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What is functions.php file in WordPress?
functions.php or the theme functions file is a template used by WordPress themes. It acts like a plugin and gets automatically loaded in both admin and front-end pages of a WordPress site.
Wordpress  functions.php 
october 2017 by snearch
Woocommerce - Template Produkt anpassen - Support | - Premium WordPress Themes
Hi medienvirus!

Solche Anpassungen lassen sich leider nicht einfach vornehmen, da WooCommerce uns die Template vorgibt und wir diese nur minimal mittels hooks (actions und filters – siehe: ) anpassen. Der Code hierzu findet sich in /wp-content/themes/enfold/config-woocommerce/config.php.

Entweder du versuchst die Templates in /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/single-product/ anzupassen oder du arbeitest ebenfalls mit Hooks um diese zu verändern. Ich würde zu letzter Lösung raten, da sich die WooCommerce Templates oft ändern (va nach Plugin Updates) und daher die Lösung mit den Hooks nachhaltiger ist. Ich würde den Arbeitsaufwand dabei auf etwas mehr als 1 Stunde schätzen…

wooCommerce  Wordpress 
october 2017 by snearch
Dance to Calypso | Matt Mullenweg
So we asked ourselves a big question. What would we build if we were starting from scratch today, knowing all we’ve learned over the past 13 years of building WordPress? At the beginning of last year, we decided to start experimenting and see.

Today we’re announcing something brand new, a new approach to WordPress, and open sourcing the code behind it. The project, codenamed Calypso, is the culmination of more than 20 months of work by dozens of the most talented engineers and designers I’ve had the pleasure of working with (127 contributors with over 26,000 commits!).

Calypso is…

Incredibly fast. It’ll charm you.
Written purely in JavaScript, leveraging libraries like Node and React.
100% API-powered. Those APIs are open, and now available to every developer in the world.
A great place to read, allowing you to follow sites across the web (even if they’re not using WordPress).
Social, with stats, likes, and notifications baked in.
Fully responsive. Make it small and put it in your sidebar, or go full-screen.
Really fun to write in, especially the drag-and-drop image uploads.
Fully multi-site for advanced users, so you can manage hundreds of WordPresses from one place.
Able to manage plugins and themes on Jetpack sites, including auto-upgrading them!
100% open source, with all future development happening in the open.
Available for anyone to adapt to make their own, including building custom interfaces, distributions, or working with web services besides
Wordpress  Calypso  React.js  Javascript  Node.js 
january 2016 by snearch
4 Wordpress sites, 1 server – great performance on Digital Ocean with Nginx | Hacker News
MichaelTieso 1 minute ago | link

Sometime last year I was on HostGator's VPS and WP Engine for several different sites. I was paying around $150 a month. HostGator started to shut me down for using too many resources and I was going way over the limit with WP Engine's 100k limit. I was fed up so I looked into Digital Ocean. I knew a bit server management but never really wanted to deal with it. I just wanted to produce content and make apps.

I purchased the $40/m plan on DO and started to move my sites over. In the process I learned a whole lot about configuring my own server. I got a pretty impressive setup going now and monitor it on New Relic. It really only took me a few weeks to learn everything and get all my sites stable. It's been several months now and have had to hardly ever login to my server to touch anything. Initially I was worried that I'd have to manage my sites and it'd suck up some of my time but really I'm actually saving time because I don't have to deal with HostGator or going over the limit with WP Engine. I'm saving $110 a month, I learned a whole lot in the process, and it really did not take much time to learn nor is it much of a maintenance at all to run.
DigitalOcean  Webhosting  nginx  Wordpress 
february 2014 by snearch
Creating the simplest WordPress plugin ever | ServerGrove
Creating a WordPress plugin is very easy. WordPress looks for its plugins in the wp-content/plugins directory. To create a plugin, you need to create a directory where you will place the files that your plugin requires to operate. Let’s call this directory simple-plugin.


The above code allows a developer to create a plugin that hooks a function to the footer of the WP site.

