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Dart News & Updates: The new AdWords UI uses Dart — we asked why
One thing we found out was that developers preferred even stronger type checking than what Dart was providing. So, we are very excited about the work on Dart Strong Mode. We are also looking forward to cross-browser, fast edit refresh with the upcoming Dart Dev Compiler. The new js interop is also a big improvement. We also realized that we can’t really use mirrors in production apps and have been avoiding doing that.
Q: Is there a type of project, software or team to which you'd especially recommend Dart?

With Angular2, the application performance and code size are very similar between the JS and Dart versions. So any team considering Angular2 should consider Dart as well.

I think Dart and Angular2/Dart are especially suitable for large scale business web applications. The tooling support and static correctness checking are particularly valuable for those types of applications.

With the ongoing work on Flutter, Dart could become a good option to consider also for teams that need to build native mobile apps across Android and iOS.
Dart  Strong_Mode  Webdevelopment  Flutter  iOS  Android 
march 2016 by snearch
Interview with Facebook's Peter O'Hearn - The PL EnthusiastThe Programming Languages Enthusiast
Infer is wired into the development process for our mobile apps, including the main Facebook apps for Android and iOS, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, among others. It participates in the code review process by writing comments, potential bugs, on code modifications (diffs) when they are submitted for review by our engineers, before these diffs are committed to production. Other participants in review include human reviewers and tests run by the continuous integration system. Because Infer is compositional, it can operate incrementally, quickly producing results on a code diff even if the diff is part of a codebase in the millions of lines.
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september 2015 by snearch
Some thoughts after (almost) a year of real Xamarin use | Hacker News
ParanoidShroom 13 hours ago

I've been using Xamarin forms a lot now. They are miles from being as good as native development. Soooo many bugs in xamarin itself. When using Xamarin forms, you will not provide as good of product as you would native. There are also very little controls. Xaml works, but is really slow. And the layout is SOOO inefficient ! But the problem is even greater, you can't merge Android and iOS layout passes. On one platform, measuring is really fast and the other really slow ... Xamarin forms can't compensate and give native performance to this. They don't even have listview recycling ... One developer even said "RelativeLayout is probably best for you here and can do this" to the question what the fastest layout is. For Android, this is the WORST layout possible.

Anyway, you will spend a LOT of time fixing Xamarin bugs and developer their controls.

However, I LOVED .net functions, especially LINQ !

Anyway, development was really slow and performance is no were near to native.

So if you want to deliver a simple app to a client and be cross platform, then sure. But don't try to maintain that app, you will regret it.

I'm afraid the whole Xamarin thing won't solve "cross-platform" which isn't a real problem but sure. Its just another horse that Microsoft is betting on.

Oh and for the people that will have to do it anyway. Use Resharper ! Xaml IntelliSense !!! It will help you a lot.

I'm sorry I'm so negative, but it was genuinely the worst development I had.

natfriedman 8 hours ago

Hey, I'm the CEO of Xamarin. I'm really sorry that you had a bad experience with Xamarin.Forms.

Did you try doing native development with Xamarin? I do want to be clear that Xamarin.Forms is not Xamarin. It's a library that we built to help people quickly write very simple, data-entry style apps. That's why it's called "Forms." It's not intended to be highly performant or to replicate all the per-platform APIs in Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. For that, you should use the native APIs. We have a little more information about that here:

And the "What Xamarin approach is right for you?" section on the Xamarin.Forms page:

Before release, we had internally called Xamarin.Forms "duplo," to emphasize that it was for childishly-simple apps and screens, but we couldn't use that (trademarked) name for the release, unfortunately.

That said, of course we still want to address all the issues that you found with Forms. Would you mind dropping me an email -



radiofan 13 hours ago

Whilst it may require more work than Xamarin Forms, MvvmCross is a way of creating cross-platform applications using Xamarin without any of the issues you've documented above.


taspeotis 10 hours ago

I have helped ship two commercial apps with MvvmCross and it works pretty well.


themothaship 5 hours ago

MvvmCross is pretty legit. I felt that it really made Xamarin worthwhile. I found it quite a bit easier to keep the platform specific code to a minimum and when I needed to write it it was abstracted out as much as possible.



