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Hacker News | The 'Irrational' Way Humans Interact With Dentists
There seems to be a massive disparity in techniques and tools, too, though I am reporting only anecdotally. I recently got dental insurance again after a long time, and for better or worse started going to a dentist again. I picked him via "since I have no other metric to use I might as well pick the closest that takes my insurance". Somehow I stumbled onto an older guy with a lot of experience but who has also kept up with the latest technology.

He doesn't use X-Rays to find cavities, he's got this laser thing that directly measures the tooth density and makes little werping noises when it is low. He found a couple of things (which I had no reason to suspect weren't problems as they were highlighted as problem areas by another guy ten years ago, and one of the other problem areas he said still isn't .....................10 points by timcederman 11 hours ago | link

The main areas I evaluate are:

- technique (one of the most important, but generally difficult to interpret
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The 'Irrational' Way Humans Interact With Dentists : NPR
Prof. ARIELY: And fill them, and drill them, expand them. I don't think they ever tell their patients, hey, I thought it was a cavity but turns out it was just a mistake.

(Soundbite of laughter)

Prof. ARIELY: But they do fill them.

SIEGEL: You're describing a very private relationship between patient and dentist.

Prof. ARIELY: Yes.

SIEGEL: You're telling us we should, on average, expect our dentist to be getting it wrong on the X-rays, but that's not how people feel about their dentists, right?

Prof. ARIELY: That's right. And the dentists actually have a tremendous loyalty. People are really loyal to their dentist, much more than other - medical profession. And I think one of the reason - go back to cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is the idea that when people do something painful, they become more committed to the goal. If we have a fraternity and we haze people in a more difficult way, they become more loyal to the fraternity.
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