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It’s lazy all the way down | Playing Perl 6
There are quite a few reasons. Firstly I don’t need those variables to be containers, hence the binding. Containers are just another level of indirection. So it’s a little faster that way. Then I don’t want to do any string interpolation with those lazy lists. They would explode into all values when .Str is called on them. That is likely a bit much for a single string. Lazy lists are a lot closer to a Callable then an Array. They produce a Seq, which is immutable, while @-sigiled containers are of type Array, what is very much mutable. Binding to a @-sigiled container doesn’t work because it’s the wrong type. On assignment to Array a Seq will generate all its values even if we touch every file only once. With 2.5M files that may be a bad idea. And lastly it’s optics. A common idiom would be for lines() { .say }; no sigil on this lazy list ($*IN.lines is lazy).
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may 2019 by snearch
Haskell 101 - YouTube
IO in 'IO String' is a GENERIC TYPE, String is his argument
speak: 'it's an IO of String'
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march 2019 by snearch
Rezept für Avocado-Ceviche: Königliche Rohheit - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Wer auch "7 Wochen ohne" Gekochtes auskommen will und sich stattdessen den Lüsten der Rohkost hingibt, landet früher oder später bei Gerichten, die unerhitzten Fisch im Zentrum des Rezeptes stehen haben. Der kann wie bei Sushi oder Sashimi komplett im Naturzustand belassen sein, sekundenschnell ringsherum zum innen rohen Tataki gebraten, oder, wie bei Ceviche und Tiradito, mit dem Saft von Zitronen und Limetten kaltgegart.

Das funktioniert, weil die Aminosäuren, aus denen die Proteine von Fisch oder Fleisch bestehen, wahre Weicheier sind - sie denaturieren schon, wenn man sie nur mit saurer Miene ansieht. Beim Marinieren mit Säure falten sich die Molekülketten der Proteine ähnlich auf wie beim Kochen oder Braten - sie werden also tatsächlich "gegart". Die Nase vorn in dieser kalten Garküche haben Zitrussäfte und Essigessenz, die mit pH2 fast so sauer sind wie unsere Magensäure.

Wo immer also Rohes ohne Hitze mehr oder weniger gar werden soll - zum Beispiel, weil es bei höherer Temperatur Farbe, Aroma oder Biss verlieren würde - hilft das Säurebad. Marinaden mit Zitronensaft oder Essig enthalten aggressive Wasserstoffprotonen, die die feinen Fisch- oder Fleischproteine denaturieren. Der marinierte Fisch gart mit diesem Trick eiskalt im Kühlschrank - bei Thunfisch und Lachs leicht erkennbar an der Verfärbung von rot zu rosa bis grau.
Auf jeden Fall sollte man für dieses Rezept sicherheitshalber 1-2 Avocados mehr kaufen als man braucht, denn auch eine von außen makellos erscheinende Frucht kann im Inneren von unschönen Verästelungen durchzogen sein oder bereits faul. Aus den eventuell übrig gebliebenen Früchten lässt sich ruckzuck ein Guacamole-Dip für die Fernsehchips moussen (sofern Ihr Fastenplan die erlaubt).
Kochrezepte  Avocado  Ceviche  kaltgaren  Methode  kochen  teuer_bezahlt  higher_quality  Kaufberatung 
march 2019 by snearch
Peter Norvig here. I came to Python not because I thought it was a better/accept... | Hacker News
norvig on Oct 18, 2010 | parent | favorite | on: Ask PG: Lisp vs Python (2010)

Peter Norvig here. I came to Python not because I thought it was a better/acceptable/pragmatic Lisp, but because it was better pseudocode. Several students claimed that they had a hard time mapping from the pseudocode in my AI textbook to the Lisp code that Russell and I had online. So I looked for the language that was most like our pseudocode, and found that Python was the best match. Then I had to teach myself enough Python to implement the examples from the textbook. I found that Python was very nice for certain types of small problems, and had the libraries I needed to integrate with lots of other stuff, at Google and elsewhere on the net.
I think Lisp still has an edge for larger projects and for applications where the speed of the compiled code is important. But Python has the edge (with a large number of students) when the main goal is communication, not programming per se.

