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My Kingdom Is As Great - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel
Toby Williams is a wizard. With that revelation, Sarah is plunged back into the world of magic.

series consists of:
I carry the crown
bow my head to no one
far away on the other side
'fanfic  "crossover  -labyrinth  -harrypotter  +jareth/sarah  *toby  *harry  *neville  :40k-100k  @tardisistheonlywaytotravel  ^interesting  $het 
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Heels Over Head - MoreThanSlightly (cadignan)
Allura carries Shiro's consciousness within herself while she transfers it from the Black Lion into his body. She feels some residual effects.
'fanfic  -voltron  +allura/lance  +keith/shiro  :2k-10k  @cadignan  $het  $dudeslash  ^adorbs 
10 days ago by sophia_sol
Five Careers for Five Brothers - AMarguerite
A prompt from meri47-- what careers would each Bennet sibling have, if there were five Bennet brothers instead of sisters?
all of this is fun but oh dang the Eli/Charlotte bit is INCREDIBLE I love it
'fanfic  "au  "genderfuck  -pride&prejudice  *lydia  *kitty  *mary  *jane  +charlotte/elizabeth  $het  :2k-10k  @amarguerite  ^excellent 
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Traveling Far - astolat
Three weeks into their delightful slog across Westeros, during yet another charming day of shitting in the woods, eating half-raw squirrel, and trudging his feet bloody, the single most dour and uninteresting woman Jaime had ever met in all of Westeros stopped in the middle of a field, drew a deep breath, and said, “When I was seven, my aunt came to visit with her son. My father told me that as the daughter of the house, it was my duty to show hospitality to my guests and to be gracious to them. I wanted to make him proud. So for three weeks, I let my cousin follow me around and talk to me about spiders.”

“Spiders?” Jaime said, mildly interested. It was the most she’d volunteered in the entire time.

“He was five years old. It was all he wanted to talk about. He’d describe them to me. He’d talk about how they ate by sucking the life out of their prey alive. He’d catch them and bring them to me and want me to hold them. One of them bit me and my hand swelled to the size of a melon. He told me spiders fall into our mouths from the ceilings while we sleep.”

“He sounds truly charming,” Jaime said. “It must run in the family.”

“And in all my life,” she went on, as if he hadn’t spoken, “I’ve never, ever, met anyone as annoying as him. Until you.”
'fanfic  -gameofthrones  +brienne/jaime  $het  :20k-30k  @astolat  "au 
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Far Above Rubies - Beatrice_Otter
All in all, it was a highly eligible match and Mary was quite pleased with herself for securing it. She might wish Mr. Collins paid more attention to his scriptures and the writings of the great theologians than to the edicts of Lady Catherine, but Mary's own scholarship in that area was more than sufficient to remedy the lack.

gives Mary more credit for social astuteness than I think she earned based on the canon, but still fun
'fanfic  -pride&prejudice  +mary/mrcollins  $het  "au  :2k-10k  @beatrice_otter 
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It Opens Your Chest - LullabyKnell
“Howl, for goodness’ sake!” Sophie snapped. “What is it?”

“…I can’t sleep.”

“Yes, I’ve noticed that.”

“Have you? Nothing escapes your wrinkled ears, it seems.”

Howl and Sophie are ridiculous and terrible and delightful and I love them
'fanfic  -howl'smovingcastle  +howl/sophie  $het  :500-2k  @lullabyknell 
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"-Good." - Sunyi Dean
He says, “But I’m dying,” like it’s the answer to everything, like he thinks I’ll disagree.

He says it like I’ve forgotten, but how could I forget sitting in that paper-strewn office a week ago, watching dust layer up with sunbeams while a doctor dressed in immaculate professionalism emphasised the words six months to live?

short but does a lot with the space it has!
'fiction  -profic  $het  @sunyidean  :500-2k 
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The Thought That Counts - K.J. Parker
“Funny you should say that,” I said. “I’m interested in paint.”


“Paint,” I said. “I dabble a bit in alchemy, and I reckon it might be possible to make synthetic blue. Instead of having to grind up ruinously expensive lapis lazulae in a pestle and mortar.” She didn’t say anything, so I went on: “There’s definitely a demand for it. A genuine deep royal blue at a fraction of the price. A man could make a nice little bit of money that way.”

“I’ve never used blue.”

“Too expensive?”

