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Seeker, Doer, Giver, Ponderer -
Math is considered a young person’s game. But Dr. Simons continues to map its frontiers.
His casual manner — he’s known as Jim — belies a wide-ranging intellect that seems to resonate with top scientists.

“He’s an individual of enormous talent and accomplishment, yet he’s completely unpretentious,” said Marc Tessier-Lavigne, a neuroscientist who is the president of Rockefeller University. “He manages to blend all these admirable qualities.”
“I wasn’t the fastest guy in the world,” Dr. Simons said of his youthful math enthusiasms. “I wouldn’t have done well in an Olympiad or a math contest. But I like to ponder. And pondering things, just sort of thinking about it and thinking about it, turns out to be a pretty good approach.”
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