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It goes through 800 phone trees and calls you when it is successul
human  live  tollfree  toll  free  800  phone  customerservice  productivity  reference  customersupport  database  company  business  phones  directory  howto  from delicious
september 2010 by somercamb
Contact Help
Directory of phone numbers for customer service and customer support
human  live  tollfree  toll  free  800  phone  customerservice  productivity  reference  customersupport  database  company  business  phones  directory  howto  from delicious
september 2010 by somercamb
Promotional Items, Promotional Products, Corporate Gift, Business Promotional Items, & Custom Promotional Products by
promotion  promotions  swag  merch  merchandise  promotional  promo  custom  branding  printing  business  products  gifts  marketing  from delicious
december 2009 by somercamb Business Information and News: Track, Connect and Share
Tracked helps you keep an eye on the companies and people that you find important in the business world. It has a completely customizable "My Tracker" section that allows you to pick what companies and people to watch. For public companies, it has more robust functionality than Google or Yahoo Finance. It even calls out a lot of interesting data like executive compensation. For example, you can view a list of the executives with the highest compensation in 2006. For private companies, Tracked might be the most extensive, publicly available database in existence (aside from Wikipedia) and it's sure to grow even more.
company  tracked  companies  stocks  investing  tracker  invest  finance  database  directory  business  money  financial  finances 
october 2009 by somercamb
IndieBound- Indie Store Finder
Find bookstores and other independent retailers (music stores, cafes, movie theaters etc) near you!
coffee  bookstore  business  search  local  indie  independent  music  Stores  store  bookstores 
august 2009 by somercamb
An interactive 'marketplace of information' that connects nonprofit organizations, donors, foundations, and businesses. This connection will serve as the backbone of a more effective, efficient and well-informed nonprofit sector. Using Internal Revenue Se
nonprofit  charity  nonprofits  research  database  philanthropy  business  fund  funding  non-profit 
june 2008 by somercamb
branding resource produced by Interbrand, info on product placement in films
corporations  clients  products  film  films  movie  placement  movies  Cinema  advertising  brand  brands  business  branding  marketing  product  ad  ads 
march 2008 by somercamb
Entertainment Resources & Marketing Association (ERMA)
A way to find items from product placements. Search by Agencies, Studio, Network, Production, Corporations, Clients. Go to "Find Product / Member"
agencies  studio  network  production  corporations  clients  products  film  films  movie  placement  movies  Cinema  advertising  brand  brands  business  branding  marketing  product  ad  ads 
february 2008 by somercamb
Good tool for creating an online presence. Allows for you to create a bio, interview and other details. Has alerts so you are notified when people look you up. Indexes bios on the Web. Search for name, location, company, organization and keyword and be co
socialnetworking  socialnetwork  social_networking  network  networking  social  community  identity  ID  people  search  reputation  employment  finder  find  names  name  background  aggregator  aggregated  aggregation  aggregate  professional  profile  rating  recommendation  ranking  rank  ratings  rate  recommendations  recommend  privacy  career  business  jobs  job  jobsearch 
february 2008 by somercamb
Naymz- Reputation Management and Networking for Professionals
A search engine where people can find information by searching for user names. Maximize your professional opportunities by promoting your good name in our Reputation Community
socialnetworking  socialnetwork  social_networking  network  networking  social  community  identity  ID  people  search  reputation  employment  finder  find  names  name  background  aggregator  aggregated  aggregation  aggregate  professional  profile  rating  recommendation  ranking  rank  ratings  rate  recommendations  recommend  privacy  career  business  jobs  job  jobsearch 
february 2008 by somercamb
Get Satisfaction - People-Powered Customer Service
A new way for customers and organizations to work together to get answers, solve problems, and create new and better products & services. For both customers and companies, customer service has never been easier (or more fun)."
question  satisfaction  problem  customerservice  customersupport  consumer  consumerism  customer  customers  companies  company  Complaints  answers  Questions  Answer  information  Advice  reviews  review  ratings  rating  rate  business  service  discussion  support 
february 2008 by somercamb
Revolution Money
A credit card with no name, no account number -- just a PIN for real-world transactions
payment  money  paypal  finance  business  credit  steve  cas  Case  ecommerce  Revolution 
february 2008 by somercamb
Boarding Area
BoardingArea was developed by the same people who founded some of the most popular business travel and frequent flyer Web sites on the Internet, including FlyerTalk, WebFlyer, FlyerGuide, MileageManager and InsideFlyer.