She nodded. “That’s why I started doing portraits, you don’t have to have any sky.”
'fiction  -profic  $het  ^interesting  :2k-10k  @kjparker 
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Variations on a Theme from Turandot - Ada Hoffmann
No one will sleep until the Princess learns the Stranger’s name.

Liù the slave girl, who has loved the Stranger since before his exile, when he was a Prince, when he smiled at her—Liù alone knows who he really is. So it is Liù who is dragged to the Princess’s garden by night, bound, ankles twisting as she stumbles through the peonies.

Not sure I quite follow the ending but it works anyway
'fiction  -profic  'fanfic  -turandot  :2k-10k  @adahoffman  $het  "au  ^interesting 
july 2018 by sophia_sol
The Last Banquet of Temporal Confections - Tina Connolly
A young food taster to the Traitor King must make a difficult choice in this story of pastries, magic, and revenge.
'fiction  -profic  ^interesting  "food  $het  :2k-10k  @tinaconnolly 
july 2018 by sophia_sol
How Soon is Now? - Nelpher
A series of letters revealing what transpires when Hermione investigates a supposed breach of Draco’s probation.
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +draco/hermione  $het  ^good  "epistolary  :2k-10k  @nelpher 
july 2018 by sophia_sol
Grace’s Family - James Patrick Kelly
The mission: to survey the galaxy and beyond. An endless stream of probes and starships heading out into the universe, surveying, cataloguing, assaying. Forever. And on board those ships, the intrepid explorers who give it all meaning.

the sort of story where I finish it and it feels very obvious a man wrote it, but lots of good stuff in it nonetheless
'fiction  -profic  $gen  $het  @jamespatrickkelly  :10k-20k 
june 2018 by sophia_sol
Dust to Dust - Mary Robinette Kowal
The mudroom got darn hot in the summer, but he couldn’t risk doing magic inside the house. It got into the air conditioning and caused all kinds of trouble. Some magics he’d chance, but the Lord knew he didn’t want anything interfering with Edna’s health.
'fiction  -profic  $het  :500-2k  @maryrobinettekowal 
june 2018 by sophia_sol
Growth Industry - a_t_rain
No-fault divorce comes to Barrayar -- not without a few legislative snags.
'fanfic  -vorkosigan  +dono/olivia  *donna'sfirsthusband  :2k-10k  @a_t_rain  $het 
june 2018 by sophia_sol
Yiwu - Lavie Tidhar
Can dreams come true? They can if you win the lottery, which promises to provide what your heart desires. For a humble shopkeeper in Yiwu, it’s a living, selling lottery tickets. Until a winning ticket opens up mysteries he’d never imagined.
'fiction  -profic  :2k-10k  $het  @lavietidhar 
june 2018 by sophia_sol
Feelings Are a Luxury and This is War - igrockspock
Feelings are a luxury Qi'Ra can't afford.

Written for this prompt at the Star Wars Kink Meme: So, exactly how did Qi’ra go from being part of Lady Proxima’s gang to working for Dryden Voss and the Crimson Dawn? What are all the terrible things she’s done? How did Dryden Voss find her, and how did she become his most trusted lieutenant?
'fanfic  ^yeah  -starwars  +han/qi'ra  $het  :500-2k  @igrockspock 
june 2018 by sophia_sol
Secret Keeper - elicitillicit
Dudley feels abruptly uneasy as MacArthur leans further into the girl and whispers into her ear, and then there is a jolt in his stomach when he sees the girl jerk her right hand – the hand not holding his drunken and stupid teammate away from her – ever so slightly.

Half an inch of a wooden stick slides out of her sleeve.
'fanfic  -harrypotter  +alicia/dudley  :500-2k  $het  @elicitillicit 
may 2018 by sophia_sol
Still Life with Cliché - Paian
If they stay on the planet they'll die of radiation poisoning, but gate travel will kill them unless they have sex to neutralize the effects of a fungal spore they've been exposed to.
'fanfic  "fuckordie  +daniel/sam  +daniel/jack  $het  $dudeslash  :10k-20k  @paian  -sg1 
may 2018 by sophia_sol
The Third Rule - mrmmzep
An account of what happens between Jake and Amy on their first date. Four-drink Amy can be a bit of a perv, but Jake takes it like a champ.
'fanfic  -brooklyn99  +amy/jake  $het  @mrmmzep 
may 2018 by sophia_sol
Laying Siege - astolat
“Marry me instead,” Jaime said.

