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This site has thousands of short video clips from movies. And they’re available without registering — except for clips that have “mature” content. Clips are categorized by theme, character, setting, mood, and more
reference  video  entertainment  film  clip  clips  videos  movie  movies  multimedia  cinema  from delicious
january 2010 by somercamb
Things You Saw In A Movie
provides you with links to the products of the stars in current and up-coming movies. We connect companies with the viewers of the films they place their products in. Our goal is to be the comprehensive and definitive product guide for all mayor block busters and for the viewers to enjoy reading our blog, posting in the forum and more.
reference  video  shopping  film  tv  movies  movie  products  clothing  fashion  watch  from delicious
december 2009 by somercamb
Archive Classic Movies
A website dedicated to Classic Films, Classic Movies, Classic Shorts, and Movie Serials with over three hunderd free movies available via podcast, on demand, and mpeg4 downloads.
video  film  tv  videos  movie  movies  films  cinema  classic  download 
october 2009 by somercamb
Classic Cinema Online
Watch classic movies on line free
video  film  tv  videos  movie  movies  films  cinema  classic 
october 2009 by somercamb
ShowtimeFu will show you every movie playing nearby with showtimes and theaters. You can filter your search by what time you'd like the movie to begin and/or end, select specific movies and select specific theaters. With each listing you'll see how long the movie is, the average rating on RottenTomatoes and the time you should expect the movie to end.ShowtimeFu will show you every movie playing nearby with showtimes and theaters. You can filter your search by what time you'd like the movie to begin and/or end, select specific movies and select specific theaters. With each listing you'll see how long the movie is, the average rating on RottenTomatoes and the time you should expect the movie to end.
film  search  movies  movie  reference  showtimes  listings  reviews  review  RottenTomatoes  time  theater  theatre 
october 2009 by somercamb
SnagFilms- Watch Free Documentaries
huge free library of documentaries that can be watched online. Unlike other websites which aggregate films from around the web SnagFilms hosts all documentaries on its own server and serves content in high quality video player
video  entertainment  film  documentaries  documentary  streaming  cinema  films  movie  videos  movies 
october 2009 by somercamb
Double Feature Finder
This website checks movie schedules in your local area to find what other movies play before or after your selected film!
showtimes  double  feature  doublefeature  movies  movie  film  theater  cinema 
october 2009 by somercamb
Download YouTube Videos as an MP3, WMV, AVI, MOV, WAV, MP4 & FLV for FREE!
Download any youtube video in various video or audio formats to your computer in seconds, formats include mp3, wav, avi, wmv, 3gp, mov, mp4, mpg, mpeg, flv and many more!
downloading  video  movies  videos  youtube  converter  download  downloads  convert  conversion  formats  format 
september 2009 by somercamb
MoMuPl! - Movie Soundtrack Player
Movie Soundtrack Player. Website where you can search and listen to your favorite movie soundtracks with just a couple of mouse clicks
music  movie  movies  mp3  soundtrack  soundtracks  cinema  streaming  player 
september 2009 by somercamb - Verified torrents - only verified torrents. Download music, TV shows, software, video films here.
verified  bittorrent  torrents  torrent  searchengine  search  movies  movie  mp3 
september 2009 by somercamb
VideoSurf Video Search Engine
Watch Free Videos Online, Funny Videos, TV Episodes, Movies and more
video  metadata  metasearch  videosearchengine  videosearch  tv  movies 
august 2009 by somercamb
SpeedCine - legal online movies
Search links to "legal" feature-length movies available online. Legal = free or through video on-demand. As of 8/09 - about 13,000 free movies.
video  film  movies  videos  stream  legal  streaming  download  films  movie  aggregator  netflix 
august 2009 by somercamb
A collection of the best free online documentaries. Watch documentary films online in full length without registration or download.
video  documentary  documentaries  movies  videos  film  free  education 
july 2009 by somercamb
Documentary Heaven :: Food For Your Brain
a vast collection of documentaries spanning across every genre out there.
