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Good tool for creating an online presence. Allows for you to create a bio, interview and other details. Has alerts so you are notified when people look you up. Indexes bios on the Web. Search for name, location, company, organization and keyword and be co
socialnetworking  socialnetwork  social_networking  network  networking  social  community  identity  ID  people  search  reputation  employment  finder  find  names  name  background  aggregator  aggregated  aggregation  aggregate  professional  profile  rating  recommendation  ranking  rank  ratings  rate  recommendations  recommend  privacy  career  business  jobs  job  jobsearch 
february 2008 by somercamb
Naymz- Reputation Management and Networking for Professionals
A search engine where people can find information by searching for user names. Maximize your professional opportunities by promoting your good name in our Reputation Community
socialnetworking  socialnetwork  social_networking  network  networking  social  community  identity  ID  people  search  reputation  employment  finder  find  names  name  background  aggregator  aggregated  aggregation  aggregate  professional  profile  rating  recommendation  ranking  rank  ratings  rate  recommendations  recommend  privacy  career  business  jobs  job  jobsearch 
february 2008 by somercamb
DataPortability- Share and remix data using open standards
A group promoting the use of open standards (that already exist) for sharing data between websites. eg using one logon system (like openID) on facebook, google, linkedin extc. or using microformats to markup personal details like your address. Let's bring
standards  openid  open  opensource  social  social_networking  socialnetworking 
january 2008 by somercamb
Spokeo searches popular networks for your friends' blogs, photos, videos and music. We guarantee you'll learn something new about your friends.
aggregate  aggregation  aggregator  socialnetworking  social  find  finder  locate  Locator  blogging  blogs  Blog  social_networking  socialnetwork  people  peoplesearch 
january 2008 by somercamb
Upscoop (from RapLeaf)
Search social network profiles using email addresses importer from your email address book
social  community  contacts  network  email  people  person  finder  socialnetwork  social_networking  socialnetworking  connections  import 
december 2007 by somercamb
ProfileLinker’s aim is to help you stay organized across those networks. Like Meebo did with instant messaging, ProfileLinker wants to aggregate your social networking experience
socialnetworking  aggregator  social  community  networking  aggregation  aggregate  organization  organize  organizer  central  centralize  social_networking  linking  link  manage 
december 2007 by somercamb
Uploads of Independent Films. Networking among aspiring filmmakers and industry people. Listings of events, including festivals and special appearances
video  film  movies  media  sharing  videos  social_networking  Cinema  movie  films  independent  distribution  upload  community 
november 2007 by somercamb
50 Matches
crawl websites that were bookmarked or voted for by people, in sites like, digg and reddit.
searchengine  Social  digg  search  social_networking  socialnetwork  socialnetworking  Bookmarking  bookmark  aggregator  folksonomy  tagging  delicious  matches  match  reddit 
october 2007 by somercamb
YoName - Search for anyone accross social network sites
allows you to put in a username, email address, first or last name, and find people across several different social networks- MySpace LinkedIn Friendster Windows Live Spaces Bebo Digg LiveJournal Match Twitter Xanga YouTube
aggregator  associations  background  biography  Blog  blogging  blogs  Bookmarking  collaboration  community  database  finder  folksonomy  meta  Metasearch  network  networking  people  person  photo  photos  profile  search  search_engines  SearchEngine  SearchEngines  social_networking  socialnetwork  socialnetworking  tag  tagging  whitepages  wiki  you  directory  directories  find 
august 2007 by somercamb - The Technology Place for Nonprofits
TechSoup provides a range of technology services for nonprofits, including news and articles, discussion forums, and discounted and donated technology products.
NonProfit  non-profit  innovation  socialSoftware  social_networking  socialnetworking  socialnetwork  social  Resources  volunteering  volunteer 
august 2007 by somercamb
Real Time Matrix
The Real Time Matrix. We match and deliver personally relevant content from the web the instant it is published.
rss  widgets  widget  content  personalization  feed  feeds  xml  aggregation  Blog  social_networking  tracking  Gadgets  filter  ticker 
august 2007 by somercamb
iJam vortex widget
delivers your cherry-picked rich customized ticker of text atop ads and videos. You can share content via IM, mobile phone, or email. its site should lead more clearly to the free signup.
feed  feeds  xml  aggregation  RSS  Blog  social_networking  tracking  widgets  widget  Gadgets  filter  ticker 
august 2007 by somercamb
Events in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco- calendar, things to do, nightlife, parties, activities, concerts
social  events  boston  community  networking  calendar  clubs  restaurants  nyc  socialnetworking  SanFrancisco  local  socialnetwork  social_networking  gigs  event  upcoming  party  planning  map  location  listings  newyork  newyorkcity  recommendations 
july 2007 by somercamb
Free Website For Your Social Group- Share photos, bookmarks, to-dos, blog entries, notes, souvenirs, locations. Stay in touch via SMS, email, chat, mailing list, forum and Wiki. No duplicate efforts! Synch with Y! Groups, Blogger,, Flickr and
social  groups  community  blogs  RSS  social_networking  flickr  folksonomy  wiki  socialnetworking  collaboration  Communication 
july 2007 by somercamb
Zimbio offers thousands of wikizines -- interactive magazines that anyone can create or edit -- about a wide range of topics, covering both popular culture and special interests.
community  journalism  news  newspaper  portal  social  socialnetworking  socialnetwork  social_networking  Communication  magazines  magazine  wiki 
april 2007 by somercamb
All Consuming
Catalog books, music, movies, meals and more. Get suggestions on what to read, watch or eat from people who share your tastes. Share your ideas about a book, album, movie, meal, or gadget.
community  music  movies  reading  list  recommendation  recommendations  recommend  suggest  suggestion  suggestions  social  social_networking  socialnetworking  collections  reviews  review  sharing  family 
november 2006 by somercamb

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