a commenter said "I love so much that Jaime frames it to himself, the whole story, as him wanting to rescue Brienne, and in the end it's devastatingly clear that deep down he wanted her to rescue him, and she did." and like...yeah
'fanfic  -gameofthrones  +brienne/jaime  $het  :2k-10k  @astolat 
april 2018 by sophia_sol
The Independence Patch - Bryan Camp
It is exam week, and Donny is 14 years 10 months 15 days 10 hours 16 minutes old. He is bored and hungry and his scalp itches and he hates school more than he’s ever hated anything before in his life. He hates exams in particular, and he hates his math exam most of all.

cyborg teenager
'fiction  -profic  "robots  :2k-10k  @bryancamp  $gen  $het 
march 2018 by sophia_sol
Irregularity - Rachel Harrison
For the first couple of months, Nyle would get up every day before sunrise and run the spinal corridor. It’s recommended for all observation personnel to get plenty of exercise. Helps with the linkup, apparently. After a while, though, it was every other day, then only the ones that start with T. Now it’s just Sundays, and he has to stop three times to catch his breath.

Nyle’s never had a problem with linkup anyway. Back at the academy, they told him his brain has a certain pliability. It doesn’t push back. Neither did Nyle, either. Not when it mattered.

not a happy ending
'fiction  -profic  :2k-10k  @rachelharrison  $het  "space 
march 2018 by sophia_sol
Pyeongchang and Prejudice - AMarguerite
“It is a truth universally acknowledged that an ice skater in possession of a Grand Prix medal— of whatever metal—must be in want of another.”

Jamie and Lizzy Bennet, a brother-sister ice dancing duo from Ann Arbor, Michigan, are no exception, and are determined to win gold at the Pyeongchang Olympics. Newfoundlander Charles Bingley, the Canadian champion for men’s singles skating, believes they can make it. His coach, Québécois two-time Olympic gold medalist, Fitzwilliam Darcy... does not.
'fanfic  "au  "sports  -pride&prejudice  +darcy/elizabeth  $het  @amarguerite  :>100k  ^excellent 
march 2018 by sophia_sol
Shakedown Visit - Philomytha
After Vordarian, it takes time to rebuild, both buildings and trust.
'fanfic  -vorkosigan  :2k-10k  @philomytha  +aral/cordelia  *illyan  $gen  $het 
february 2018 by sophia_sol
Rule 69 - igrockspock
When Nyota agreed to let Gaila set her up on a blind date, she never imagined it would be with Dr. McCoy -- and she definitely never imagined that she would end up liking him.
'fanfic  -startrek_aos  +bones/uhura  :2k-10k  $het  @igrockspock 
january 2018 by sophia_sol
In Bloom - theappleppielifestyle
The next time Jasmine sneaks out of the palace, she leaves her tiara.

(Or: Jafar never existed and Jasmine never gets caught by the guard on her first meeting with Aladdin. Instead she keeps meeting up with him without telling him she's the princess.

Along the way she learns more about what goes on in Agrabah and the laws that are set against so many people in the city, as well as how she could change them.)
'fanfic  "au  -aladdin  +aladdin/jasmine  $het  @theappleppieliefestyle  :2k-10k 
january 2018 by sophia_sol
immortality - mardia
I got used to deflecting, waving it off with a "Good genes, I suppose," when someone marveled at how I still looked like I’d just left uni, even when I was in fact a decade older than that.

But I kept getting older, and the comments kept coming.

Peter's getting older, not that you can see it in his face. Futurefic.

series consists of:
Changing the View
now it's all coming through
'fanfic  -riversoflondon  *thomas  +beverley/peter  $het  :10k-20k  @mardia 
january 2018 by sophia_sol
Certain Powers - KL_Morgan
Strange things happened around Sarah Williams.

