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Organize and Rename iTunes Files and Folders
itunes  ipod  music  import  songs  organize  folders  files  file  rename 
december 2009 by somercamb
Email your travel plan confirmations and it builds a master itinerary automatically giving updatese on weather, locating restaurants, viewing maps. Access via paper, email, personal calendar or mobile device. Share trips with colleagues, friends and famil
travel  planning  organization  trip  vacation  organize  organizer  events  event  map 
april 2008 by somercamb
LeftyBlogs- Taking Back America in all 50 states
Progressive blogs organized by state. one place you can go to stay on top of all the latest action alerts, news, gossip, and important info that every progressive activist needs.
politics  progressive  blog  blogs  news  liberal  left  blogging  aggregator  state  organized  organize  opinion  activism  democartic  democrat 
february 2008 by somercamb
GuruLib Home Library Cataloging
Like LibraryThing, GuruLib is a free web service to organize your home library. Catalog your books, DVDs, music CDs, games and software online using a book shelf metaphor.
cataloging  catalog  books  library  music  Movies  Catalogs  collections  BookFinder  book  Libraries  librarything  Literature  organization  organize  movie  media  upc  ISBN 
february 2008 by somercamb - Mobile Note Taking and Hands-Free Messaging
Speech to text phone service. Blog, set reminders, send messages to others, etc. by speaking messages into your phone. Voice is converted to text.Call a toll-free number and send messages to yourself that are transcribed into email
productivity  Mobile  phone  voice  blog  text  jott  alerts  vmail  voicemail  CellPhones  cell  Phones  telephone  organize  organization  schedule  twitter  jaiku  sms  driving  safety 
january 2008 by somercamb
ProfileLinker’s aim is to help you stay organized across those networks. Like Meebo did with instant messaging, ProfileLinker wants to aggregate your social networking experience
socialnetworking  aggregator  social  community  networking  aggregation  aggregate  organization  organize  organizer  central  centralize  social_networking  linking  link  manage 
december 2007 by somercamb
MyThings is for people with too much stuff. Or, conversely, people who don’t have that much, but really like what they own. We’re a free service that helps you organize your possessions online, whether that’s electronics, jewelry, antiques. MyThings
gift  organize  anything  product  catalog  database  organization  property  Personal  items  Protection  steal  stolen  information  Info  vital  organizer  inventory  stock 
november 2007 by somercamb
A free online personal finance manager. Use graphs to see how financially fit you are: compare categories to each other, see how categories vary over time, and project your future expenses. Competes with MS Money and Quicken.
money  tools  finances  financial  finance  account  accounting  Quicken  bank  banking  budget  business  Management  organize  planning  saving  tax  investing  Expense  Expenses  spend 
october 2007 by somercamb
TimeSnapper - make timesheets a snap
Screenshots of your desktop every few seconds all week long, lets you play back your week just like a movie, at any speed you like, jump in at any time you like. When it's time to fill out that dreaded timesheet, TimeSnapper is a savior. seen at http://l
movie  lifehack  lifehacker  lifehacks  freeware  software  productivity  recording  record  tracking  video  monitoring  desktop  application  projectmanagement  screenshot  Screenshots  organize 
august 2007 by somercamb
Famundo is changing the way families connect to the community around them.
community  family  familytree  genealogy  social  network  blogs  connection  connections  connecting  organize  organization  people  families  networking  Web2.0  Management  organizer  web20 
april 2007 by somercamb
Better Together
An initiative of the Harvard Saguaro Seminar: Civic Engagement in America, Kennedy School of Government
community  social  socialcapital  civic  society  collaboration  family  network  people  connecting  democracy  connection  connections  organize  organization  networking  Harvard 
april 2007 by somercamb
Social Annotation: Seamless Integration of Social Bookmarking, Web Highlighter, Sticky-Note & Clipping
web2.0  social  bookmarks  tagging  community  Bookmark  web20  Bookmarking  tags  networking  delicious  annotation  organize  organizations  clip 
april 2007 by somercamb
With gubb, you create and work with as many lists as you want: from tasks and to-dos, to groceries, shopping, ideas, event planning, trips, work-related collaboration, books you want to read, movies you want to see...
Organizer  video  productivity  applications  application  tools  calendar  lifehack  lifehacks  Bookmarklet  Management  schedule  lists  todo  organization  organize  phone  sms  cellphone  webapp  wireless  paper  pda  storage  planning  events  disposable  planner  diy  mobile 
march 2007 by somercamb
Free Disposable personal organizer. Easily create your own PocketMod in seconds. Stay organized with this great note taking resource.
productivity  lists  todo  organization  organize  phone  sms  cellphone  lifehacks  webapp  wireless  paper  pda  calendar  storage  projectmanagement  planning  events  disposable  planner  diy 
february 2007 by somercamb

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