Finally, if you want to do more in your plugin, we recommend that you take a look at the official documentation plus a bunch of online tutorials like this one.
Php  Wordpress  Plugin  Development  tutorial 
october 2013 by snearch
Why I Don’t Host My Own Blog Anymore | Kalzumeus Software
Jason said “Actually, no. I mean, sure, in the general case for a VPS, you want it off because otherwise your site gets non-responsive under load. However, if you’ve got Apache talking to the outside world, something is wrong. Apache only handles the request after it’s been through a load balancer, a Varnish caching proxy, and then Nginx, because Nginx does static content so well. If the request gets that far you want KeepAlive on because your Apache will only be talking within your datacenter, only have a handful of connections, and you want those connections to be alive almost indefinitely because setup/teardown is always waste.”
Wordpress  maintenance_is_difficult  Varnish  Nginx  Webhosting  WPEngine 
april 2013 by snearch
Shoplocket partners with WordPress to enable blog-based ecommerce | Hacker News
Toronto-based startup ShopLocket wants to enable its users to sell anything, anywhere with an ultra-easy e-commerce platform that pretty much anyone can figure out. So why not let people sell things on their blogs? That’s what ShopLocket hopes to do now, by integrating with WordPress and launching a plugin to enable in-blog e-commerce.
Wordpress  Shoplocket  Business  E-Commerce  payment  PayPal 
march 2013 by snearch
Bitcoin rises - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
Similarly, two other big internet players, with millions of users, have made the Bitcoin nod in recent weeks. Reddit, an epicentre of internet culture, as well as rebellious Kim Dot Com's recently launched data storage service, Mega, released corresponding announcements in recent weeks. The internetist (if I may invent this term) nature of Wordpress, Reddit and Mega has led to exposing millions of new users to Bitcoin. Their adoption spread far and apart seeds for a new "generation" of Bitcoin users, advocates, and developers.
Bitcoin  reddit  Mega  Wordpress 
march 2013 by snearch
Ask HN: How have you made "quick" money before? | Hacker News
dangrossman 28 days ago | link

Build plugins or themes for WordPress. There are 58 million active WP sites now. There are mature markets for listing and promoting what you create. Bonus money if you can tie what you build into generating revenue for customers -- affiliate marketing tools/integrations, plugins or themes that play with existing e-commerce plugins or themes people use, marketing tools, etc. If you can do that, you can justify a $50-100 price tag, and just one sale a day will create the revenue you need.

8 years ago or so, I ran a little ecommerce site with a wholesale/drop-ship product provided by another company. When I needed extra spending money (being a full-time college student at a private university and no savings), I'd clone my own site. I'd design a new theme for the shopping cart software and sell the same product. I'd advertise it on Google AdWords for a few days to get some orders. Then I'd package that all up and list it on eBay -- a fully functional site with existing customers, a supplier, a known conversion rate, and pre-written ad copy and keyword list for the buyer. These days people use Flippa instead of eBay to sell websites, but it's something you could try as a web dev.

itsprofitbaron 28 days ago | link

You have two main assets in your hands to generate $2000+ quickly – web & mobile development.

Seriously, I started making money online at 14 with $0 and I remember thinking then if I could make $100 online that would be amazing – I made it within 3 days of my decision to start making money online through forum boosting (there’s a load of forum posts where you can see me winning “forum boosting contracts” etc).

Since you need $2000 now there are loads of options available to you to do it, taking advantage of your Web & Mobile development skills and I’ll suggest a couple of the methods I have used over the years to make money online in a short period of time.

- Create FREE Wordpress Themes & sell the “sponsored” links in the footer = $75 – 150/theme.

Sell 3 slots on each design for: $20-25/each

Sell the “designer” slot by for: $30-50/each

Offer the whole theme for: $100-150

Then submit the theme to 100-150 free theme places (you could even pay someone on fiverr to do it)

- Sell Wordpress Themes on ThemesForest

$30 – 50/each

- Sell Wordpress Plugins

- Code PSD/HTML etc

Offer your services for $30-100/page & charge $50-100 extra to code to Wordpress etc.

- Write an eBook report

Write a report on some aspect to making money online etc & sell it for $7-10 on Webmaster Forums.

- Write a Larger eBook. Sell it on Warrior Forum.

Write a 10-20 page eBook then sell it on Warrior Forum as a WSO.

- Write Articles

500/word articles at $6-8/each.

- Bid for Web Development/Mobile Development on Freelance Sites

Take small tasks which are easy to do & take a short period of time - $100-200 projects.

- Create Mobile Sites

Charge $100-500 for making existing website owners a simple mobile version of their site.


There are a load more methods which I have done and what you can do too but, there are some methods you implement to make money online quickly with no capital outlay. I know because these are some of the methods I have used over the years to make money online.

Wordpress  print!  mehr_A_verdienen 
november 2012 by snearch
How Patrick MacKenzie made me thousands of dollars « Kareem Mayan's Blog
Why a course works

A course is a fantastic sales and marketing tool. It frames selling your product in the guise of education, letting you teach your prospect why your product’s benefits are important, addressing pre-sales objections, make an ROI case, and helping your prospect envision how much better life would be with your product.
patio11  Wordpress  WPEngine  email_course  drip_email_marketing 
september 2012 by snearch
How to avoid being unhappy and how to find happiness. | mm
My name is Mark Maunder. I run a Seattle based technology company called Feedjit and am the creator of the Wordfence security plugin for WordPress. You can contact me at mmaunder at gmail with questions and comments. This WordPress site is hosted on a tiny Linode 512 server with Nginx and Apache and often exceeds 100,000 visits in a month.
Know yourself, know what makes you happy and take pleasure in the simple things in life, like the good, ordinary people who surround you every day.
Depressionen  print!  Webhosting  Wordpress  Silicon_Valley  Fluchtpunkt  happiness  Hilfe_gegen 
july 2012 by snearch
The Toolbox: From Idea to Launch in 10 Hours |
Hour 2: Finding a WordPress Theme

I knew I didn’t want to code the design from scratch. After all my goal was to prove to myself that I could put out a useful product in a minimum amount of time, so every hour counted.

