Abstract Away the Performance Faults of querySelectorAll | Ryan Morr
Abstract Away the Performance Faults of querySelectorAll November 12, 2014 DOM, JavaScript, and Performance Repository With the introduction of the Selectors API in HTML5, developers finally got a native means to selecting specific nodes without the need to traverse the DOM in tedious loops. The two new methods, querySelector and...
web  js  javascript  performance  selectors 
16 days ago
An Overview Of The Most Common UX Design Deliverables – Smashing Magazine
Learn how design deliverables (tangible records of work that has occurred) can help UX designers to communicate design ideas successfully.
web  ux  basics 
25 days ago
Using progressive enhancement - Service Manual - GOV.UK
How to building web pages so they work in HTML first: starting with HTML, extra styles and features, using Javascript.
web  progressiveenhancement 
5 weeks ago
JavaScript Scope and Closures | CSS-Tricks
Scopes and closures are important in JavaScript. But, they were confusing for me when I first started. Here's an explanation of scopes and closures to help

Lovely explanation and overview of scopes and closures in JS.
web  javascript 
7 weeks ago
Aerotwist - The Anatomy of a Frame
I'm often asked by other developers about parts of the pixel workflow, and what fires when and why, so I figured it might be worth putting up a little reference for what's involved in shipping pixels to screen.
web  javascript  performance  chrome  blink 
8 weeks ago
Creating an Accessible Modal Dialog
Modal Dialogs are a tricky thing to make accessible. For visual users navigating with a mouse, creating a dialog is as simple as styling the element to look visually different from the rest of the page. However, users navigating a site via a keyboard and/or screenreader need a lot more.
web  a11y  modal  dialog 
8 weeks ago
Above the fold is a myth.
The simplest reason as to why 'above the fold' is a myth.
web  ux 
9 weeks ago
Modern Layouts: Getting Out of Our Ruts by Jen Simmons—An Event Apart video on Vimeo
In the early years of the web, there was a lot of variation and experimentation with where to put content on a web page. Then, it seems, we all settled into a handful of patterns and stayed there for over a decade
web  design  css 
10 weeks ago
edenspiekermann/a11y-dialog: A very lightweight and flexible accessible modal dialog.
a11y-dialog - A very lightweight and flexible accessible modal dialog.
web  a11y  modal  javascript 
11 weeks ago
Optimising the front end for the browser
An introductory overview to optimising front end code for the browser, to improve UX and SEO rankings.
web  optimisation  performance 
11 weeks ago
:focus-within | CSS-Tricks
The :focus-within pseudo selector in CSS is a bit unusual, although well-named and rather intuitive. It selects an element if that element contains any chi
web  css  forms 
11 weeks ago
Dark Matter
A personal publishing platform for the #indieweb
web  indieweb 
12 weeks ago
Webmention is a simple way to notify any URL when you link to it from your site.
web  indieweb  webmentions 
12 weeks ago
The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the "corporate web".
web  indieweb 
12 weeks ago
Subset and Self-Host Web Fonts | brettklamer.com
How to subset web fonts and host them yourself.
web  fonts  performance 
july 2017
Fontie — webfont converter, @font-face generator
Fontie converts your desktop fonts into web fonts that work everywhere and puts them along with the CSS in one fine @font-face package. Various options give you the possibilty to fix and optimize your webfonts.
web  fonts  performance 
july 2017
google webfonts helper
A Hassle-Free Way to Self-Host Google Fonts. Get eot, ttf, svg, woff and woff2 files + CSS snippets!
web  fonts 
july 2017
Deconstructing the Google Analytics tracking script
What does the Google Analytics script actually do? It’s pretty convoluted at first glance. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),... | Bill Franklin | Working at ChartMogul. Oxford University student.
web  javascript  analytics  googleanalytics 
july 2017
<head> Cheat Sheet
A list of everything that could go in the <head> of your document
web  development 
june 2017
Accessibility according to actual people with disabilities - Axess Lab
“If you have a disability, what’s the hardest thing about browsing the web?” The answers to Safia Abdalla’s tweet are truly eye-opening and shows us what web accessibility should really be about. The tweet that started it all i'm curious to know: if you have a disability, what's the hardest thing about browsing the web? […]
web  a11y 
june 2017
Inclusive Design Principles
These Inclusive Design Principles are about putting people first. It's about designing for the needs of people with permanent, temporary, situational, or changing disabilities — all of us really.
web  a11y  design  inclusivedesign 
june 2017
Implementing system fonts on Booking.com — A lesson learned.
For a very long time we had been serving a pretty standard font-stack — Helvetica, Arial, Sans-serif — safe in the knowledge that this selection would give us a trouble-free, albeit uninspired, font…
web  fonts 
june 2017
“Why We Didn’t Use A Framework” (Case Study) – Smashing Magazine
Find out why the team at MeetSpace decided to build their app without a front-end framework, and what the pros and cons of a frameworkless back end are.
web  javascript  progressiveenhancement 
may 2017
The Browser Accessibility Tree | The Paciello Group – Your Accessibility Partner (WCAG 2.0/508 audits, VPAT, usability and accessible user experience)
The accessibility tree is a subset of the DOM tree. It includes the user interface objects of the user agent and the objects of the document. Accessible objects are created in the accessibility tree for every DOM element that should be exposed to an assistive technology.
web  a11y 
may 2017
Web Accessibility Checklist - The A11Y Project
A beginner's guide to web accessibility
Make sure you compare every project you do against this!
web  a11y 
april 2017
A11Y Style Guide
Beautiful recipes for accessible components
web  a11y  patternlibrary 
april 2017
Network Link Conditioner in Lion - Matt Gemmell
How to simulate various network conditions using Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
web  performance 
april 2017
alphagov/accessible-typeahead: A typeahead component, built to be accessible.
accessible-typeahead - A typeahead component, built to be accessible.
web  a11y 
april 2017
verekia/js-stack-from-scratch: 🎉 V2 release! 🎉 — Step-by-step tutorial to build a modern JavaScript stack.
js-stack-from-scratch - 🎉 V2 release! 🎉 — Step-by-step tutorial to build a modern JavaScript stack.
web  javascript  tutorial 
march 2017
abhishekbanthia/Public-APIs: 📚 A public list of APIs from round the web.
Public-APIs - 📚 A public list of APIs from round the web.
web  apis  api 
march 2017
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