Avalaxy 15 hours ago

My experience with Xamarin:

I've been working for half a year with Xamarin Forms. I Think using Xamarin is the way to go, there is no need to re-code something for 3 different platforms when you can just have a shared codebase. Tools like Cordova and Phonegap don't work. They produce a very crappy experience that doesn't use the native OS functions, doesn't look and feel native, feels slow and has many bugs (for example they can't use the hardware back button).

So Xamarin can create real native apps, which is a HUGE advantage over Cordova/Phonegap/others, but there are also serious downsides:

1) It's BUGGY. Many components have bugs, and the code often behaves in very very weird ways (I had exceptions not being caught by catch blocks for example), many debugger functions don't work properly with mono (like locals) and very, very often exceptions are thrown without ANY indication what caused them or where they occurred exactly.

2) You a limited in the features you can use because it's a wrapper (as mentioned in OPs post).

3) Documentation sucks and is very limited. It's getting better (mostly because of StackOverflow), but it's still not sufficient.

4) It has XAML which is very nice combined with MVVM, but the XAML implementation sucks. It doesn't have intellisense and it's just generally very awkward.

I don't think the 'big cost' is a valid argument against Xamarin. If you can develop 1 app for $40k where you would normally have to develop 2 or 3 apps for $30k each, that's a BIG win and Xamarin's costs are negligible.
Xamarin  Android  iOS  cross_platform  mobile  Development  criticism 
april 2015 by snearch
Wie Sie mehr aus Ihrem Smartphone und Tablet herausholen | c't
Ein Android-Gerät läuft schon von der Stange ganz gut. Mit etwas Basteln, Forschen und Ausprobieren eröffnen sich aber viel mehr Möglichkeiten: Nutzen Sie gekaufte Apps in der ganzen Familie; verlängern Sie die Laufzeit; automatisieren Sie lästige Arbeiten. Stopfen Sie die im Vergleich zu iOS vielleicht größte Lücke: das Backup. Ein guter Start ist, Google den Blick auf einige Daten zu versperren und etwas Speicherplatz zu sparen.
Android  ausreizen  Tipps_und_Tricks 
december 2014 by snearch
Desert Golfing für iOS und Android im Test: Wüstengolf-Spiel - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Beim Smartphone-Spiel "Desert Golfing" ist der Golfplatz ein unendlicher Sandbunker, ein einziges Hindernis - und statt 3D-Grafik gibt es nur eine flache Pixelwelt mit reduzierten Farben. Doch gerade deshalb kann das simple Spiel süchtig machen.
programming  games  iOS  Android  Suchtfaktor  model  Lernherausforderung 
october 2014 by snearch
Extensions for Firefox for Android - Mozilla | MDN
Add-ons that work with desktop Firefox do not automatically work in Firefox for Android:

There is no visible XUL in the UI, so you can't use an overlay to create the UI.
Internal code and objects, like gBrowser, do not exist. Look at the Firefox on Android browser.js file to learn about the internals. Much of the same fundamental functionality exists.
Services like nsIPromptService and nsIAlertsService are implemented to use native Android UI.
There is a simple JavaScript object, called NativeWindow, that allows you to manipulate parts of the native Android UI.

The following articles provide help with developing extensions for Firefox on Android. In addition, please refer to the general extension documentation that applies to all Mozilla applications.
Firefox  Extensions  Android 
september 2014 by snearch
Go (“golang”) and Android ← Dennis Forbes...Professional
Go is a modern language with a surprisingly mature toolset. It builds native executables for x86, AMD64 (x86_64), and ARM, targeting the Linux, Windows, Darwin (OSX), and FreeBSD platforms. These executables have very few dependencies, meaning you can usually deploy a simple executable and…that’s it…the magic happens.
PROs  Webdevelopment  Android  mobile  Development  programming  Golang 
march 2014 by snearch
[Q]ROOT wanted for Lenovo IdeaPad A10 (RK3188) 4.2.2 - xda-developers
I succeeded with the kingo android root app.

