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Shake it Off - violace
Can't stop, won't stop grooooooving.
I still have so many feels about this movie, and this vid gets right at them
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june 2016 by sophia_sol
Late Birds and Mealy Worms - cyprith
His mistress' wings are a terrible mess after so many years away. Diaval does his very best not to think about it.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -maleficent  *maleficent  *diaval  :500-2k  @cyprith  $gen 
june 2014 by sophia_sol
Emancipation - Niobium
After Aurora's coronation, Maleficent has unfinished business with a certain crow.
'fanfic  -maleficent  *maleficent  *diaval  :500-2k  @niobium  $gen 
june 2014 by sophia_sol
borealis - seventhswan
There is a tale the young maidens of the kingdom tell, gathered together at the river’s edge, washing clothes against the rocks. It goes this way – once there was a woman who had something taken from her by a foolish, deceitful man. The loss grew within her until it was a thorn in her side, silver and sharp, stealing her breath as fast as she could gasp it. There was only one girl in the entire kingdom with hands small enough to slip between her ribs and pull it free.
'fanfic  ^lovely  -maleficent  *aurora  *maleficent  :500-2k  @seventhswan  $gen 
june 2014 by sophia_sol

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