A lot of it (she would argue as she was forcibly escorted from the room) could be chalked up to coincidence. After all, you couldn't really argue whose fault it was that the girls who spray-painted SLUT on her locker door senior year all came down with the same, really gross eye disease two days later. It wasn't like she had petrie dishes of virulent bacteria stashed in there, and the guy from the CDC had backed her up on that one.
'fanfic  -labyrinth  +jareth/sarah  $het  :2k-10k  @kl_morgan 
january 2018 by sophia_sol
Love and Marriage - raspberryhunter
Sky and Sarah navigate some of the differences in their marriage.
'fanfic  -guysanddolls  +sarah/sky  :2k-10k  $het  @raspberryhunter 
january 2018 by sophia_sol
Just You and I, Defying Gravity - MiraMira
There's still a lot Nancy doesn't know about the kingdom she's supposed to be ruling. The one thing she does know is that she picked the right partner.
'fanfic  -enchanted  +edward/nancy  $het  :500-2k  @miramira 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Persistence - Northland
Extracts from the correspondence of Capt. Frederick Wentworth of the Royal Navy, written during the autumn and winter of 1814-15.
'fanfic  -persuasion  +anne/frederick  :2k-10k  "epistolary  $het  @northland 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
In Spite of Sickness, Sorrow, and Time - rosefox
Almost a year since their wedding, she still thrilled to hear her name from anyone, and most of all from him. "Good morning, Captain Wentworth." She favored him with the unfettered smile she reserved for their private moments. "How fares the ship?"
'fanfic  -persuasion  +anne/frederick  :2k-10k  $het  @rosefox 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Sorcery & Sebastian, or A Most Magical Season - meretricula
Two cousins and former comrades in arms -- one in London to accompany his sister through her first Season, the other convalescing at home in Essex -- must re-acclimatize to civilian life as they encounter Polite Society, a plot to murder a marchioness, and, most dangerously of all, romance.
'fanfic  "rule63  -sorcery&cecelia  +kate/thomas  +cecelia/james  :10k-20k  $het  "au  @meretricula 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
To Say Nothing of the Goat - meretricula
Whether in the future, the past, or the present, Kate and Cecelia are destined to have a very interesting correspondence.
scenes from three aus. I liked the star trek and fandom aus best
'fanfic  "au  "crossover  -sorcery&cecelia  -startrek  -temeraire  -fandom  +kate/thomas  +cecelia/james  $het  @meretricula 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Something Borrowed - miss_pryss
Jupiter discovers that the one thing Caine Wise wants most in life is to be a pretty pretty bride on his wedding day. And she sets out to make that happen.

Look, I'll be frank: this is over 7000 words of pure self-indulgence. My only hope is that it scratches an itch for my recipient as well.
I almost didn't read this but I'm so glad I did because I am SUPER CHARMED
'fanfic  ^delightful  ^adorbs  "wedding  -jupiterascending  +caine/jupiter  :2k-10k  $het  @miss_pryss 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
the worlds that spin beyond our atmosphere - antediluvian
When Jupiter woke up, there was a small metal sphere on the pillow beside her. She blinked at it, because it certainly had not been there when she had gone to bed the night before. Then Aunt Nino began to stir and grumble as she too woke up and Jupiter snatched up the sphere, lobbing it hastily into her half-packed suitcase on her way to go and make the coffee.

In which Jupiter is propositioned by a space travel agency (but fancier!) and introduces Caine to her family.
'fanfic  -jupiterascending  +caine/jupiter  :2k-10k  $het  ^good  @antediluvian 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Found-hope - russian_blue
"If you do not return, so help me, Jonathan, I will come and I will find you. And I will bring you back myself."
'fanfic  -jonathanstrange&mrnorrell  +arabella/jonathan  *flora  *ladypole  :500-2k  $het  $gen  @russian_blue 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Stone and Shadow - Assimbya
AU from the beginning of Queen of Attolia. Attolia decides to take what she wants.
'fanfic  "au  -queen'sthief  $het  +attolia/eugenides  :2k-10k  ^interesting  @assimbya 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Impossible Magic - lorata
(Time goes by so slowly / and time can do so much)

Daystar must always destroy the barrier, enter the castle and find his father. He must always be at least sixteen years old when he did so in order to wield the sword. But what if — what if he had been sixteen years old already when the wizards cast their spells? What if Cimorene could fix it so no one had to wait very long at all?

In that case, what she and Daystar would one day do need not be changed; it was only a matter of when.

In which Cimorene ignores thaumaturgical convention and decides to get those sixteen years back.
'fanfic  ^excellent  -enchantedforest  *daystar  +cimorene/mendanbar  :2k-10k  $het  "timetravel  @lorata 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Five Things Antiope Taught Diana (And One Thing She Never Got the Chance To) - Beatrice_Otter
What it says on the tin.
includes both the lessons Antiope taught and the way these lessons play out for Diana in her adult ife
'fanfic  -wonderwoman  ^yeah  +diana/steve  *antiope  :2k-10k  $het  @beatrice_otter 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
a root, a branch, a new-grown leaf - ambyr
Mel's tattoo is changing. Sunshine wants to understand why.
'fanfic  -sunshine  +mel/sunshine  *con  :2k-10k  $het  @ambyr 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
False Pretences - drayton
Shortly after her honeymoon, Harriet makes an unexpected discovery while working on a joint mystery novel with her colleagues.
'fanfic  -lordpeterwimsey  +harriet/peter  ^good  $het  :20k-30k  @drayton 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Building A Home of Hair And Straw - moemachina
And now, knotted among all his familiar desires, here he found a new one, woven partly out of obligation and partly out of curiosity.