In terms of programming-in-the-large, at Google and elsewhere, I think that language choice is not as important as all the other choices: if you have the right overall architecture, the right team of programmers, the right development process that allows for rapid development with continuous improvement, then many languages will work for you; if you don't have those things you're in trouble regardless of your language choice.
Norvig_Peter  Professional_Software_Development  higher_quality  y2018  m12  d08 
december 2018 by snearch
Parallel Programming with Python | Hacker News
quietbritishjim 2 days ago [-]

In response to the multiple comments here complaining that multithreading is impossible in Python without using multiple processes, because of the GIL (global interpreter lock):
This is just not true, because C extension modules (i.e. libraries written to be used from Python but whose implementations are written in C) can release the global interpreter lock while inside a function call. Examples of these include numpy, scipy, pandas and tensorflow, and there are many others. Most Python processes that are doing CPU-intensive computation spend relatively little time actually executing Python, and are really just coordinating the C libraries (e.g. "mutiply these two matrices together").

The GIL is also released during IO operations like writing to a file or waiting for a subprocess to finish or send data down its pipe. So in most practical situations where you have a performance-critical application written in Python (or more precisely, the top layer is written in Python), multithreading works fine.

If you are doing CPU intensive work in pure Python and you find things are unacceptably slow, then the simplest way to boost performance (and probably simplify your code) is to rewrite chunks of your code in terms of these C extension modules. If you can't do this for some reason then you will have to throw in the Python towel and re-write some or all of your code in a natively compiled language (if it's just a small fraction of your code then Cython is a good option). But this is the best course of action regardless of the threads situation, because pure Python code runs orders of magnitude slower than native code.

Python3  Python  Multithreading  PROs  C  extension  GIL  Insightful  higher_quality  y2018  m08  d22  Tipps_und_Tricks 
august 2018 by snearch
In Unix Everything Is a File | Hacker News
pjmlp 1 day ago [-]

Any UNIX old timer knows that actually:
In UNIX everything is a file, except when it is not.


epx 1 day ago [-]

I like the Linus Torvalds' interpretation: that (almost) everything is actually a file descriptor. The few things that are not, like fork() returns, are subject to criticism (DJB wrote about how fork() should return an fd, I just couldn't find the URL right now.)

ernst_klim 22 hours ago [-]

>if Plan 9 had taken off in the 90s
Plan9 is a joke, file abstraction is a ridiculous idea. File abstraction is terrible for anything beyond storing information.

It sucks for multimedia, IPC, input. Unix showed that, escaping from file abstraction in any domain (except networking, maybe). That's why we use d-bus instead of pipes, opengl instead of writing buffer etc. People need disposable, modular and introspectable APIs, like in mirageos, lisp machines or smalltalk OSs, not a ridiculous file crap.
*NIX  *BSD  Linux  TOP  Inspiration  Torvalds_Linus  FUN  Insightful  higher_quality 
july 2018 by snearch
Is Perl6 faster than Perl 5 on average? : perl6 The only VM besides parrot with concurrency safety and not using copy-all. Erlang has a slow VM and passes everything as copy and is still fast (a IO bottleneck cost you min. 50x), but sharing makes the difference. And it's the fastest language around, faster than C++ with OpenMP. And proper syntax and types. Go is nice but limited, Rust is lying all over to its users such as perl5+6. Hype-driven development, such as perl6.


[–]reini_urban 2 points 2 days ago
Rust allows memory unsafety: which normal languages only need for their FFI. Here it's a keyword and used all over their stdlib.

Rust is concurrency unsafe. It does not protect from deadlocks and race conditions, but calls it "Fearless Concurrency" Instead you need to fear it, and work around with manual mutex and semaphores. Concurrency safety means the compilers does this for you, or the compiler avoids locks at all. Like parrot or pony do. Or fall back to copy-only, no shared data. Which is the desperate slow path Erlang and Go went. There refs are either read-only or copied.

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[–]reini_urban 0 points 9 hours ago
Or perhaps you accept the answer -- and accept that MoarVM could one day approach the JVM's abilities for some workloads -- but think C++ is not remotely the same deal as C.

Nobody in his sane mind will accept that.

This has nothing to do with cperl or perl5. These are dinosaurs and the slowest of all big dynamic languages. Only moar is slower, but that is not considered big.