Thanks pal .. exactly this thing did it for me .. now i can use rooted A10 .. ... and so it begins

Originally Posted by loskarlitos View Post
I succeeded with the kingo android root app.
myPC  Lenovo  A10  Android  rooten 
january 2014 by snearch
Okay, Google, you officially beat Siri | VentureBeat
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Okay, Google, you officially beat Siri
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The Xbox One controller: Projectors, smells (!), and other stuff that didn’t make it in (part 1, exclusive)
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Dan "Shoe" Hsu

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Waymate | Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Director of Digital Audience Development
McMurry/TMG | Washington, DC

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IT Infrastructure Services | New Providence, NJ

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Apple aims to catch up in 3D sensing with acquisition of PrimeSense
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Apple aims to catch up in 3D sensing with acquisition of PrimeSense
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november 2013 by snearch
Android KitKat: Die wichtigsten Neuerungen für Entwickler | heise online
Die womöglich wichtigste Neuerung ist die Print-API. Sie erlaubt Android-Applikationen das Ausdrucken von PDF-Inhalten. Das früher erforderliche Hantieren mit Druckertreibern und Co. entfällt. Online- und Offline-Speichermedien werden in Zukunft im Storage Access Framework zusammengefasst. Die API bündelt den Zugang zu allen Speicherbereiche, was das Ansprechen und Bearbeiten der dort befindlichen Daten erleichtert.
Android  KitKat  4.4  Print_API 
november 2013 by snearch
Asus MemoPad HD 7 - Test - CHIP Online
Falls Sie auf der Suche nach einem kompakten Gerät mit 3G-Schnittstelle, bessere Ausstattung und sogar Telefon-Funktion sind, schauen Sie sich das Asus Fonepad genauer an. Es ist nicht nur das derzeit beste Andoid-Tablet im Ranking, sondern setzt auch den Bestwert unserer Preis-Leistungs-Wertung. Es kostet zwar mit rund 220 Euro etwas mehr als das MemoPad HD 7, ist den Aufpreis allerdings auch wert.
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october 2013 by snearch
Poll: Freelancers/Consultants. What's your yearly income? | Hacker News

tartle 8 minutes ago | link

"2nd world" (Eastern Europe) freelancer here - it really depends what things you work on, even on Elance, oDesk etc. It's not that hard to generate >20k, of course if you know what you're doing. oDesk clients brought me >40k this year, most jobs north of 5k (I do mobile apps). There's of course a lot of crap job postings there, but once you get a minimal reputation, you don't even look at those "make website for a peanut" contests. Of course rates are well below those that American developers usually get, but really not <20k year, at least when you work full-time.
Freelancing  odesk  mobile  Development  Android  mehr_A_verdienen 
september 2013 by snearch
The technology behind EatIn: Android apps in Scala, iOS apps, and Play Framework web services | LinkedIn Engineering
Play Framework

We decided to use the Play Framework for all 3 backend servers. Given our limited timeframe, we needed a framework that got us maximum productivity, and Play fit the bill perfectly:

Hot-reload: modify the code, refresh the page, see the change almost instantly.
Easy setup: just a single command in the terminal to create and run projects, 2 commands to deploy a production server.
IDE support: run play eclipse or play gen-idea and import your project from your IDE choice.
Supported: LinkedIn is moving much of its Java and Scala development to Play, so we had plenty of in-house expertise.
Maintainable: Scala is an amazing language for writing robust and maintainable code, even while in a very high speed and highly iterative environment.
Scala  PROs  print!  Android  Eclipse  LinkedIn  iOS  Framework  Play 
may 2013 by snearch
Doo: "The Web is Dead" | Gründerszene
Welche Trends siehst Du im Internet?

