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Keep that damn footer at the bottom – Medium
* {
box-sizing: border-box;

*:after {
box-sizing: border-box;
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january 2017 by snearch
Paul Chiusano: CSS is unnecessary given a layout language with means of abstraction and combination
CSS is unnecessary given a layout language with means of abstraction and combination

CSS, a language for specifying visual appearance on the web, is … so complex that it has never been implemented correctly; yet, successive versions specify even more complexity. At the same time, it is so underpowered that many elementary graphic designs are impossible or prohibitively difficult, and context-sensitivity (or anything computational) must be addressed externally. Most CSS lore is dedicated to describing the tangles of brittle hacks needed to circumvent incompatibilities or approximate a desired appearance.

— Bret Victor

I’ve recently been looking at various client-side development technologies, in particular Elm. As a functional programming language, Elm isn’t terribly exciting, but something I enjoy about the language is that it provides a sane combinator library for describing layout, as opposed to the pile of hacks that is HTML+CSS and explicit DOM manipulation in Javascript. Elm’s author has stated that this is not a bug, it’s a feature. Elm provides the escape hatch if you need it, but it is entirely possible to use pure Elm for layout without giving a thought to the DOM.
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july 2014 by snearch
Absolute Horizontal And Vertical Centering In CSS | Hacker News
pmichaud 26 minutes ago | link

The fact that this is an interesting article is a huge indictment of CSS. It was developed for a different, simpler use case, and it's obviously the wrong abstraction at this point. Too bad it's entrenched.

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november 2013 by snearch
Responsive Web Design - An Advanced Guide to HTML & CSS
Flexible Grid

Let’s see how this formula works inside of a two column layout. Below we have a parent division with the class of container wrapping both the section and aside elements. The goal is to have have the section on the left and the aside on the right, with equal margins between the two. Normally the markup and styles for this layout would look a bit like the following.
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january 2013 by snearch
Malte Ubl - Google+ - +Arnaud Brousseau and +Ken Struys were asking me "did you…
Malte Ubl
Gestern um 18:38 - Öffentlich
+Arnaud Brousseau and +Ken Struys were asking me "did you find anything surprising/interesting while working on pre-DOM-load JS delivery? Is there any good resources/documentation on the subject?"

This is a very good question, because it touches on one of the greatest myths in modern web development:

Essentially one should almost never wait for "DOM Ready" for an application to startup. In the general case this waits for all CSS to download, which may be totally irrelevant to your app. So the answer is: One should always start JS apps as early as possible and only delay operation until the "DOM is ready" that want to measure dimensions, etc. (Things relying on CSS
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june 2012 by snearch
Hacker News | How to Manage CSS Explosion
8 points by kevinburke 3 hours ago | link

Surprised no one mentioned Sass or LessCSS.
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january 2011 by snearch
Hacker News | Win customers and improve products with HTML prototypes
Create a component library.

Most sites are made up of similar components - search forms, checkout forms, pagination, tabbed navigation, etc. Rather than creating each of those from scratch every time, you can save your team considerable effort by creating and maintaining a reusable library of HTML components.

Since you are using a CSS framework and have a standard way of styling elements, customizing components for a given layout is a breeze. Assuming you're using a grid-based layout like the one offered in Blueprint, customization can often be a matter of changing the number of columns used by the component.
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january 2011 by snearch
Getting A New Product Off The Ground: Part One: MicroISV on a Shoestring
My other professional growth goal with AR was to get a little more serious about interface design. Thomas Ptacek has been raving to me about how much better SASS/Compass made the experience of getting CSS to work right, so I decided to move to SASS/HAML from my previous CSS/ERB standbys.
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november 2010 by snearch
Tekuti means "I'm telling you" in Oshiwambo. It is weblog software written in Scheme, using Git as its persistent store.
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december 2009 by snearch
Hacker News | A Haml-inspired mini-language for jQuery: Jabs
7 points by bradgessler 2 hours ago | link I've found that smaller, more expressive DSL's drastically improve productivity over time. HAML, SaSS, and Compass have saved me an insane amount of time. I'll keep using these types DSL's for as long as they keep making me more productive.
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november 2009 by snearch
Dr Nic ’s Install any HTML theme/template into your Rails app
Have you ever even bothered to Google for “rails html template”? There are millions of “Wordpress themes” you can download for free or less than $100, a thousand times more static HTML templates, but never any category of template called “Ruby on Rails theme”. 24 millions results for Googling single column html theme.

So we’re only left with HTML templates. Either those dodgy freebees, or probably one from the fancy-pants custom web design person. But how do we install them to our Rails apps?

I don’t know. It sucks. And it takes more time than it should. Here’s my idea – a tool to install any HTML template into your Rails app. To treat any HTML template as if it was a “Ruby on Rails HTML Template”.

So I’ve started to try and make any “HTML Template” into a “Ruby on Rails Template” with the helper app install_theme.
What’s it do?
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october 2009 by snearch Buchtipps & Rezensionen
Aus der Fülle an CSS-Büchern sticht dieses klar hervor, weil es sich an Profis richtet, und das ist toll! Und daher behalte ich es diesmal ganz für mich allein :-) Der erste Satz lautet »CSS ist nicht einfach.« Und damit ist die Marschrichtung auch schon vorgegeben. Ingo Chao und Corina Rudel erklären eben nicht nur, wie man mit CSS umgeht, sondern wie CSS wirklich funktioniert: Was passiert eigentlich wirklich, wenn ein Objekt gefloatet wird? Und wie sind die Wechselwirkungen mit den anderen Objekten? Bereits nach 20–30 Seiten begreift man komplett, warum es so schwierig ist, klare CSS-Spezifikationen zu schreiben. Und warum die verschiedenen Browser teilweise so unterschiedliche Ergebnisse produzieren. Das erste Drittel kümmert sich um eine g
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july 2009 by snearch
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