video  documentary  documentaries  movies  videos  film  free  education 
july 2009 by somercamb
Gazzump- Download Music and Videos as an MP3, WMV, AVI, MOV, WAV
Farkie is a web tool that allows you to download youtube videos, myspace playlists, movies, audio, images, javascript, ajax, objects, applications, flash, links and many other things from a specific URL (web address). Simply copy and paste the URL into the dialogue box on their site and you will have whatever the desired file in a few minutes. This is very useul for the teacher that wants to play the audio from a YouTube video or use the code that they find on a specific website. Make sure that you are not in violation of any copyright laws when using a tool like this one.
video  videos  movies  movie  music  mp3  download  downloads  myspace  multimedia  youtube  convert  conversion  converter  utility  film  films 
july 2009 by somercamb
A DirectShow filter which can be used to display subtitle
videos  subtitles  movies  movie  film  video  films  torrents  subtitle  divx  directory  Cinema  downloads  download  FileSharing  DVD  media  P2P 
february 2009 by somercamb
Film Release Schedule, Upcoming Movie Release Information and News
Entertainment  Film  movie  movies  films  video  DVD  Cinema  upcoming  release  schedule  schedules  dates  date 
september 2008 by somercamb
Any Video Converter - FREE
Any Video Converter convert any video to iPod, MPEG, video to MP4, video to Zune, video to iPhone. AVI to MPG, avi to MPEG with high quality, fast conversion speed.
video  converter  freeware  software  conversion  convert  flv  ipod  movie  multimedia  movies  Film  Films  divx  encode  DVD  free 
june 2008 by somercamb
Find horror movie reviews, events, blogs and news. View free horror video clips and streaming horror movies.
Horror  movies  video  entertainment  film  videos  Films  Cinema  television  broadband  tv  movie  reviews  review 
april 2008 by somercamb
Resource for sci-fi, fantasy, & horror news, reviews, and gossip on movies, television shows, video games, DVDs, comic books, novels, toys, music and more.+ info and reviews on DVDs and the extras
entertainment  tv  films  video  dvd  movies  reviews  news  videos  Cinema  Film  review  scifi  fantasy  Comics  Books  spoilers  movie  horror 
april 2008 by somercamb
a flexible tool to convert various media formats to DVD compliant streams and burn them into a highly compatible single track DVD
video  videos  Film  Films  convert  conversion  converter  DVD  movie  movies  media  extracting  extract  disc  burn  burning 
march 2008 by somercamb
DVD Flick
DVD Flick aims to be a simple but at the same time powerful DVD Authoring tool. It can take a number of video files stored on your computer and turn them into a DVD.You can add additional custom audio tracks as well as subtitles of your choice.
video  videos  Film  Films  convert  conversion  converter  DVD  movie  movies  media  extracting  extract  disc  burn  burning 
march 2008 by somercamb
FAVC is a GUI that enables you to easily make DVDs from video files. It takes one, or more, video files and produces a dvd folder ready to be burned to a dvd disc that should play in any regular dvd player.
video  videos  Film  Films  convert  conversion  converter  DVD  movie  movies  media  extracting  extract  disc  burn  burning 
march 2008 by somercamb
Free video upload service, allows you to edit and share video online. You can watch movies in a printed flipbook, online or downloaded to an iPod/MP3 Player. Secure Home Movie Archiving, Hosting and Storage.
upload  video  flipbook  storage  sharing  videos  editing  photography  photo  editor  Pictures  photos  movie  movies  mp3  ipod  player 
march 2008 by somercamb
MovieWeb - Showtimes, Previews, Trailers, News, DVD, TV and More!
