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Mit 45+ zu alt für den Arbeitsmarkt? 80% der Karriereexperten sagen: Nein! Yourfirm Mittelstandsblog
Fazit: „Beruflicher Erfolg ist keine Frage des Alters, sondern des eigenen Zutrauens zu sich selbst!“ konstatiert Karriereberaterin und ehemalige Führungskraft Martina Bandoly.
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september 2013 by snearch
Interview with Alan Kay | Dr Dobb's
Kay: No, I didn't. I mean, I made up the term "objects." Since we did objects first, there weren't any objects to radicalize. We started off with that view of objects, which is exactly the same as the view we had of what the Internet had to be, except in software. What happened was retrograde. When C++ came out, they tried to cater to C programmers, and they made a system that was neither fish nor fowl. And that's true of most of the things that are called object-oriented systems today. None of them are object-oriented systems according to my definition. Objects were a radical idea, then they got retrograded.
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july 2012 by snearch
Hacker News | On 20th Jan 2011: OpenPicus IDE and Framework
OpenPicus, the open source hardware and software platform for wireless Apps, reaches the biggest milestone on 20th January at 10am italian time. The new IDE and the software Framework will be available for download on This is a great step for the project, FreeRTOS was ported on the FlyPort Wi-Fi module and the Framework let you develop your apps even without any experience in embedded programming or communication protocols.The core team from Rome declare : “we have finally our IDE and our Framework. It has been tested from November from several Universities around the world that joined our Campus program. We’ll also have a website restyling and a surprise for our community”. Follow us on
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january 2011 by snearch

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