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Beware the Dog - Unless you’re into that!
"I'm pretty sure if someone broke into my house, my dog would just show them how much he likes to lick his balls." Jensen breaks into Jared's house and gets distracted by Jared's dog. Jared finds them.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  pairing:Jensen/OMD  genre:PWP  thief!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  toppy!Jared  kink:first-time  kink:dub-con  kink:humiliation  kink:knotting  kink:coming-untouched  kink:blowjob  kink:comeplay  kink:bestiality  meme:masquerade  1.000-5.000 
september 2018 by somersault1509
Trials and Errors (Underneath Verse Timestamp 9)
Special Agent Charles Whitfield thinks he’s finally found a way to put Jared Padalecki behind bars. He’s wrong. In the aftermath, Jensen worries and Campbell throws a hissy fit. I.e. a day in the life. In the end, it all works out.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Chad  character:Jeff  character:OMCs  genre:mafia  genre:angst  agent!Jensen  thief!Jensen  crimeboss!Jared  mob!Jared  BAMF!Jared  POV:outsider  verse:Underneath  author:ashtraythief  1.000-5.000 
september 2018 by somersault1509
A First For Them
Jensen can, in all honesty, say this is a first for them. Not the burglary thing, they’ve been doing that together for years, but fucking in a target’s bed?
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  genre:PWP  thief!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  thief!Jared  kink:rough-sex  meme:spnkink_meme  1.000-5.000 
december 2014 by somersault1509
An Offer You Can Never Refuse
Jared is a damn good thief – smart and rational, if a bit cocky. With Jensen at his side he's even better.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  genre:romance  thief!Jensen  criminal!Jensen  thief!Jared  criminal!Jared  kink:first-time  proposal  5.000-10.000 
september 2012 by somersault1509
Beginner's Luck
Dashing-adventurer!Jared meets male-equivalent-of-a-damsel-in-distress!Jensen, who is on the run from a very shady JDM. With a little (read: a lot) of help from Jensen, Jared overcomes various hazards including a fire-breathing dragon, a haunted forest, and a nymph who is adamant that Jared should come to live with her underwater. Jared's reputation grows as a result of his heroics but before he and Jensen can plan their happily ever after, Jensen's past rears its ugly head, putting both of their lives in danger. It turns out that disgruntled dragons are the least of Jared's problems.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Jeff  character:Genevieve  character:Danneel  character:OMCs  character:OFC  genre:humor  genre:romance  genre:fantasy  genre:angst  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:historical  thief!Jensen  protective!Jensen  hurt!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  adventurer!Jared  hurt!Jared  jealous!Jared  protective!Jared  kink:violence  kink:first-time  kink:manhandling  author:atimi/bertee  Bigbang  50.000-60.000 
june 2012 by somersault1509
What Are We Stealing?
Jensen Ackles is a free man. Free to gamble, free to steal, free to walk around in swanky suits-- But, most importantly, free to gather up his old posse and risk everything to get back the one thing he couldn't keep in his sticky fingers: Jared Padalecki.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  pairing:Jared/Genevieve  character:Jared  character:Jensen  character:Genevieve  character:Chris  character:Steve  character:Mike  character:Jeff  character:Sandy  character:Misha  character:Kim  character:OMCs  character:OFCs  genre:humor  bottom!Jensen  thief!Jensen  criminal!Jensen  married!Jensen  married!Jared  married:Jared/Jensen  Cinema  20.000-30.000 
november 2011 by somersault1509
Steal A Moment (+ sequels)
As a professional thief, Jensen's used to finding himself in sticky situations but when Jared gets involved, situations always seem to end up stickier than he anticipated.
rps  au  pairing:Jared/Jensen  character:Jensen  character:Jared  thief!Jared  thief!Jensen  genre:humor  kink:humping  author:atimi/bertee  1.000-5.000  criminal!Jared  criminal!Jensen 
may 2011 by somersault1509

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1.000-5.000  5.000-10.000  10.000-20.000  20.000-30.000  50.000-60.000  adventurer!Jared  agent!Jensen  assassin!Jared  au  author:ashtraythief  author:atimi/bertee  BAMF!Jared  BAMF!Jensen  Bigbang  bottom!Jensen  carried!Jensen  character:Chad  character:Chris  character:Danneel  character:Genevieve  character:Jared  character:Jeff  character:Jensen  character:Kim  character:Mike  character:Misha  character:OFC  character:OFCs  character:OMC  character:OMCs  character:Sandy  character:Steve  chef!Jensen  Cinema  crimeboss!Jared  criminal!Jared  criminal!Jensen  evil!Jared  genre:angst  genre:dark  genre:fantasy  genre:historical  genre:humor  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:mafia  genre:PWP  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  hurt!Jared  hurt!Jensen  jealous!Jared  kink:bestiality  kink:blindfold  kink:blowjob  kink:bondage  kink:cbt  kink:comeplay  kink:coming-untouched  kink:d/s  kink:douple-penetration  kink:dub-con  kink:enema  kink:feminization  kink:first-time  kink:humiliation  kink:humping  kink:knotting  kink:manhandling  kink:marking  kink:non-con  kink:orgasm-denial  kink:riding  kink:rough-sex  kink:sharing-clothes  kink:spooning  kink:torture  kink:toys(cockring)  kink:toys(gag)  kink:toys(vibrator)  kink:urethra-play/sounding  kink:violence  married!Jared  married!Jensen  married:Jared/Jensen  meme:masquerade  meme:spnkink_meme  mob!Jared  nobleman!Jared  oblivious!Jared  pairing:Jared/Genevieve  pairing:Jared/Jensen  pairing:Jensen/OMCs  pairing:Jensen/OMD  possessive!Jared  POV:outsider  pretty!Jensen  prison  proposal  protective!Jared  protective!Jensen  rps  thief!Jared  thief!Jensen  toppy!Jared  verse:DaysInTheLife  verse:NoLinesTrilogy  verse:Underneath  vulnerable!Jensen  waiter!Jared 

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