“The web is dead” ist die größte Veränderung für Konsumenten und Startups. Meine Mutter verwendet keinen Browser und tippt nicht beispielsweise ein, sondern Sie verwendet ein Tablet mit einem App Store von iOS, Android oder Windows 8. Viele wollen dies nicht wahrhaben, weil die Entwicklung von Apps deutlich komplexer und teurer ist als die einer Website. Auch Brücken-Lösungen wie HTML5-Apps funktionieren nicht. Diese Versuche werden nach und nach alle eingestellt.
Internet  the_web_is_dead  Prognose  mobile  Development  html5  iOS  Android  Windows_8 
april 2013 by snearch
Java Was Strongly Influenced by Objective-C | Hacker News
gilgoomesh 6 hours ago | link

Which is why Objective-C++ is so much fun to have available in your Mac/iOS programming toolbelt: it's the best and worst of two completely different C-derived object-oriented language lineages in one schizophrenic package.


cageface 4 hours ago | link

It's a terrible Frankenstein monster but it can be pretty useful. My most popular iOS app is a synthesizer with a UI in Obj-C and a DSP core in pure C++. Interfacing the two is pretty trivial thanks to Obj-C++.

I've been considering a port to Android but all the JNI boilerplate I'd have to write is putting me off.


asveikau 37 minutes ago | link

I'll agree that JNI is inelegant, but having recently written a small amount of JNI glue with the NDK for a hobby/side project, I have to say, once you get going it won't be a big deal. If that's really the only barrier to an Android port, I say bite the bullet, sit down and do it.

porting  iOS  Android  Fundgrube  historical_remarks  Java  Smalltalk  Objective-C  higher_quality 
december 2012 by snearch
Firefox OS (Boot 2 Gecko) Simulator - Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux | Hacker News
maratd 12 minutes ago | link

Android SDK is horrible even with the recent updates.

You are far better off running Android in VirtualBox. It's small, really fast, and works like it should.


Android  Firefox_OS  mobile  Development  Trend 
november 2012 by snearch
HNSearch - Hacker News Search
4 points by mahmud 1 year ago | link | parent | on: Android devices outselling iOS by 2:1 in US (q3)

You are sorely mistaken, my friend.

You and I will never be in a position to sell a successful mobile handset[1], so let's just focus on the app development and sales.

In terms of ease of use, we can use whatever tool we're most comfortable with to develop for Android: C, C++, Java, Flash, C#, Python, Scheme, Ruby, etc. and we have guaranteed approval. Neither Google nor other alleged gatekeepers can dick with our right to publish software. Even if we choose to give it away for free, users can download our apps and install on their Android phones without anybody knowing about it, getting a cut or messing with them. "adb install MyApp.apk" is a birth right on Android, bless the beautiful platform!

For a developer, Android is multitasking, garbage collected, and modern, almost to a fault. You can tweak it to your liking, as much as you want. And should you choose to, you can build it from sources and deploy it on your new exotic board that nobody has ever heard of.

At this point, Android is bigger than the efforts of all the carriers and handset creators, combined. What Android can do is only limited by your imagination, skill, and budget. Nothing is stopping you from developing a new mobile handset that puts the iPhone to shame (and many have done this) and loading Android with it.

Instead of finding fault in specific Android deployments or handsets, ask yourself: what do I want to do with Android?

This thing is bigger than a movement, it's a tsunami wave standing a mile tall: I want to ride it, I want you to ride it. Let's put our creativity together and make use of this thundering power. Or stand in its way to be crushed.
Android  mobile  Development  mahmud 
july 2012 by snearch
heise online | Google will das Android-Update-Problem entschärfen
Google versucht erneut, das leidige Update-Problem von Android zu entschärfen. Smartphone-, Tablet- und Chip-Hersteller sollen ihre Hardware künftig früher an zukünftige Android-Versionen anpassen können. Google hofft, dass Updates dadurch schneller bei den Nutzern ankommen.

Android-Manager Hugo Barra kündigte dafür ein "Platform Development Kit", kurz PDK, an. Es enthalte den "nötigen Quellcode", mit dem Hersteller eine kommende Android-Version auf ihre Hardware portieren können. Google werde das PDK seinen Partnern jeweils zwei bis drei Monate vor der Veröffentlichung der Version zur Verfügung stellen. Nach welchen Gesichtspunkten Google diese Partner auswählt, ließ Barra offen.
Android  Google  Update-Problem 
june 2012 by snearch
HTML5 game development issues
Developing Android game using LibGDX, Balancing Mathai
After flash ActionScript, Cocos2D for iPhone, next up was the Android space where Csharks needed to prove their skills. We are blessed with easiest of games to prototype & as done with Cocos2D, we started with Balancing Mathai.