And partly out of loneliness, of course.

Yes, Diaval thought. I am needed.
'fanfic  -maleficent  +diaval/maleficent  :2k-10k  $het  ^yeah  @moemachina 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Thread of Grace - Arsenic
Esther is in a world she has never known, a world she has never wanted to know. Still, she must save the one that is all she has ever known.
'fanfic  -bible  -ahasuerus/esther  :500-2k  $het  @arsenic 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Adjusting One's Charm - Rosencrantz
Christopher and Millie work wonderfully together. When they're on the same page.

Meanwhile, while said pages are being turned, Christopher is being whisked to and fro across the universe as part of a bug-testing charm process.
'fanfic  ^yep  -chrestomanci  +christopher/millie  $het  :2k-10k  @rosencrantz 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
The Officious Omens - Alona
Millie considers her position at Chrestomanci Castle and assists in an investigation.
'fanfic  ^good  -chrestomanci  +christopher/millie  *gabriel  :2k-10k  $het  @alona 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
And Her Eyes Sewn Shut with Unicorn Hair - Rosamund Hodge
Marie kept on chattering. “...and the suitors can start watching you dance for the unicorns next month. Philippe is first in line to try, right? He would make a good king.”

“Mother danced for nine men before Father.” Zéphine mashed the custard with her spoon.

“I wouldn’t like that.” Marie’s dark eyebrows drew together. “Nine men, all dead....”

I would only like to summon a unicorn, thought Zéphine. The men can look after themselves.

But she knew that no unicorn would ever come for her.
'fiction  -profic  ^interesting  ^creepy  $het  :10k-20k  @rosamundhodge 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Her Lovely Face Gleaming Like a White Poppy - loathlylady
The paths which Attolia and Eddis take are both paved with loss, but the ways they walk those paths are very different.
'fanfic  -queen'sthief  +attolia/eugenides  +eddis/sophos  :10k-20k  @loathlylady  $het 
december 2017 by sophia_sol
Stranded with Mr Darcy - LinMeiWei
That awkward moment when you tell a guy he's the last man in the world you'd ever be prevailed on to marry, and then you get stuck with him on a deserted island...

This is Pride and Prejudice if it had happened in 1816 (which it didn't) and if Mr Bingley had returned to Longbourn and asked Jane to marry him after Elizabeth's stay in Kent. Mr Bingley marries Jane, and the two set off for a honeymoon, with Elizabeth for company. Except that the ship they take to get across the channel belongs to and is captained by Mr Darcy. And then the weather goes berserk, the ship is wrecked and everybody nearly dies.

And the next thing they know, Elizabeth and Darcy are alone. On an island. With nobody but each other to depend on for survival. I don't know about you, but I think it's going to be awkward.
I was less interested in the story after the rescue but thoroughly enjoyed it up to that point
'fanfic  "au  -pride&prejudice  +darcy/elizabeth  :40k-100k  @linmeiwei  $het 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
Of Queens, Knights, and Pawns - chancecraz
I went to sleep on the worst day of my life and woke to find myself in the past on the second worst day of my life. As experiences go, I don’t recommend it.
overlong and desperately needs a beta, but interesting, and I'm always here for time-travel-fix-its. wip through part 18 as of bookmarking
'fanfic  "wip  "timetravel  -starwars  +han/leia  *luke  *darthvader  *bail  *breha  *obi-wan  :>100k  $het  @chancecraz 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
The First Witch of Damansara - Zen Cho
Vivian’s late grandmother was a witch—which is just a way of saying she was a woman of unusual insight. Vivian, in contrast, had a mind like a hi-tech blender. She was sharp and purposeful, but she did not understand magic.

This used to be a problem. Magic ran in the family. Even her mother’s second cousin, who was adopted, did small spells on the side. She sold these from a stall in Kota Bharu. Her main wares were various types of fruit fried in batter, but if you bought five pisang or cempedak goreng, she threw in a jampi for free.

