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In Unix Everything Is a File | Hacker News
pjmlp 1 day ago [-]

Any UNIX old timer knows that actually:
In UNIX everything is a file, except when it is not.


epx 1 day ago [-]

I like the Linus Torvalds' interpretation: that (almost) everything is actually a file descriptor. The few things that are not, like fork() returns, are subject to criticism (DJB wrote about how fork() should return an fd, I just couldn't find the URL right now.)

ernst_klim 22 hours ago [-]

>if Plan 9 had taken off in the 90s
Plan9 is a joke, file abstraction is a ridiculous idea. File abstraction is terrible for anything beyond storing information.

It sucks for multimedia, IPC, input. Unix showed that, escaping from file abstraction in any domain (except networking, maybe). That's why we use d-bus instead of pipes, opengl instead of writing buffer etc. People need disposable, modular and introspectable APIs, like in mirageos, lisp machines or smalltalk OSs, not a ridiculous file crap.
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july 2018 by snearch
Der Sonntagfahrer: Die Rache der Ingenieure – DIE ACHSE DES GUTEN. ACHGUT.COM
Zur Veranschaulichung mag der folgende kleine Scherz aus dem technischen Gewerbe dienen. Der Optimist: „Das Glas ist halb voll“. Der Pessimist: „Das Glas ist halb leer“. Der Ingenieur: „Das Glas ist doppelt so groß, wie es sein müsste“.
Humor  FUN  Ingenieur 
may 2018 by snearch
Java Was Strongly Influenced by Objective-C
Another interesting side-note, (so as not to break any rules on my first
[and last]-ever posting to comp.sys.newton), John Seamons, (who happened
to be Andy Bechtolsheim's roommate at Stanford and largely reponsible for
the first ever port of Unix to the SUN-0) once did a port of Oak (Java)
to the Newton. We were in the midst of trying to do a deal with 3DO to
run as their OS/API, and we didn't have any 3DO dev systems on hand, so
John took apart an Apple Newton 100 and wired it up to a bunch of logic
analyzers, reverse engineered the interfaces and actually got some of the
original Star7 demo to run on this machine. After the 3DO deal tubed, I
think most of the code was lost to history... last I heard, John was out
in Aspen working for wnj, so you never know.

Sigh... we sure knew how to have fun in those days...
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june 2015 by snearch
The Creator of Linux on the Future Without Him - Bloomberg Business
Torvalds works at home, and during his busiest times—preparing a new version of Linux for release—he might stay inside for a whole week. “It embarrasses my daughters,” he says. “I’ll show up in the kitchen in a bathrobe, and her friends will ask, ‘What kind of hobo is your dad?’”
home_office  Torvalds_Linus  Linux  FUN 
june 2015 by snearch
Matthias Politycki über Marathons: Sex macht nicht schneller - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Trotzdem laufe ich heute lieber in Mizuno und Brooks.
36. Frage: Jetzt aber mal im Ernst - dein Geheimtipp?

Politycki: Was mir immer wieder hilft, ist das Mantra "von unten rauslaufen". Gerade wenn wir müde werden, laufen wir ja meist von oben nach unten. Man muss auf seine Schrittfolge hören, sie klingt anders, wenn man aus dem Sprunggelenk heraus läuft.
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march 2015 by snearch
Your developers aren’t slow : programming
[–]Danzaemon 369 points 1 day ago

No, your developers are not inherently slow, but:

1) You keep pulling them into goddamn meetings for status reports, inane discussions, and all kinds of hand-holding for the 57 redundant levels of management above them.

2) You're either an idiot who's bought the cultural Kool-aid about "open space" offices or you're just too cheap to buy partitions. Your developers have to wear stinking earplugs just to concentrate in all the noise and distraction, when someone isn't coming over to interrupt them for the fun of it.

3) You've bought into McDonald's Methodologies like Scrum or XP, which are fundamental corruptions of Agile philosophy and effectively torpedo productivity.

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[–]Testiclese 87 points 1 day ago

Curious - why do you think Scrum is a corruption of the Agile philosophy? I don't have a strong opinion on it currently, curious why you think that though.

