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Understanding Rejection in the Job Market » Coding Geekette
Interviews are two-way streets – while the company is interviewing candidates, the candidate should also be interviewing the company.
Where do we go from here?

Try not to take the rejection too personally. More often than not, the rejection boils down to the point in time. It typically isn’t a “You can never work here” type of rejection – unless you’ve done something extremely wrong, this is rare. If you really want to work somewhere and get rejected, try again later, when your skills are sharper or when the right opportunity appears.
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Vorstellungsgespräch: Die schwierigsten Fragen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Beschreiben Sie einem Blinden die Farbe Gelb! Und wie viele Kalorien gibt es in einem Lebensmittelladen? Manchmal kommt's dicke bei der Bewerbung - eine Sammlung besonders kniffliger Fragen.
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