These embarrassing relatives became less of a problem after Vivian left Malaysia. In the modern Western country where she lived, the public toilets were clean, the newspapers were allowed to be as rude to the government as they liked, and nobody believed in magic except people in whom nobody believed. Even with a cooking appliance mind, Vivian understood that magic requires belief to thrive.
'fiction  -profic  :2k-10k  $gen  $het  @zencho 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
His Wife and Serpent Mistress - Gillian Daniels
The Marquis of A— reluctantly acquired a fiancée in the spring after an exchange of brief but formal letters. Miss B— had come highly recommended by his awful uncle, who described her as a charming woman on the brink of spinster-dom. She was rich due to her merchant father but without title due, again, to her merchant father. The Marquis had a title worth only its connections and prominence but little else due to the debt attached to it. He suspected Miss B— would like to be a marquise. He, himself, could happily continue to go into further debt for the room his mistress, Arla, kept in town overlooking the White Hill Beast.

this did not go how I expected it to go and it's great
'fiction  -profic  $het  :2k-10k  @gilliandaniels 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
A Dalliance with the Duke - AMarguerite
After the Battle of Waterloo, Mrs. Fitzwilliam becomes the new favorite of the Duke of Wellington... just in time to support him through a messy, ahistoric divorce. Things only get more complicated from there.

Otherwise known as, "A tumblr anon asked, "If you're ever so bored as to be looking for something ridiculous to fill a prompt- Elizabeth takes him up on his offer? Sees if the 'Iron' Duke lives up to his name?" and I COMMITTED." Part of my "Ever-Fixed Mark" soulmate AU, though it does not deserve the dignity of a title from a Shakespearean sonnet. It gets a Harlequin Romance title instead.

au of "An Ever-Fixed Mark" by amarguerite. wip, read through ch 14
'fanfic  "au  "soulmates  -pride&prejudice  +elizabeth/fitzwilliam  +elizabeth/wellington  $het  :>100k  "wip  @amarguerite 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
That Looks on Tempests - AMarguerite
Alternate ending to "An Ever-Fixed Mark," diverging from chapter ten, on. The Battle of Waterloo ends just a little bit differently for Elizabeth and Colonel Fitzwilliam.
'fanfic  -pride&prejudice  +elizabeth/fitzwilliam  :40k-100k  @amarguerite  $het  "soulmates  "au 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
An Ever-Fixed Mark - AMarguerite
One would think that having the name of one's soulmate appear on one's wrist on one's sixteenth birthday would make matrimony much less complicated. It mostly does not. And not at all for Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourne.

(A deconstruction of the "soulmate identifying mark" trope, using "Pride and Prejudice." Trigger warnings in the tags.)
This is the main fic in the series and ultimately ends as Elizabeth/Darcy.

Alternate endings:
That Looks On Tempests for the Elizabeth/Colonel Fitzwilliam ending
A Dalliance With The Duke for the Elizabeth/Duke of Wellington ending (wip as of bookmarking
'fanfic  "au  "soulmates  +elizabeth/fitzwilliam  +darcy/elizabeth  :>100k  $het  -pride&prejudice  @amarguerite 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
Friendship!!! Is Magic - afrai
Haruhi said to the stranger, "The food's good, isn't it? Have you tried the small quiches?"

She'd spoken English on the assumption that most people in the room would likely understand it, but when the man turned it became apparent that he was Japanese. Haruhi knew this because she recognised his face. It was the face of Japan's ace skater, Katsuki Yuuri.

"K-K-Katsuki Yuuri-senshu!" Haruhi clapped her hand over her mouth, feeling the blood rise to her face.

"Ah," said Katsuki. He was different off the ice. His spectacles reduced the impact of his eyes, and the shape of his face was somehow softer, less distinctive. "Do I know you?"