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[–]grelphy 146 points 1 day ago

Point Fucking One of the Agile Manifesto:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools


processes and tools

I'll also note that if the standard response to "this process isn't working for me" is "you're doing it wrong", the process is broken. If it's so fragile that the typical result is to get it wrong, it's worthless at best.

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november 2014 by snearch
XScreenSaver: On Toolkit Dialogs
Periodically, I get asked about converting the xscreensaver "unlock" dialog to use a toolkit such as GTK. There are typically only two reasons that people give for wanting this:

It would be "prettier" if it used a toolkit.
The current dialog does not take advantage of toolkit-provided "accessibility" features, such as screen readers, magnifiers, and exotic input methods.

I think that #1 can be solved without using a toolkit. For a dialog as simple as the password entry box, the "look" of the toolkit really just comes down to colors, fonts, and border widths. Personally, I think the current unlock dialog looks very much like the default GTK theme, but if you disagree, it's easy to tweak it by simply editing the colors and border sizes in the app-defaults file. (If you think you have changes that make it look more "conventional", please send them to me.)


That's why I implemented the unlock dialog using only Xlib: not because I think Xlib is a good way to write user interfaces, but because I think this was the safest way. The amount of code in Xlib is very small, and has been extensively security audited. It is very unlikely that there are crashing bugs lurking in Xlib itself. The same cannot be said for larger, more featureful libraries. So, by making minimal use of Xlib (the dialog box is drawn using only the lowest level text-printing and rectangle-drawing routines) we can keep the code path short and auditable.
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april 2014 by snearch
Kolumne von Georg Diez über die Gedichte von Till Lindemann - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Von Zizek, dem Philosophen der stalinschen Ironie, hat er die Härte und den Humor, manchmal verwechselt er allerdings, wie Zizek, das eine mit dem anderen.
FUN  Insightful  Zizek_Slavoj  Diez_Georg 
october 2013 by snearch
Startup Ideas Every Nerd Has (That Never Work) | Hacker News

igorgue 8 minutes ago | link

My advice is, chill, have fun, you don't need to be an entrepreneur.

I really don't understand why being an entrepreneur is so "sexy" (only to other dudes, being sexist for a moment here) these days, it's lame.

P.S. I know, wrong forum to say that.



unono 2 hours ago | link

Current thinking on this matter is to avoid the tired old web 2.0 hipster stuff. The current batch of YC is all about solving real problem for real people. Spoonrocket got the most applause ($6 meals delivered within 10 minutes).



untilHellbanned 1 hour ago | link

i'm all for real ideas but the 7000th web food delivery service shouldn't get people that excited, especially not the most select group of entrepreneurs in the world.



unono 27 minutes ago | link

Spoonrocket is pretty unique. You'd have to go to the 3rd world like India to get similar levels of service.

Spoonrocket's cars have builtin heaters that keep food warm, only 2 menu items a day, and really quick delivery. If they actually expanded nationwide they'd kill burger/pizza joints, or at least force them to innovate.



nickpinkston 6 minutes ago | link

Neat implementation details and 'disruption' aren't what make a startup unique / important. For example:

'InstaToiletPaper is doing really unique things like drone delivery of toilet paper and a huge selection! If these guys succeed, they'd be out disrupting the $20B toilet paper market, or at least forcing the to innovate.

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september 2013 by snearch
Video: Kondome aus Silikon machen mehr Spaß - New Scientist
Das Latex-Kondom hat sich seit Jahren nicht verändert. Jetzt haben zwei Amerikaner ein Präservativ aus Silikon entwickelt, das nicht nur effizienter verhüten soll, sondern auch noch mehr Lustempfinden in die Schlafzimmer bringen soll.
Verhütung  Kondom  FUN  Sex 
january 2013 by snearch
So arbeitet ein Souffleur am Bochumer Theater - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Ist das jetzt eine Kunstpause oder ein Texthänger? Jutta Schneider kann's unterscheiden. Die Souffleuse am Bochumer Theater weiß genau, wann sie Schauspielern helfen muss und wann sie besser still ist. Am meisten Arbeit hat sie aber lange vor der Premiere
Profession  super  FUN  Souffleur  Souffleuse 
november 2012 by snearch
Ab ins Wasser: Tipps für die Schnorchel-Ausrüstung - Technik & Motor - FAZ
Schnorcheln ist ein simpler Sommerspaß. Man braucht nicht viel Ausrüstung, aber das wenige sollte etwas taugen. Es gibt große Unterschiede. Viel Geld muss auch für die Markenware nicht ausgegeben werden.
FUN_Sport  FUN  schnorcheln  tauchen  Kaufberatung 
july 2012 by snearch
Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously | Hacker News
Swizec 11 hours ago | link