movies, coming soon, showtimes, upcoming, dvd, video, release dates, trailers, reviews, box office
movies  film  news  movie  entertainment  cinema  DVD  review  reviews  Films  BoxOffice  celebrity 
march 2008 by somercamb
branding resource produced by Interbrand, info on product placement in films
corporations  clients  products  film  films  movie  placement  movies  Cinema  advertising  brand  brands  business  branding  marketing  product  ad  ads 
march 2008 by somercamb
Fix My Movie
A video sharing site powered by MotionDSP's patent-pending video enhancement technology. It makes movies from your mobile phone, digital camera or webcam look great.
tools  video  editing  mobile  camera  Cinema  movie  Films  film  editor  Edit  converter  quality  webcam  movies  mpg  CellPhones  cellphone  Phones  phone  telephone  enhancement  enhance 
february 2008 by somercamb
Entertainment Resources & Marketing Association (ERMA)
A way to find items from product placements. Search by Agencies, Studio, Network, Production, Corporations, Clients. Go to "Find Product / Member"
agencies  studio  network  production  corporations  clients  products  film  films  movie  placement  movies  Cinema  advertising  brand  brands  business  branding  marketing  product  ad  ads 
february 2008 by somercamb - Watch free internet tv and download millions of videos online.
Free TV Online - watch free streaming tv from 1000's of TV channels. Watch your favorite TV shows for free. Also search all of the top video websites at the same time!
streaming  onlinetv  video  tv  television  freetv  videos  Episodes  media  episode  Film  movie  movies  streamingtv  Flash  Shows 
february 2008 by somercamb
GuruLib Home Library Cataloging
Like LibraryThing, GuruLib is a free web service to organize your home library. Catalog your books, DVDs, music CDs, games and software online using a book shelf metaphor.
cataloging  catalog  books  library  music  Movies  Catalogs  collections  BookFinder  book  Libraries  librarything  Literature  organization  organize  movie  media  upc  ISBN 
february 2008 by somercamb
ThinkExist - Find famous quotes
Quotations is your source for famous quotes from thousands of famous people. Search or browse more than 300,000 quotations, subscribe to the popular Quote of the Day.
quotes  quotations  literature  writing  tv  television  Episodes  episode  finder  find  database  famous  movies  movie  Film  Films  quote  reference 
february 2008 by somercamb
Spoiler TV
A collection of spoilers and show information for the most popular shows on TV
movies  spoilers  film  Movie  endings  films  Cinema  video  videos  media  reviews  scripts  synopsis  synopses  summaries  summary  spoiler  Shows  television  TV  Blog  blogs  news  lost  series  Episodes  episode 
february 2008 by somercamb
Review 2 Buy - reviews via cellphone
search reviews via mobile phone or online for Electronics, Books, Music, Movies and Wine
upc  feedback  review  isbn  phone  product  mobile  shopping  Electronics  book  Literature  Books  Music  Movies  Wine  movie  Film  films  reviews  ratings  rating  rate  sms  text  CellPhones  cellphone  Phones  telephone 
february 2008 by somercamb
Another Home for Aspiring Talent. provides a forum for artists to audition their talent directly to prospective fans, who vote for their favourites through a patent-pending judging process
Aspiring  Talent  aspire  music  video  social  community  vote  contest  musician  movies  videos  audio  artist  art  band  celebrity  film  idea  ideas  rating  rate  ratings  streaming  socialnetwork  Entertainment  competition  photos  indie 
january 2008 by somercamb
Joe's BFF -- Boston Free Films
Google Calendar for free screenings in the Boston community, including college campuses and libraries. Also accessible via
FreeMoviePasses  boston  movies  free  film  films  screening  screenings  movie  college  campus  colleges  library  libraries 
january 2008 by somercamb
Chime.TV brings together millions of videos from across the web to create a TV-like experience within your browser. With over 20 premium channels viewable fullscreen and non-stop, Chime.TV is truly lean back internet TV. Sort by length too
video  tv  youtube  aggregator  aggregation  aggregated  aggregate  streaming  flash  television  videos  movies  movie  Cinema  sort  length 
january 2008 by somercamb
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