Yuuri makes a friend. Viktor hates it.
I don't know the fandom yoi is crossed over with but the knowledge is unnecessary for appreciating the fic
'fanfic  ^delightful  ^adorbs  "friendship  +viktor/yuuri  +haruhi/tamaki  :10k-20k  -yurionice  -ouranhighschoolhostclub  $dudeslash  $het  @afrai 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
You Say Hello - Sholio
Sometimes Leia wonders why she couldn't just get herself an ordinary boyfriend. But she knows why.
'fanfic  ^adorbs  -starwars  +han/leia  :500-2k  @sholio  $het 
november 2017 by sophia_sol
Mr. Bennet Travels Through Time - AMarguerite
Exactly what it says on the tin. Mr. Bennet is actually a time-traveler from the 1990s, who ends up in Regency England and profoundly hates it. Featuring: quite a lot of fake science, some real history of science, and rather a lot of jokes about Uranus.
'fanfic  "timetravel  -pride&prejudice  *mrbennet  :10k-20k  @amarguerite  $het 
october 2017 by sophia_sol
Katie Cruel - AurumCalendula
‘now I’ve made them change their tune’
love the song choice. And this isn't a version of Katie Cruel I've heard before but I think it might be just as good as herdman hills & mangsen
'vid  -princessbride  +buttercup/westley  $het  @aurumcalendula 
october 2017 by sophia_sol
Do You Dance? - AurumCalendula
'Do you dance, Mr. Darcy?'
I love the mirroring of their movements in the dance to the movements of their relationship throughout the movie
'vid  -pride&prejudice  $het  +darcy/elizabeth  @aurumcalendula 
october 2017 by sophia_sol
Pray Be Silent, and Join Me in a Dance - theletterelle
Mr. Darcy had at first scarcely allowed her to be pretty; he had looked at her without admiration at the ball; and when they next met, he looked at her only to criticise. But no sooner had he made it clear to himself and his friends that she had hardly a good feature in her face, than he began to find it was rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes. To this discovery succeeded some others equally mortifying. Though he had detected with a critical eye more than one failure of perfect symmetry in her form, he was forced to acknowledge her figure to be light and pleasing; and in spite of his asserting that her manners were not those of the fashionable world, he was caught by their easy playfulness. Of this she was perfectly unaware;—to her he was only the man who made himself agreeable no where, and who had not thought her handsome enough to dance with.
set to an instrumental version of Shut Up And Dance
'vid  -pride&prejudice  +darcy/elizabeth  $het  @theletterelle 
october 2017 by sophia_sol
Oh Boy - chaila
She'll never slow down for you. Anne/Gilbert
'vid  -anneofgreengables  +anne/gilbert  $het  @chaila 
october 2017 by sophia_sol
son of kings, daughter of tisrocs - tielan
Aravis has renounced all else, but she cannot renounce the blood running in her veins. She is born out of the line of Tisrocs and Tarkaans, blood of Calormene rulers who have laid siege to Archenland by means both foul and fair through the ages, and she may not lay claim to Archenland’s heir.
'fanfic  -narnia  +aravis/cor  :2k-10k  @tielan  $het 
september 2017 by sophia_sol
Pan-Humanism: Hope and Pragmatics - Jess Barber and Sara Saab
Amir Tarabi is scrubbing himself down in the misting rooms the first time he meets Mani Rizk.

The mister in Beirut-4 is being upgraded, the zone’s residents using Beirut-3’s misting rooms on rotation, so it is especially crowded that day. Amir avoids making eye contact with the bathers in adjacent patches with rigorous politeness. At sixteen, he’s already spent a hundred personal growth hours thinking about civic decency, appreciates the role of uninterrupted private rituals in fostering social cohesion—
'fiction  -profic  :10k-20k  $het  $poly  $dudeslash  $other  @jessbarber  @sarasaab 
september 2017 by sophia_sol
An Ever-Expanding Flash of Light - Timothy Mudie
Sarge paces, her tight black braid swinging every time she rotates. She returns to her speech, and Tone wonders just how many times she’s given it, how many generations have passed on Earth while she’s flitted back and forth trading with alien worlds.

“The time dilation means that more than a century has already passed. Another and change by the time your tour is up and we drop you back home. Those of you who survive the next year of ship-time will be returned to a new world, a world devoid of everything familiar. Many will turn right around and sign up for another jaunt. When you do, I will shake your hand and welcome you aboard. Hell, I’ll pour you a drink.” Sarge stops and faces them. “Until then, you are mine. The Earth you know is gone. Everyone you loved is dead. I am your mother, your father. The people to your left and right are your siblings. This is your family from now on. Let that sink in.”
'fiction  -profic  $het  :2k-10k  @timothymudie 
september 2017 by sophia_sol
Truth or Dare - sheron
When Violet invites Daniel to the popular circle's game of Truth or Dare, he ends up getting caught up in more than just a game.
'fanfic  "au  "modern  "highschool  +daniel/peggy  *jack  :10k-20k  @sheron  $het 
september 2017 by sophia_sol
Nautical Maneuvers - Penknife
Jack is maneuvering for position, and he hopes Elizabeth will fall into line. Includes implied Jack/Will.
'fanfic  -piratesofthecaribbean  +elizabeth/sparrow  :2k-10k  *will  @penknife  $het 
september 2017 by sophia_sol
made and mended - lady_ragnell
When the carriage drives away without her, Ella doesn't cry.