Best fitness advice I ever got:

1. Find a sport you like and enjoy

2. Have fun [often]
Pflichtprogramm_täglich  health  FUN  Sport 
may 2012 by snearch
A neat way to fold a sheet of paper | Hacker News
The Miura-ori is a method for folding up a sheet such that it can be opened or closed in one smooth motion. A Miura sheet has only one degree of freedom, and can be thought of as having only two states: fully open, or fully closed. Since reversing one fold in the sheet (that is, making a “mountain” into a “valley”) requires reversing all of the adjacent folds as well, the Miura sheet feels as though it has a memory, and is very resistant to deformation.
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february 2012 by snearch
Google-Werkstätten: "Mit welchem Tempo sägen Sie Aluminium?" - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - KarriereSPIEGEL
Spielgelegenheiten gehören zur Kultur von Softwarefirmen dazu. Bei Google beschränkt sich das aber nicht auf Billard und Kickertische. Ein großer Werkstattkomplex lädt zum Tüfteln mit Plasmaschneidern und Oszilloskopen ein. Wer dort mitmischen will, muss eine harte Prüfung bestehen.
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may 2011 by snearch
Zum Tod von Blake Edwards: Der unverschämte Handwerker - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Kultur
Er war der Weltmeister im Wahnwitz: Hollywood-Regisseur Blake Edwards schuf mit Filmen wie "Frühstück bei Tiffany" oder "Victor/Victoria" ebenso komische wie auch tragische Geniestreiche. Das passte zum Leben des chronisch Depressiven, der doch alle zum Lachen brachte.
TOP  inspiration  Profession  FUN 
december 2010 by snearch
VW Redefines ‘Car’ With A 170-MPG Diesel Hybrid | Autopia |
Volkswagen is redefining the automobile with the L1, a bullet-shaped diesel hybrid that weighs less than 900 pounds, gets an amazing 170 mpg and might see production within four years.
Inspiration  Automobilbau  Profession  FUN 
september 2009 by snearch
Paragliding: Eins, zwei, drei – losrennen! – Seite 2 | Reisen | ZEIT ONLINE
Rössel treibt den Schirm in eine steile Kurve, hinein in einen »Bart«, so nennen Paraglider die unsichtbaren Säulen mit Aufwind. Der Schirm wird nach oben gerissen; in guten Bärten steigt man in zwei Minuten um bis zu 1000 Höhenmeter. Bald sind wir auf fast 3000 Meter über Normalnull. Der Blick zwischen den Beinen hindurch ist jetzt definitiv nichts für Schwindelkandidaten. Nur wenige Meter von uns entfernt, kreist ein Adler. Seine Flügel sind deutlich zu sehen, der Kopf, der Schnabel. Ein absurdes Bild: der König der Lüfte in seinem Element – im Schlepptau zwei behelmte Funsportler. Rössel dreht ab, steuert auf einen Grat zu, saust direkt darüber hinweg. Dahinter bricht die Steilkante fast lotrecht in die Tiefe. Magenflattern. Nach zwei Stunden Flug landen wir auf dem Berg Knoten, 2300 Meter hoch, mitten in der Wildnis. »Wir hätten auch eine Pension im Tal ansteuern können«, sagt Rössel. »Aber Biwakflieger nächtigen lieber oben am Berg.« Kein Mensch ist zu sehen.
FUN  Inspiration  Paraglidung 
september 2009 by snearch
Reboot Your Brain? Science Says It's Possible -A Galaxy Classic
Exercise can also help reduce stress, but any stress-reducing activity, such as meditation and lifestyle changes, can help the brain. There is some evidence that chronic stress shrinks the parts of the brain involved in learning, memory, and mood. (It also delays wound healing, promotes atherosclerosis, and increases blood pressure.)
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september 2009 by snearch

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