business  blogs  blog  airlines  plane  blogging  airport  Advice  airline  travel  urban  guide  gawker  culture  travelguide  tourism  city  cities  adventure  Entertainment  hotel  Hotels  restaurants  restaurant  flights  budget  Gossip 
february 2008 by somercamb
Ask Poodle - Find local businesses, products, & services
Get personalized local search results with recommendations & reviews, price quotes, and answers from local merchants that compete for your business within seconds, not hours or days.
local  shopping  LocalSearch  ask  business  yellowpages  Phones  phone  recommendations  recommendation  recommend  suggestions  suggest  suggestion 
january 2008 by somercamb
Qype (very similar to Yelp)
Works in Belgium Bulgaria Denmark Finland Greece Ireland Croatia Latvia Liechtenstein Malta Monaco Netherlands Norway Portugal Romania Sweden Switzerland Slovenia Czech Republic Hungary Austria United Kingdom UK Germany France Spain Italy
review  london  munich  frankfurt  stuttgart  dresden  hamburg  berlin  hanover  restaurant  reviews  ratings  rating  rate  local  LocalSearch  recommendations  recommendation  business  community  culture  directory  entertainment  food  guide  maps  shopping  social  Belgium  Bulgaria  Denmark  Finland  Greece  Ireland  Croatia  Latvia  Liechtenstein  Malta  Monaco  Netherlands  Norway  Portugal  Romania  Sweden  Switzerland  Slovenia  Czech  Republic  Hungary  Austria  United  Kingdom  UK  Germany  France  Spain  Italy 
november 2007 by somercamb
A free online personal finance manager. Use graphs to see how financially fit you are: compare categories to each other, see how categories vary over time, and project your future expenses. Competes with MS Money and Quicken.
money  tools  finances  financial  finance  account  accounting  Quicken  bank  banking  budget  business  Management  organize  planning  saving  tax  investing  Expense  Expenses  spend 
october 2007 by somercamb
Dog Geek
Day Care, Dog sitters, dog parks, dog trainer, veterinarians, dog groomers, humane society, pet waste cleanup, dog day care
sitter  Trainers  Pet  Association  Dog  Training  trainer  Animals  animal  dogs  organization  pets  business 
october 2007 by somercamb
Charts, Technical Analysis & Financial Market Data for Stocks, Futures & Options
finance  investing  charts  stocks  trading  stock  Financial  money  monitor  monitoring  tracking  track  analysis  data  knowledge  Quotes  business  companies  company  corporations  corporation  financials 
october 2007 by somercamb
Stars 21- Int'l Meta search engine Aggregator with wide variety of Dictionaries, Translators and Specialty Searches
Includes multiple language keyboards. Meta Search Engine Aggregator of translation sites, News, Broadcasting, Books, Magazines, Finance, Stock, videos, games, Travel, Hobbies, music, books, sounds, MP3s, lyrics, Arts, Photos, software, images
aggregator  Metasearch  Int'l  keyboards  keyboard  Movie  Subtitles  Language  languages  Dictionary  dictionaries  directory  translator  Translation  Translationsites  translate  subtitle  movies  film  films  French  German  Spanish  Italian  Portuguese  Dutch  Latin  Esperanto  Swedish  Norwegian  Finnish  Danish  Latvian  Estonian  Lithuanian  Russian  Polish  Hungarian  Czech  Greek  Romanian  Bulgarian  Serbian  Croatian  Slovenian  Turkish  Asian  Japanese  Chinese  Korean  Thai  Vietnamese  Indonesian  Malay  Filipino  Arabic  African  Farsi  Hebrew  Yiddish  Swahili  Afrikaans  France  Germany  Italy  Russia  Spain  UK  Asia  Australia  China  India  Japan  Korea  Taiwan  Brazil  Arts  Photo  Pictures  Fine  Art  Architecture  Music  Song  Lyrics  MP3  Poetry  Literature  Rhyme  Sports  Fitness  Horoscopes  Games  Food  Family  Home  Recipes  Cooking  Woman  women  Shopping  Bartender  Drink  Travel  Hobbies  ZipCode  Maps  Weather  Time  Clocks  Hotel  Flight  flights  airline  News  Broadcasting  Books  Magazines  TV  Radio  television  Newspapers  Newsgroups  Book  Magazine  Politics  Education  Encyclopedias  Knowl 
september 2007 by somercamb
wiki-based yellow page where people can add/change/rate/review local businesses
location  wiki  mapping  maps  boston  business  yellowpages  local  LocalSearch  mashup  community  socialnetwork  product  Products  consumer  consumers  consumerism 
august 2007 by somercamb
local community with free Classifieds Ads and Want Ads for Housing, Apartments, Furniture, Personals, Vacation Homes, Pets, Jobs, Resume, Cars, Services, Events, Appliances, Discussions and more.