It has to with analyzing the three fastest dynamic languages around: v8/javascript, and the two lua's with a jit: luajit (= tvmjit) and potion (= p2), which was based on a pre-luajit lua with classes and mop (for ruby). you can also look at guile btw. which would be an excellent backend, much better than moar. tvmjit is based on the very fastest dynamic language design, and got a very good nqp level compared to moar. 50x better and faster. 10x smaller. You could also at pypy/rpython or graal to the mix, but these are already the monsters like v8 or perl6. These can only be improved by a huge compiler expert group, and will never reach the luajit, potion or JVM levels, just by trashing the caches with their dynamic bloat.

If you look at these you'll see that moar will never ever reach any of these capabilities. And with the latest jit plans it became even worse. Startup time is at the JVM level, even worse. Remember perl6 is to be used mostly for smallish scripts, not huge programs and servers. Run-time is at the 100x slower level, not even the 10x slower level, where php,ruby,python,perl5 are. That's trivial to observe by looking at all the bloat carried around at runtime, and what it is compiled to. And the architectural design, as I said before. You can demand a native stdlib, as pypy or common lisp does, when you got a fast VM and compiler, but not with something like perl6/nqp/moar.

There are certain level's you can agree to reach and certain levels which are just out of reach. JVM or luajit/potion are totally out. Even perl5 seems to be out of reach. The typical Moose benchmark comparison is totally bogus, there's nothing worse designed than Moose. (Well, Distzilla would have to carry that bag, but we are talking about OO). You can compare it to the realistic and recommended OO systems in perl5, which are cperl and Mouse, and there perl6 looses badly. Given that perl5 has a horrible VM design, with its broken ABI and stack design, that's quite a feature.
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Donald Knuth - My advice to young people (93/97) - YouTube
Donald Knuth (b. 1938), American computing pioneer, is known for his greatly influential multi-volume work, 'The Art of Computer Programming', his novel 'Surreal Numbers', his invention of TeX and METAFONT electronic publishing tools and his quirky sense of humour. [Listener: Dikran Karagueuzian]

TRANSCRIPT: If somebody said what advice would I give to a... a young person - they always ask that funny kind of a question. And... and I think one of the things that... is... that I would... that would sort of come first to me is this idea of, don't just believe that because something is trendy, that it's good. I'd probably go the other extreme where if... if something... if I find too many people adopting a certain idea I'd probably think it's wrong or if, you know, if... if my work had become too popular I probably would think I had to change. This is, of course, ridiculous but... but I see the... I see the... the other side of it too... too often where people will... will do something against their own gut instincts because they think the community wants them to do it that way, so people will... will work on a certain... a certain subject even though they aren't terribly interested in it because they think that they'll get more prestige by working on it. I think you get more prestige by doing good science than by doing popular science because... because if... if you go with... with what you really think is... is important then it's a higher chance that it really is important in the long run and it's the long run which... which has the most benefit to the world. So... so usually when I'm... when I'm writing a book or... or publishing a book it's... it's different from books that have been done before because I feel there's a need for such a book, not because that... there was somebody saying please write such a book, you know, or... or that other people have... have already done that... that kind of thing. So follow your own instincts it seems to me is better than follow the... the herd. I... my friend Peter Wegner told me in the '60s that I should, for Art of Computer Programming, I shouldn't write the... I shouldn't write the whole series first, I should... I should first write a... a reader's digest of... of it and then expand on the parts afterwards. That would probably work for him better than... much better... but I... I work in a completely different way. I have to see... I have to see something to the point where I've surrounded it and... and, sort of, totally understood it before I'm comf... before I can write about it with any confidence and so that's the... that's the way I work, I don't... I don't want to write about a high level thing unless I've fully understood a low level thing. Other people have completely different strengths I... I know but... but for me, I... you know, I wrote a book about the... a few verses of the Bible, once I had... once I understood those verses and... and sort of everything I could find in the library about a small part of the Bible, all of a sudden I had firm pegs on which I could hang other knowledge about it. But if... but if I went through my whole life only under... without any... any in depth knowledge of any part then it all seems to be flimsy and... and to me doesn't... doesn't give me some satisfaction. Well the... the classic phrase is that liberal education is to learn something about everything and everything about something and... and I like this idea about learning everything about... about an area before you feel... if you don't know something real solid then... then you never have... have enough confidence. A lot of times I'll have to read through a lot of material just in order to write one sentence somehow because... because my sentence will then have... have... I'll choose words that... that make it more convincing than if I... than if I'm... than if I really don't have the knowledge it'll somehow come out implicitly in... in my writing. These are little sort-of-vague thoughts that I have when reflecting over... over some of the directions that distinguish what I've done from what... what I've seen other people doing.
higher_quality  Knuth_Donald  advice  Erfolgsstrategien  Erfolgsprinzip 
may 2018 by snearch
Too Clever By Half - Epsilon Theory
certain stem cell and stress hormone production patterns (see Domesticated: Evolution in a Man-Made World, by Richard Francis, for a great read on all this). Different species show these external traits to different degrees. But the trait that ALL domesticated species demonstrate relative to their wild species is a smaller brain. I’d bet it’s happening with humans, too, but that’s just an observation for another day.
The smartest play for coyotes in the meta-game is never to Skirmish with humans. Never. And if you find yourself in a Skirmish-with-Humans game, then the smart play is to act scared, to run away at top speed from a jangling coffee can. But no, coyotes are too clever by half, plenty smart enough to understand and master the reality of their immediate situation, but nowhere near smart enough to understand or withstand the reality of their larger situation. It’s their nature to play the scheming mini-game. They can’t help themselves. And that’s why the coyotes always lose. It’s always the meta-game that gets you.
Biologie  tierische  Intelligenz  Coyote  Katze  Gefangenschaft  domestiziert  Strategie  Meta-Game  Überlebensstrategien  Überlebenskampf  y2018  m05  d17  higher_quality 
may 2018 by snearch
Richter Furchtlos kennt keine Messerangst – DIE ACHSE DES GUTEN. ACHGUT.COM
Fischer will noch erhebliche Abschwächungen des Textes offeriert haben, doch vergebens. Der düpierte Großjurist veröffentlichte den verschmähten Artikel daraufhin in einem Mediendienst. Womit seine Zeit bei der Zeit endgültig abgelaufen war.