That being said, I also didn’t want to use just any random WordPress theme. I had two conditions: First of all, I knew I wanted a theme with a grid or tile layout. Second, I wanted to find a responsive theme, so that the site would look good on mobile as well.

So I headed over to ThemeForest to browse some themes. While the first condition was easy to fulfill (thanks to Pinterest, tile layouts are more popular than ever), the second one was much harder.

In the end I selected the Construct theme, which fulfilled both conditions and also had the advantage of looking pretty simple and easy to customize.
webdesign  Webdevelopment  print!  Beispiele  website  Wordpress  Theme  CRM  model 
may 2012 by snearch
Building WordPress Themes You Can Sell
Complete guide to creating premium WordPress themes: how to gain a solid user-base, what to include, and most importantly what to leave out.
TOP  Inspiration  Business  Wordpress  Lesezeichen-Symbolleiste  Insp.  Firefox-Lesezeichen  mehr_A_verdienen 
november 2011 by snearch
Hacker News | It’s OK to make an extra $2k per month if you’re a programmer. Here’s how.
getsat 3 hours ago

I've seen 2-4% CTR across my sites. Positioning of your ads matters a LOT.

If you use Wordpress, consider using something like or ProSense.


chopsueyar 19 minutes ago

I have about 5,000 page views per month and make about $50 from adsense.

In April, I had a 1.78% CTR.

The shitty thing is, it is an AJAX app, so there is only the frontpage, and each lookup does not refresh the Adsense ad. The average time on the site is about 12 minutes.

This is also not a very high volume search term. So the upside for me is pretty limited. Even if I ranked #1, ahead of the .gov site, I do not think I would come close to $2,000.

getsat 3 hours ago | link

> I've done no link building

You have 1,211 backlinks.

You have no meta descriptions on any of your pages. The links to your content pages (e.g., aren't inside a H1/H2 tag on your index pages. You are letting Googl
SEO  Wordpress  marketing  print 
may 2011 by snearch
Hacker News | Help HN: Want to build small web app for learning and side income.
Hi Guys, I am long time HN follower. I always been benefited from HN community.

I am a full time developer and can code in ASP.NET (both web form and MVC), PHP (also i am beginner in ruby).

I want to build web app from which i can earn $200 - $400 per month.

Its not a big amount but it gives me following benefit which is more valuable for me.

1. Motivation for bigger move. 2. Getting experience in running SaaS based apps. 3. Side income. 4. Good learning about business, marketing and other non programming things.

I know i can make these kind of money though some freelancing but that option i am not looking for now.

I can invest my time 2-3 hours on weekdays and 5-6 hours on weekends (around 20 hours in week). Also i can invest up too $300................................................2 points by lachyg 4 hours ago | link

For a design / template start out by using something off, then once you're making some money, hire someone to redesign it!
TOP  inspiration  Business  Wordpress  Wordpress-Templates  print  mehr_A_verdienen 
october 2010 by snearch
Hacker News | How I launched a profitable minimally viable product in 3 hours
2 points by rcavezza 9 minutes ago | link

I was really looking forward to learning how the product was built, how the payment processor was set up so quickly, the tools used, and how he was able to build the product so fast.

Most of the post was actually about dealing with the uncertainties of launching a product before you're comfortable with it and being pleasantly surprised by the results.

There's very little information on the process of how Amir launched it in three hours except using paypal and buying a $35 theme from themeforest - I'd like to hear more about this in a feature post.


2 points by amirkhella 51 minutes ago | link

The theme is called inFocus. I purchased it from
Business  Startup  Wordpress  Themes  print 
september 2010 by snearch
WordPress Founder: Open Source Is About People, Not Technology
The audience got a chance to ask questions; the big one was about how WordPress makes money. The answer: Back-up services, hosting, anti-spam, and other paid upgrades make the majority of revenues. While not many users buy these features, when you have millions of users it adds up. He also is happy that its revenue model isn’t overwhelming its users.
Geschäftsmodelle  Business  Wordpress  Mullenweg_Matt  Unternehmer  print  mehr_A_verdienen  Erfolgsgeschichte 
march 2010 by snearch
Five reasons to use a static site generator instead of Wordpress - Guestlist
Five reasons to use a static site generator instead of Wordpress

When we sat down to build the Guestlist website, we thought we’d try using Jekyll, a “blog aware” static site generator written in Ruby. The basic idea is that your website is composed of a number of layouts, pages, and blog posts, which Jekyll stitches together into a set of static files during a single build step – not at runtime. This gives us a couple of neat advantages over traditional hosted publishing software like Wordpress, which generates pages dynamically.
Blogging  Ruby  Jekyll  Wordpress  nginx 
october 2009 by snearch

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