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Mystery Man Moving Japan Made More Than 1 Million Trades - Bloomberg Business
One Rule

Instead, he keeps his ears open in chat rooms and his eyes glued to bid-ask screens, on which he monitors the market’s appetite for its 300 most heavily traded stocks. If there’s one basic principle, he says—repeatedly and slowly, as if instructing a child—it is this: “Buy stocks that are being bought, and sell stocks that are being sold.”
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october 2015 by snearch Senior Perl Developer Trading Systems £65K + 15% Bonus
January 10, 2013
Company name: Orleston Associates Ltd.
Internal ID: Sperl36541
Location: London, UK
Country: United Kingdom
Pay rate: £65K + 15% Bonus
Poster represents: a recruiting agency
Terms of employment: Salaried employee
Length of employment: PERM
Hours: Full time
Onsite: yes
Description: Senior Perl developer needed by this leading provider of Trading Systems software used by the majority of investment banks globally. Based in the city you will be working in team of skilled OO Perl Developers working on their interactive user interface developing web based trading systems. This is a great chance to break into the finance sector as previous finance experience is not a requirement without having to sacrifice your work life balance!
Required skills: Core skills needed: OO design skills, and be able to apply appropriate OO Patterns. Expert OO Perl software development skills on the LAMP stack (Perl). OO SQL and relational Datamodelling skills. GnuPG, CVS, IPTABLES. OO Good communication and organisational skills. Any passed experience of working in the financial markets is nice to have. Urgent role please send me your cv if you fit the
Contact information:
T: +44 (0)203 174 1646
M: +44 (0)785 546-7421
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february 2013 by snearch
Lebenskunst: "Was ich betreibe ist eigentlich das Management des Kairos" | Gesellschaft | ZEIT ONLINE
Das klingt defensiv und gar nicht heroisch, ist aber vielleicht der klügste Umgang mit Chancen: »Man muss demütig bleiben.« Helden sterben einen frühen Tod.
Es ist ein Samstag, die Börsen ruhen, und der Eisbär kommt sich selbst auf die Schliche. »Was ich betreibe«, sagt er irgendwann fast verwundert, »ist eigentlich das Management des Kairos.«

Ist die Vorbereitung also das Geheimnis der guten Gelegenheit? Ganz schlicht und altmodisch: Nur wer sich durch Übung oder mentales Training auf die Chancen einstellt, kann sie auch ergreifen?

Dafür spricht in der Tat einiges. Auch in außergewöhnlichen Situationen
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january 2013 by snearch
Depotkosten: So sparen Sie Tausende Euro - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wirtschaft
Wer sein Geld anlegt, hofft auf gute Rendite - doch oft ist das Gegenteil der Fall: Horrende Depotgebühren fressen das Ersparte auf, laut "Finanztest" zahlen manche Verbraucher mehr als 10.000 Euro pro Jahr. Zum Glück muss das nicht so sein, wenn man ein paar Tipps beachtet.
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may 2011 by snearch
Andy Hawkins » The Edward Worthington Project
Edward Worthington is a closed source, proof of concept framework that implements the latest in open-source technology and proprietary machine learning methods to interpret and best guess the stock market movements. A fully automatic system, developing, testing, and deploying new tactics as the data changes. Current rate of performance utilizing a single Core i7 processor is capable of processing 10+ billion days of mock trading tests in a 24 hour period. Designed for scalability, everything has been designed from the ground up to network multiple machine/cloud servers into a massive data processing system. Separate self contained shards allow the ability to loose a whole cluster of computers without affecting the system as a whole, work will just be redistributed to the working shards.
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january 2011 by snearch
Hacker News | Do It Yourself Masters in Financial Engineering
18 points by joshkaufman 5 hours ago | link

This is exactly what I did with business, instead of getting an MBA or a PhD.

Here's my reading list:

Here's the book I wrote, condensing what I learned in the process:

I now own my own business, work for myself as a business teacher and consultant, have an enormous amount of flexibility in my day-to-day schedule, and make more than professors who teach at top business schools.

Education is changing.
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january 2011 by snearch
Hacker News | When The Speed Of Light Is Too Slow: Trading at the Edge
There are a lot of quant funds that were started by professors. They hire a lot of PhDs in Math and Physics. And yes, a PhD in Math can make a lot of money if you end up working at a trading firm.
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november 2010 by snearch
A VC: Employee Equity: The Option Strike Price
A few weeks back we talked about stock options in some detail. I explained that the strike price of an option is the price per share you will pay when you exercise the option and buy the underlying common stock. And I explained that the company is required to strike employee options at the fair market value of the company at the time the option is granted.
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november 2010 by snearch
Automatischer Börsenhandel: Turbocomputer mischen Aktienmärkte auf - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wirtschaft
Schwitzende, schreiende Händler waren gestern - die Zukunft an den Weltbörsen gehört den Maschinen. Schon jetzt wickeln Turbohändler mit Super-Rechnern Tausende Deals pro Sekunde ab. Doch der Aufstieg der Algorithmen sorgt die Aufseher: Was, wenn ein Computer Amok läuft?
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september 2010 by snearch
Technology Review: Trading Shares in Milliseconds
Today's stock market has become a world of automated transactions executed at lightning speed. This high-frequency trading could make the financial system more efficient, but it could also turn small mistakes into catastrophes.
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december 2009 by snearch
I want to learn a language to help me get into algorithmic trading, any advice? : programming
linguafranca 2 points3 points4 points 1 hour ago* [-] I haven't used Haskell, and as such I'm not endorsing it. But I've stumbled upon two parties that have talked about their experiences using Haskell for trading systems. * Jeff Polakow of Deutche Bank talks informally about this on CUFP 2008. I couldn't find a video of his talk online but this is the description of his talk and here are his slides. * Curt J. Sampson of Starling Software authored a more scientific report on his experiences (PDF) for a trading system and even held a pretty informative 20-minute talk on his report. Maybe this is an emerging market for this kind of work and possibly this is even a technologically viable approach. I'd recommend you do full prior research on this topic in order to know what you're looking for in your studies.........................fancy_pantser 0 points1 point2 points 54 minutes ago[-]
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november 2009 by snearch
Daytrading: Zockerei oder Nutzen für den Finanzmarkt? | ZEIT online
Daytrader tun täglich nichts anderes, als Wetten auf Kursschwankungen abzuschließen. Zocker wollen sie nicht sein – sie nehmen für sich in Anspruch, eine wichtige volkswirtschaftliche Aufgabe zu erfüllen
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march 2008 by snearch besten Daytrading Systeme – Die besten Daytrading Systeme Per Autopilot auf Ihrem eigenen Konto handeln. (Quelle: US-Testmagazin Futures Truth)
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december 2006 by snearch

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