auction  business  classifieds  community  craigslist  ebay  local  career  careers  employ  employment  job  jobs  resume  work  Roommates  housing  aggregator  classified  ads  maps  listings 
august 2007 by somercamb
Manta - Company Profiles and Information
Manta provides free company profiles & company information on U.S. and International companies, including market research reports, business news, and resources.
business  research  company  database  information  b2b  companies  career  corporations  directory 
may 2007 by somercamb
Merchant Circle
helps local merchants connect with one another, to build a community network that teams together to provide value added services to local customers. Promote Your Business, Find new customers with high search engine placement, Track what people are sa
business  local  marketing  advertising  smallbusiness  classifieds  network  commerce  companies  classified 
may 2007 by somercamb
Squidoo's goal as a platform is to bring the power of recommendation to search. Squidoo's goal as a co-op is to pay as much money as we can to our lensmasters and to charity.
Bookmarking  aggregator  ajax  blog  blogging  blogs  business  collaboration  community  howto  information  reference  research  social  socialsoftware  software  squidoo  tagging  tools  SearchEngine  Resources  Management  folksonomy  bookmark  bookmarks  Questions  answers  knowledge  Advice  fan  fans  fanpage 
april 2007 by somercamb
Kellysearch - Biz Directory
Search Engine enables you to search for suppliers of products and services related to industry, manufacturing and engineering.
Search  business  Reference  Directory  Products  industry  manufacturing  engineering  yellowpages  companies  suppliers  company 
march 2007 by somercamb
The evolution of the Yellow Pages Whether you´re searching for a good restaurant, car mechanic, dentist or other local businesses the video, pictures and written reviews from members of MojoPages can help guide you to the best.
local  Directory  business  yellowpages  LocalSearch  Products  shopping  maps  Reviews 
february 2007 by somercamb
Business Podcast Directory
the Internet’s first podcast directory solely dedicated to business podcasts. iBizRadio was developed to help business people easily locate and download audio/video podcasts that relate to their market of interest or industry.
business  Podcast  podcasts  directory  Podcasting  radio 
february 2007 by somercamb
Trade Show Directory, International Trade Shows - Business Trade Shows,Trade Fairs, Events, Trade Exhibitions
business  suppliers  importexport  product  export  import  trade  tradeshow  supply  directory  events  shows  fair  exhibitions  tradeshows 
december 2006 by somercamb
Global Sources
Business wholesale with global sources buy wholesale and sell your products
business  suppliers  importexport  product  export  import  trade  tradeshow  supply  directory  events  shows  fair  exhibitions  tradeshows 
december 2006 by somercamb
Mpire Shopping Guides
Browse through Mpire interactive catalogs and see the real-time price of your favorite items updated daily.
aggregator  auction  bargains  business  classifieds  comparison  deals  ebay  metasearch  price  reference  shopping  coupons  deal  bargain  ShoppingGuide  Prices  cheap  coupon  Product  compare  web2.0  web20  discount 
december 2006 by somercamb
Top Job Sites
ranking of career sites by category
Career  employment  careers  employ  job  jobs  resume  work  business 
december 2006 by somercamb
Jinfo - Jobs in information
jobs in: UK, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, New Zealand
business  employment  work  career  careers  employ  job  jobs  resume  Information  reference 
december 2006 by somercamb
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