Tomato Confit with Burrata and Pesto from a Basil Plant I Haven’t Killed…Yet – A Cozy Kitchen
made the tomato confit as is-- AMAZING-- definitely keep in repertoire

adapted pesto, using more oil, parm, and adding lemon juice and zest
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22 days ago
Chickpea Shawarma Wraps Recipe - Love and Lemons
made ½ recipe shawarma spice and used it all
used 1.5 cups home-cooked chickpeas
WF garlic naan
made 2x recipe for the lemon yogurt (used ½ the salt) and spread on lightly as base (no hummus)
made cucumber-roasted cherry tomato salad with grated carrot and mint
zhoug was yummy, I added juice from ⅓ lemon

really well rounded and tasty! chickpeas were a bit too firm after roasting for my liking... maybe saute with spices instead of roasting next time
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25 days ago
Blueberry Pie | Williams Sonoma
This was yummy!

I used my peach pie pie crust and it was delicious as always
I used 30oz frozen bb (I had frozen them), 0.65oz lemon juice, 6oz sugar with ½ tsp lemon zest rubbed in with my fingertips, ⅓ cup arrowroot, ¼ tsp salt, ⅛ tsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp butter pieces. Brushed with 1 egg mixed with a little water and topped with turbinado.

THIS PIE TOOK SO LONG TO BAKE! I did not thaw the berries first; it took upwards of 1.5hrs and it wasn't even at the temp/bubbling as I would have liked. Baked in not deep dish Staub pie pan, but next time would do deep dish.
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27 days ago
Wash Dry Iron Bleach: Laundry Icons – The Fauxmartha Shop
laundry icons poster download/ digital print for laundry room

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4 weeks ago
How to Make a Fresh-Fruit Swirl for Ice Cream | Serious Eats
With any syrup cooked above 212°F, the final cooking temperature is a direct reflection of the water content/sugar concentration. Even though this particular technique involves monitoring the syrup's water loss by weight rather than temperature, it's just the other side of the same coin.

When using less sugar, the syrup will simply take longer to reduce, because its water content will be relatively higher to start. By the time the same amount of water has boiled away, it will have an identical sugar concentration compared to a recipe that started with more sugar. In short, using less sugar won't make a syrup less sweet, it will only make less syrup.
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4 weeks ago
Easy pita lunch ideas Recipe - Love and Lemons
kale, apple, avocado salad

smashed avocado and sunflower seeds

roasted red pepper hummus with chickpeas and feta

carrot and quinoa salad with curry yogurt
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4 weeks ago
broccoli pesto
"sushi" rollup sandwich with hummus and carrots
cheese + veggie spread (artichokes, white beans, baby spinach blended to be like hummus + turkey/chicken, cheese in wrap or bread)

see comments for more ideas
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4 weeks ago
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