Fischers neue Plattform „“ erreicht zwar nicht so viele Leser wie „Zeit online“, dafür aber punktgenau eine Zielgruppe, der er gern den Marsch bläst. Vor allem den Journos vom Boulevard hält der Rechtsgelehrte vor, über das Kriminalitätsgeschehen kenntnisfrei und populistisch zu berichten. „Die Quälmaschine der Bild-Zeitung“ stachelte Fischer zu einer Philippika an, die er unter dem Titel „Messerangst in Mitteleuropa – oder warum die Kriminalitätsstatistik nur dann nützlich ist, wenn man sie versteht“ online stellen ließ.

Ein waschechter Fischer, dieses Stück. Wer über etwas Muße verfügt, sollte es in seiner ganzen, üppig-mäandernden Schönheit genießen. Für die anderen hier eine Kurzfassung: alles halb so schlimm bei der Kriminalitätsentwicklung. Gar kein Grund, besorgt zu sein.
Fischer_Thomas  higher_quality  Richter  Medien  Die_Zeit 
april 2018 by snearch
Von Gabriel über Schulz zu Maas: Der Atlantic Council hat gewonnen -
Weil es im Lichte dieser Entwicklungen interessant sein könnte, will ich die Aufforderung des Atlantic Council zur Hatz auf die genannten "russischen Einflussagenten" im länglichen Original zitieren:

The transatlantic community must do more to defend its values and institutions. To that end, Western governments should encourage and fund investigative civil society groups and media that will work to shed light on the Kremlin’s dark networks. European Union member states should consider establishing counter-influence task forces, whose function would be to examine financial and political links between the Kremlin and domestic business and political groups. American and European intelligence agencies should coordinate their investigative efforts through better intelligence sharing.

Hat ja ganz gut geklappt.
Hintergründe  higher_quality  Haering_Norbert  SPD  Russland  Atlantic_Council  Schulz_Martin  Gabriel_Sigmar  Thinktank  Washington  USA  Schröder_Gerhard 
april 2018 by snearch
Why I’m Learning Perl 6 – Evan Miller
For the curious: Go switches contexts on I/O, message passes, and function calls. The Erlang VM switches contexts on I/O, message passes, and every 4,000 VM instructions. MoarVM switches contexts on calls to await, which can include message passes and asynchronous I/O promises. Nginx and Node.js never switch context, which is why all the callbacks are necessary.
higher_quality  Perl6  MoarVM  context_switch  Multithreading  Golang  Erlang 
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_radiate_and_be_happy!  Überhebllichkeit  Überlebenskampf  Überlebensstrategien  Überwachungsstaat  üben  übergeordnetes_höheres_Ziel_finden 

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