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Inside the App Economy - BusinessWeek
He says the next great opportunity on the Web lies at the intersection of three trends—apps, Web services, and small online payments from consumers...................................New Staffers and a Couch
With employees grouped into a series of discrete loft offices, Zynga's operation looks more like 11 small startups glued together than one large one. It's a reflection of how the company is run: Studio heads set goals and are given freedom to achieve them any way they can. Those who succeed are rewarded with cash and stock bonuses and are granted extra resources such as new hires. When a new game called Café World recently set a company record for growth, signing up 16 million users in its first two weeks, its head, Roy Sehgal, was rewarded with a bevy of new employees and the leather couch he had been requesting for his office for weeks.
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