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One Page Artist
New mashup that aims to gather all relevant information about every music artist on a single webpage. It combines data from four hugely popular online resources: YouTube,, Google Maps and etc. Brings infos, videos, mp3 snippets, tour data etc.  mp3  reference  album  artists  band  artist  music  mashup  youtube  single  information  gather  onestop 
october 2009 by somercamb
New and innovative local search engine which helps you to get rid of your boredom by finding local activities that you might like to do. Currently US only, it first asks you what you want to do, the location and the time (like today, next 7 days etc). Then it crawls the web and aggregates relevant content from various sites along with a Google Map depicting the results.
travel  entertainment  events  searchengine  local  todo  outdoor  activities  adventure  boredom  bored  decision  mashup  aggregates  aggregator  aggregate  aggregation 
october 2009 by somercamb
Where to Find Work
Shows ALL job listing locations from on Google Maps *all at once* so you can see things like where the highest concentration of job demand is. Instead of only seeing 10-20 at a time, it shows the MAX results.
mashup  jobs  indeed  map  maps  where  work  career  job  careers 
september 2009 by somercamb
NOT BLOCKED AT OFFICE. TwitZap is a new way to use Twitter. It lets you slice Twitter into realtime streams of stuff that matters to you. On top of that, TwitZap users can tweet each other in real-time using our Twitter accelerator technology even while Twitter is down.
twittertools  twit  twitter  socialnetworking  mashup  office  work  block  blocked 
april 2009 by somercamb
Gmaps Pedometer
Allows you to create a jogging route easily by clicking. Calculates miles and approx calories burned
health  diet  food  nutrition  fitness  weight  meal  cooking  eating  meals  planning  tracking  calculator  Calorie  education  Calories  database  exercise  restaurants  restaurant  fastfood  Map  running  maps  run  distance  community  mashup  mapping  trail  trails  hiking  howto  Recreation  pounds  mashups  pedometer  jogging  jog 
march 2008 by somercamb
Map your Running Routes. Find Runs. Calculate Calories, Pedometer, Distance, and More."
health  diet  food  nutrition  fitness  weight  meal  cooking  eating  meals  planning  tracking  calculator  Calorie  education  Calories  database  exercise  restaurants  restaurant  fastfood  Map  running  maps  run  distance  community  mashup  mapping  trail  trails  hiking  howto  Recreation  jogging  jog 
march 2008 by somercamb
AppJet: Instant Web Programming
Applications are programmed on a web based text editor in the very simple Javascript programming language. Javascript is used on both the server and client side. They’ve included several bundles of code libraries for databases and more
javascript  apps  appjet  application  applications  java  programming  host  hosting  development  mashups  mashup  webapp  webapps  webdev  ycombinator  code 
february 2008 by somercamb
MashupAwards - best mashups on the web
MashupAwards is a hand-picked showcase of the best web mashups with awards served on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis
mashup  mashups  aggregator  aggregated  aggregation  aggregate  awards  award  contest  competition  website  websites 
february 2008 by somercamb
Rotten Neighbor
Rotten Neighbor is the first real estate search engine of its kind to provide ratings and reviews of good and bad neighbors across the world. Locate and Share Bad Neighbors Before and After You Move
Rotten  Neighbor  neighbors  community  maps  mashup  mapping  map  Locator  ratings  rating  rate  apartment  apartments  Neighborhood  neighborhoods  review  reviews  housing  realestate 
january 2008 by somercamb
FoxyTunes Planet
FoxyTunes Planet is a personalized music aggregator. The website aggregates music videos, photos, news, bios and much more from the best music sites all over the Web into one convenient place
music  foxytunes  aggregator  mashup  mp3  tunes  Bands  band  artists  artist  aggregation  aggregated  aggregate  Firefox  extension  extensions  add-on  addon  video  videos  Songs  database  portal  portals  plugin  widgets  widget  gadgets  gadget 
january 2008 by somercamb
Street Viewr
collection of links to interesting and unusual Google Street Views. Google Street Maps "easter eggs"
google  streetview  maps  googlemaps  photos  funny  eastereggs  map  mapping  mashup  Pictures  Pics  photography  geo  geolocation  view  images  image  privacy  humor  identity 
december 2007 by somercamb
ThisWorld by ThisNext
Live feed of what people are buying- It overlays activity on the social product recommendation site ThisNext on top of a Google Map. So now you can see what people in Morocco think is cool versus people in Seattle.
maps  shopping  mashup  trends  social  community  review  reviews  recommendations  recommendation  recommend  rating  product  socialshopping  wishlist  opinions  opinion  mapping  map  visualization  mashups 
september 2007 by somercamb
Mappeo - mapping youtube videos
geo-search for youtube videos and filter the results based on specific keywords.
mashup  youtube  maps  googlemaps  local  video  videos  Film  films 
september 2007 by somercamb
Yahoo! Gallery
Discover and share applications that use Yahoo! technologies
yahoo  api  application  applications  sharing  mashups  mashup  webapp  gallery  Tools 
august 2007 by somercamb
deliSearch allows you to do a Yahoo search through a delicious users bookmark collection. Think Rollyo, with search rolls from delicious.