This Cinderella may not have a fairy godmother, but there are other ways to get to the balls.

I kiiiiind of feel like the prince is only into her because he's not used to people saying no to him and it's novel, but otherwise I quite like this retelling
'fanfic  -fairytales  +cinderella/prince  :2k-10k  @lady_ragnell  $het 
september 2017 by sophia_sol
Three Bells and Cockleshells - rexluscus
My "James Norrington as captain of the Flying Dutchman" series.

series consists of
Sole Unquiet Thing
Three Bells and Cockleshells
Five Hundred Fathoms
'fanfic  ^feelings  ^excellent  -piratesofthecaribbean  +elizabeth/norrington  +norrington/oc  $het  "au  @rexluscus 
september 2017 by sophia_sol
With No Rights In This Matter - rexluscus
James and Will are companions in tragedy.

Elizabeth is believed dead. unrequited love from norrington
'fanfic  -piratesofthecaribbean  :2k-10k  ^yeah  ^feelings  "grief  +elizabeth/william  +elizabeth/norrington  $het  @rexluscus 
september 2017 by sophia_sol
I Gave My Love a Cherry - rexluscus
The more he runs, the more James keeps returning to the scene of his loss.

unrequited love
'fanfic  -piratesofthecaribbean  +elizabeth/norrington  $het  :500-2k  @rexluscus 
september 2017 by sophia_sol
Backlit - rexluscus
Elizabeth wonders if there's more to Norrington than what she sees.

pre-movies. one-sided romance.
'fanfic  -piratesofthecaribbean  *norrington  *elizabeth  :500-2k  $het  +elizabeth/norrington  @rexluscus 
september 2017 by sophia_sol
Naked to Mine Enemies - mundungus42
The Pirate Code doesn't expressly command its adherents to repay debts that bridge life and death, but the Code is more of a set of guidelines, anyway. Sparrow/Norrington, set after At World's End, ignores On Stranger Tides.
'fanfic  -piratesofthecaribbean  +jack/norrington  +elizabeth/will  $het  $dudeslash  :30k-40k  @mundungus42 
august 2017 by sophia_sol
The Wanderers - Ian McHugh
“Which way did my mother go?” Rhy-lee asked her father one day.

“North,” he said, and pointed without looking. Young as she was, she could see the small collapse that happened inside him when he heard the question, knowing that one day she, too, would leave him. ‘Distant heart’, her name meant. Her grandmother and aunts made sure that Rhy-lee and her father could hear when they said that her name was well chosen.
'fiction  -profic  @ianmchugh  :10k-20k  $het 
august 2017 by sophia_sol
Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience™ - Rebecca Roanhorse
You maintain a menu of a half dozen Experiences on your digital blackboard, but Vision Quest is the one the Tourists choose the most. That certainly makes your workday easy. All a Vision Quest requires is a dash of mystical shaman, a spirit animal (wolf usually, but birds of prey are on the upswing this year), and the approximation of a peyote experience. Tourists always come out of the Experience feeling spiritually transformed. (You’ve never actually tried peyote, but you did smoke your share of weed during that one year at Arizona State, and who’s going to call you on the difference?)  It’s all 101 stuff, really, these Quests. But no other Indian working at Sedona Sweats can do it better. Your sales numbers are tops.
Your wife Theresa doesn’t approve of the gig. Oh, she likes you working, especially after that dismal stretch of unemployment the year before last when she almost left you, but she thinks the job itself is demeaning.
'fiction  -profic  :2k-10k  $het  @rebeccaroanhorse 
august 2017 by sophia_sol
With Great Power, Something Something - Sharksdontsleep
Hey Liz,
Apparently, I'm the captain of the Decathlon team. Or something. I was just wondering if you had any quizzes or guides that I could use.
'fanfic  ^good  -dcu  +mj/peter  *liz  :10k-20k  $het  @sharksdontsleep 
august 2017 by sophia_sol
your hand touching mine - susiecarter
Five times Alfred and Diana were (technically) not on a date, and one time they finally were.
'fanfic  -dcu  +alfred/diana  $het  @susiecarter  :2k-10k 
august 2017 by sophia_sol
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