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Fidgeting Toys - Mechforce
Mechforce is an American designer and manufacturer of top quality military defense and consumer products, including firearm accessories, everyday carry tools and metal fidgeting toys.
fidget  spinner  flashlight  mechforce  online  shopping  buy  toy 
may 2019 by snipergirl
The Attachment Project
A clinical training program designed to help patients heal attachment disturbances and for the general public to understand The Three Pillars approach to earning secure attachment.
psychology  attachments  attachment  relationships  tutorial  online  lecture  course 
april 2019 by snipergirl is a music sequencer inspired by turtle graphics programming
turtle  audio  music  design  programming  computer  online 
november 2018 by snipergirl
Hooktheory develops innovative music theory books, songwriting software, and TheoryTabs - tabs that show the theory behind songs.
hook  song  songwriting  musictheory  music  how-to  tutorial  software  buy  onlinelearning  online 
august 2018 by snipergirl
Hand Tool Rescue Wrench — Hand Tool Rescue
The finest in antique wrenchery, this wrench is based off an 1879 Patent by
Charles Billings.  Each one is made from 1/2in solid steel and
case-hardened, just like it was made back then.  Left-handed wrenches have
the open slot and markings milled on the other side than in the photos.

Compared to modern adjustable wrenches, the finer threads on the adjuster
of this wrench allow for a tighter grip on fasteners. The jaws, being
perpendicular to the handle, allow for more potentia...
hand  tool  rescue  wrench  buy  online  shop  antique  steel 
august 2018 by snipergirl
Room for Debate -
Room for Debate - - A Running Commentary on the News : Really good series of viewpoints and debates on interesting current world news topics!
ifttt  facebook  May  27  2011  at  12:47PM  education  media  news  socialmedia  school  newyorktimes  nytimes  newyork  ny  newspaper  online  debate  interesting 
may 2011 by snipergirl
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