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Screwing Aslan - derryderrydown
Tony's been trying to come out since he was sixteen.
author's notes:
I saw an interview with Simon Callow where he mentioned that, for years, he'd talk about being gay in interviews, but it never actually got published.

And, well, Tony Stark.
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august 2012 by sophia_sol
Not Asking, Not Telling, by derryderrydown
"The day he shipped out to Parris Island, Ray had been pretty sure he could survive DADT."
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april 2012 by sophia_sol
Glass of Time, by derryderrydown
in which Jack convinces the Doctor to save the real Captain Jack Harkness for him.
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january 2010 by sophia_sol
Isolated Gestures, Ahistorical Accidents, by derryderrydown
"See, I have this problem with shows that focus on a small number of people out of a large background cast, which is that I start to wonder just how damn frustrating it must be to live your life as a background character."
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january 2010 by sophia_sol

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