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XScreenSaver: On Toolkit Dialogs
Periodically, I get asked about converting the xscreensaver "unlock" dialog to use a toolkit such as GTK. There are typically only two reasons that people give for wanting this:

It would be "prettier" if it used a toolkit.
The current dialog does not take advantage of toolkit-provided "accessibility" features, such as screen readers, magnifiers, and exotic input methods.

I think that #1 can be solved without using a toolkit. For a dialog as simple as the password entry box, the "look" of the toolkit really just comes down to colors, fonts, and border widths. Personally, I think the current unlock dialog looks very much like the default GTK theme, but if you disagree, it's easy to tweak it by simply editing the colors and border sizes in the app-defaults file. (If you think you have changes that make it look more "conventional", please send them to me.)


That's why I implemented the unlock dialog using only Xlib: not because I think Xlib is a good way to write user interfaces, but because I think this was the safest way. The amount of code in Xlib is very small, and has been extensively security audited. It is very unlikely that there are crashing bugs lurking in Xlib itself. The same cannot be said for larger, more featureful libraries. So, by making minimal use of Xlib (the dialog box is drawn using only the lowest level text-printing and rectangle-drawing routines) we can keep the code path short and auditable.
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