary: AU in the vein of movies like Hitch - Jensen's an unofficial advice guru, and Jared's his latest project. Except while Jensen's supposed to be helping Jared end up with the woman of his dreams, he falls for him instead.
J2  jared/jensen  AU 
april 2008 by sorchasilver
Rodney's Birthday - Sophomore Slump
Highschool Heroes Year One, celebrating Rodney's birthday.
AU  McKay/Sheppard 
march 2008 by sorchasilver

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