Please find below Balancing Mathai for Android
LibGDX  programming  games  Android  mobile  Development 
june 2012 by snearch
Pocket team's tips for aspiring Android developers: It’s not really terrifying. | Hacker News
saket123 9 hours ago | link

Finally some great advise. I will like to add my experience to it. When I first started developing on Android (around a year and half ago) I had just a HTC Hero which my employer then (I was interning) bought on CL. I had to share this phone with a fellow developer. Using just that one device we managed to make an app which totally blew away its IOS counterpart . Then one of my friends bought Motorola Atrix . This phone was first phone with such a high resolution (~275 ppi) as far as I can remember with slightly different aspect ratio. When I loaded my app on this phone everything worked perfectly. It was a realization that Android provides so many tools and ways like 9 patch images, different assets folder, layout mechanism which makes handling such differences easy. All you need to do is to get out of single screen mentality (or 2) and think more like a web developer developing for different browsers and screens.

My experience so far has been (I have around 40 apps on Android Market) unless OEMs do something stupid or have bugs and you are not handling some platform bugs (these are rare but can get quite annoying) especially from 2.1 to 2.2 and 2.3 to 4.0, you should be fine.

In some instances I had to use jar-jar ( for common libraries like GSON (json parser) since some OEMS (I think it was some phones from HTC) were modifying the implementations and it was resulting in errors in my app.

Lets talk about look and feel. Android has a very vibrant open spurce community. If you want to follow design guidelines ( (you should, even though you are not needed to) , just use open source libraries like action bar sherlock , android theme generator and you can achieve 95% identical look and feel between 2.3 and 4.0. You can always grab the holo theme assets from Android 4.0 source (which is shipped with SDK) and create your own holo theme (if you are using holo for Android 4.0).

Lastly, you can always use support library to get fragment functionality. Fragments are most important defragmentation tool. Some other niceties like Loader manager are also part of support package.

Enjoy developing on Android!
mobile  Development  Android  Business  TOP  Inspiration  print  mehr_A_verdienen 
june 2012 by snearch
Income Reports are dead. Long live Progress Reports!
Any more changes…?

There will be one more change. More frequent updates of this blog. In my business model a lot has changed in the last months. As for some examples that will be extended in my future posts: Admob eCPM has dropped almost about 50% since the last year. Fortunately there are many other monetization methods. I will need to break some taboo soon and post more details of making money with programs like LeadBolt that is giving me a triple (yea – I mean 3X) of daily income from the Admob. But it is not the only income source…

Want more? Keep following my blog and I am sure that you can benefit from it! Comments as usual are welcome and strongly desired!
Android  Android-Market  monetization  AdMob  LeadBolt  Ads  KreCi 
april 2012 by snearch
Google's Page: 'Android Is On Fire' - Hardware - Handhelds/PDAs - Informationweek
"Android is on fire, and the pace of mobile innovation has never been greater," he wrote. "Over 850,000 devices are activated daily through a network of 55 manufacturers and more than 300 carriers."
print  Android  Business  programming  Games  mobile  Development  TOP  Inspiration  Google  global  worldwide  perspective  mehr_A_verdienen 
april 2012 by snearch
heise online | Marktforscher: Windows verliert gegenüber iOS und Android an Boden
m vergangenen Jahr wurden weltweit 916 Millionen PCs, Tablets und Smartphones ausgeliefert. Diese Zahl soll nach Prognosen der Marktforscher von IDC in den nächsten Jahren stetig steigen, wobei der Anteil der x86-Geräte mit Windows abnehmen werde. Von den 1,84 Milliarden Geräten, die IDC für 2016 prognostiziert, sollen 25 Prozent mit dem Microsoft-Betriebssystem laufen; 2011 waren das noch 36 Prozent. Der Anteil der ARM-Geräte mit Android werde hingegen von 29 auf 31 Prozent steigen und der von iOS von knapp 15 auf 17 Prozent. Mac OS X, Linux und andere Betriebssysteme haben die Marktforscher in dieser Prognose nicht gesondert hervorgehoben.
Windows  iOS  Android  market_share  Trend 
march 2012 by snearch
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