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Facebook Engineering: What is the set of tools used by the dev team at Facebook? - Quora
Daniel Fernandes, Student
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This Facebook Tech Talk documents some of their internal workflows:

Some things of note:

They created an internal IRC bot that manages commits. The IRC bot will answer questions about where/when your code was pushed.
The bot will also ask if you are awake, able, and ready to support your commits in production, which will indicate to release engineers that you will be there to support your code if something breaks. You can also vouch for other engineer's commits, in case they are out-of-office.
A "karma" system for judging the reliability of a programmer's commits
'Dogfooding' through with new changes, and is the final product before being pushed to production
A custom tool is used for bugtracking, along with an e-mail alias to complain about bugs.
Bittorrent is used to populate production servers with new code
Gatekeeper is Facebook's method of gradually deploying changes by demographics (by age, country, IP Whitelist/Blacklists, exposure)
Phabricator (now opensourced) is a discussion framework for engineers to talk about commits before they are pushed.
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