Bookmarking  bookmarks  delicious  mashup  search  SearchEngine  Yahoo  sharing 
august 2007 by somercamb
Track visitors to your website or blog using IP addresses and googlemaps
track  tracking  monitor  monitoring  googlemaps  maps  mapping  map  mashup  mashups  IP  IP_address  Blog  blogging  blogs  traffic  location  visitors 
august 2007 by somercamb
wiki-based yellow page where people can add/change/rate/review local businesses
location  wiki  mapping  maps  boston  business  yellowpages  local  LocalSearch  mashup  community  socialnetwork  product  Products  consumer  consumers  consumerism 
august 2007 by somercamb
HEALTHmap | Global disease alert mapping system
offers a map of global disease alerts. You can choose your news source from the World Health Organization to Google News. you can look at all diseases, or choose just one.
health  maps  disease  mashup  map  news  alerts  alert  Cartography  global  googlemaps  medicine  monitoring  mashups  mapping  world  Science 
july 2007 by somercamb
ZCubes is the world's first website where you can seamlessly browse, search, edit, paint, draw, hand-write, watch, listen, publish, type, print, network, teach, learn, and work into a pure BROWSER-BASED PLATFORM.
Web2.0  browser  content  mashup  office  webdesign  web30  web3.0  Semantic  Web  SemanticWeb  Semantic_Web 
june 2007 by somercamb
Public Routes
Directions by Bus, Subway, Train, Ferry,Tram, Airtrain, walking, driving, and much more
travel  maps  transportation  directions  Ferries  subway  map  mapping  mashup  local  Direction  walking  bus  ferry  train  transit  Subways  planner  metro 
may 2007 by somercamb
Track were you are and where your friends are. Plazes adds physical presence to the web. The Plazes website automatically detects your location and connects you to people and places nearby. See people in your area, discover other locations and follow the
geolocation  maps  location  mobile  mashup  mapping  map  wireless  world 
may 2007 by somercamb
Global Incident Map Displaying Terrorist Acts, Suspicious Activity, and General Terrorism News
A way of putting it all in perspective. How does the media decide what to cover? Displays Terrorist Acts, Suspicious Activity, and General Terrorism News
terrorism  News  Maps  security  global  map  mashup  mapping  alert  international  googlemaps  globalization  politics  crime  data  war 
april 2007 by somercamb
ZeeMaps - Why list when you can map?
ZeeMaps make it easy for you to construct and share an interactive map of a group of people or places. For example, you can easily keep a record of places you have visited, your customers, friends, or relatives.
maps  googlemaps  map  mapping  geography  community  customize  visualization  mashup  mashups 
april 2007 by somercamb
Dapper: The Data Mapper
Welcome to Dapper, a service which makes it easy to access and distribute content from any website.
web2.0  mashup  rss  api  Ajax  Netvibes  Gadgets  widget  widgets  WebOS  mashups  feeds  xml 
march 2007 by somercamb
mashup of biographical info from Amazon, MusicBrainz, Last.FM, Wikipedia, Flickr, Youtube. Provides photos, text, videos, photo for albums, artists
Music  mashup  mp3  lastfm  YouTube  audio  Bands  reference  photos  pictures  videos  Info  information  itunes  mashups  metadata 
march 2007 by somercamb
Rrove lets you keep, share, and discover places for free. Create and share maps of trips & memories. Write reviews of restaurants, shops, etc. Bookmark and tag any place on the planet. Make friends, earn karma & more. Social Bookmarks for Places – Keep
social  maps  web2.0  mashup  GoogleMaps  Community  map  local  geography  travel  earth  reviews  review  ratings  rating  rate  restaurants 
march 2007 by somercamb - Connecting Wikipedia articles with their locations
Mashup between Google Maps and Wikipedia. Connect Wikipedia articles with places, and then make use of our database either to browse, or syndicate the whole lot. Allows users to associate Wikipedia articles with maps locations, using Google maps. Particul
maps  google  googlemaps  tools  mashup  map  travel  drawing  ajax  geography  googleearth  photography  photo  earth  visualization  mashups  Cartography  community  wikipedia  wiki 
march 2007 by somercamb
Map Builder
Rapid mashup development tool for Google and Yahoo maps
maps  google  googlemaps  tools  mashup  map  travel  drawing  ajax  geography  googleearth  photography  photo  earth  visualization  mashups  Cartography  Yahoo  community 
march 2007 by somercamb
Create your own personalized maps, explore maps created by others
maps  google  googlemaps  tools  mashup  map  travel  drawing  ajax  geography  googleearth  photography  photo  earth  visualization  mashups  Cartography 
march 2007 by somercamb
Google Earth - Cool Places
dedicated to the cool Google Earth program. Share your places and find new cool places in a fast and simple environment; famous buildings, beautiful places, weird land formations
maps  google  googlemaps  tools  mashup  map  travel  drawing  ajax  geography  googleearth  photography  photo  earth 
march 2007 by somercamb
Create custom Google maps to share
maps  google  googlemaps  tools  mashup  map  travel  drawing  ajax  geography 
march 2007 by somercamb
SuprGlu - Gluing your life together.
SuprGlu gathers your content from popular webservices and publishes them in one convenient place & presents your content with simple, great looking templates which you can customize.
Web2.0  aggregator  RSS  blog  blogging  blogs  feeds  Feed  mashup  mashups 
march 2007 by somercamb
Find closest MBTA Stations by Address and Map. Find out MBTA routes
mbta  boston  subway  transportation  blogs  watchdog  train  Travel  blog  community  public  maps  Map  Directions  mashups  mashup  transit 
february 2007 by somercamb network explorer
to visualize the relationships between users.  tags  visualization  web2.0  web20  javascript  mashup  tagging  delicious 
december 2006 by somercamb
ProgrammableWeb: Mashups and the Web as Platform
Keeping you up to date with the latest on mashups and the new Web 2.0 APIs
api  AJAX  Web  mashup  mashups  Web2.0  web20  socialsoftware  programming 
december 2006 by somercamb

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