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What blocks Ruby, Python to get Javascript V8 speed? - Stack Overflow
V8 has a team of brilliant, highly-specialized, highly-experienced (and thus highly-paid) engineers working on it, that have decades of experience (I'm talking individually – collectively it's more like centuries) in creating high-performance execution engines for dynamic OO languages. They are basically the same people who also created the Sun HotSpot JVM (among many others).
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january 2015 by snearch
heise online - LibreOffice kommt in Fahrt
Gut eine Woche nach der Gründung der Document Foundation und dem Start des OpeOffice-Forks LibreOffice hat die Stiftung eine erste Bilanz gezogen. Und die fällt durchaus positiv aus: Die erste Beta von LibreOffice sei bereits 80.000 Mal heruntergeladen worden, 45 Mirrors weltweit würden den OpenOffice-Fork anbieten – das seien fast halb so viele Mirrors, wie sie OpenOffice in zehn Jahren zusammengekriegt hat.
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october 2010 by snearch
Add to that sentiment that Gosling already had the sense that Oracle was “ethically challenged” and he said he had simply had enough, and decided not to work there anymore.
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september 2010 by snearch
How Sun's need to control the code cost them the company | Between the Lines |
Most of their released code was essentially just dumped over the proprietary wall. The idea that others may have had contributions they wanted to make to the code that had been opened was never even considered. Originally there were no Free Software projects run from within Sun; the attitude was always “how generous we are to show you our amazing code.” After Linux became popular, they tried to adopt a community-friendly attitude.
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march 2010 by snearch
heise online - Zukunft von OpenSolaris gesichert
Auf die Frage, wie offen der Entwicklungsprozess in Zukunft ablaufen soll, hieß es: "Oracle wird – genauso wie bisher – Technologien offen entwickeln." Es könne "aber Dinge geben, deren Code wir nicht offen legen werden, ähnlich wie das bereits jetzt für bestimmte Zusatzfunktionen von MySQL gilt." Peter Tribble sieht folglich keine Änderung im Vergleich zu Suns bisheriger Politik. So hatte Sun die Solaris-Addons Fishworks nicht offen gelegt. Auch wenn Tribble noch Teufel in den Details sieht, so zeigte er sich doch zuversichtlich, dass Oracle plant, OpenSolaris auch künftig zu fördern. Er dankte Dan Roberts explizit dafür, dass dieser sich so weit aus dem Fenster gelehnt habe. (bbe)
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february 2010 by snearch
Hacker News | Why Save MySQL Now?
3 points by there 52 minutes ago | link because companies weren't just paying for support, some were paying for non-gpl'd versions of the code to integrate/resell in their products. only mysql ab (now sun, soon oracle) was able to sell those licenses. this is the same situation with asterisk. digium forces all users that contribute patches to hand over copyright so they can sell a private version of their open-source product to companies. whether this is fair is up for debate (and is partly why many users hate gpl software, preferring more "open" licenses like bsd/isc). a company open sources an initial version of their product with the gpl, giving everyone access to it, its users contribute many bug fixes, new features, and free support (through forums, mailing lists, bug trackers, etc.) but are unable to sell their own versions of that software. the company that retains copyright and distribution rights is of course able to bundle
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january 2010 by snearch

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