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like VRBO, lists vacation rentals and vacation rental homes worldwide
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october 2009 by somercamb
Make your video shorter, automatically -- for webcams, monitoring and security
video  camera  detection  monitoring  home  webcam  security  Insurance  detect  monitor  Surveillance  spy  record 
august 2009 by somercamb
Chore Wars- Earning Experience Points for Housework
Having trouble getting the roommates to do work around the apartment? Site where house members can compete for points for doing chores. Turn doing chores into an adventure. Create a character, create "adventures" (chores) and you get experience points and
games  housework  chores  RPG  home  chore  collaboration  game  Domestic  adventure 
november 2007 by somercamb Search thousands of apartment communities nationwide
Find your next apartment for rent with View photos, floor plans, prices, detailed descriptions, virtual tours, streaming video and have instant contact with the apartment community
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september 2007 by somercamb
Stars 21- Int'l Meta search engine Aggregator with wide variety of Dictionaries, Translators and Specialty Searches
Includes multiple language keyboards. Meta Search Engine Aggregator of translation sites, News, Broadcasting, Books, Magazines, Finance, Stock, videos, games, Travel, Hobbies, music, books, sounds, MP3s, lyrics, Arts, Photos, software, images
aggregator  Metasearch  Int'l  keyboards  keyboard  Movie  Subtitles  Language  languages  Dictionary  dictionaries  directory  translator  Translation  Translationsites  translate  subtitle  movies  film  films  French  German  Spanish  Italian  Portuguese  Dutch  Latin  Esperanto  Swedish  Norwegian  Finnish  Danish  Latvian  Estonian  Lithuanian  Russian  Polish  Hungarian  Czech  Greek  Romanian  Bulgarian  Serbian  Croatian  Slovenian  Turkish  Asian  Japanese  Chinese  Korean  Thai  Vietnamese  Indonesian  Malay  Filipino  Arabic  African  Farsi  Hebrew  Yiddish  Swahili  Afrikaans  France  Germany  Italy  Russia  Spain  UK  Asia  Australia  China  India  Japan  Korea  Taiwan  Brazil  Arts  Photo  Pictures  Fine  Art  Architecture  Music  Song  Lyrics  MP3  Poetry  Literature  Rhyme  Sports  Fitness  Horoscopes  Games  Food  Family  Home  Recipes  Cooking  Woman  women  Shopping  Bartender  Drink  Travel  Hobbies  ZipCode  Maps  Weather  Time  Clocks  Hotel  Flight  flights  airline  News  Broadcasting  Books  Magazines  TV  Radio  television  Newspapers  Newsgroups  Book  Magazine  Politics  Education  Encyclopedias  Knowl 
september 2007 by somercamb

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