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Responsive Typography with Sass Maps
Managing responsive typographic rhythm isn’t easy. Jonathan Suh shows how Sass maps make responsive typography much more manageable.
web  sass  typography  responsive 
november 2016 by sonniesedge
I don't agree with all of these. Some of them are very definitely "hack" territory. But there are some that are beautifully lovely.
js  sass  web  css 
october 2016 by sonniesedge
Data Types in Sass
An overview of the various data types available to developers in Sass, including numbers, booleans, strings, maps, lists and more.
web  sass 
april 2016 by sonniesedge
Sass Guidelines
In-depth overview of Sass and guidelines for using it correctly.
web  css  sass 
january 2015 by sonniesedge
A list of incompatibilities between different Sass engines.
customimport  Feedbin  dailyimport  web  sass 
december 2014 by sonniesedge
Naming Things
How to name things in HTML & CSS.
customimport  Feedbin  dailyimport  web  css  html  sass 
december 2014 by sonniesedge
Beware of Selector Nesting in Sass
Sass users beware - "I think selector nesting has done more harm than good."
IFTTT  Twitter  web  sass 
september 2014 by sonniesedge
Authoring Critical Above-the-Fold CSS | CSS-Tricks
Load that critical CSS first and defer the loading of the rest of the CSS until later.
sass  performance  css  web 
august 2014 by sonniesedge

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