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Re: Ganz übles Klischee | Forum - heise online
Das sagt keiner. Ich wage aber aus der persönlichen Erfahrung heraus folgende Thesen, was Quereinsteiger betrifft:
- Grundkenntnisse in Komplexitätstheorie fehlen Quereinsteigern. MINT-Absolventen ausserhhalb der Informatik haben hier noch am ehesten Zugang, speziell natürlich Mathematiker
-im Datenbank-Umfeld fehlt das Verständnis für Unterschiede von RDBS, NoSQL-DBs bzw deren theoretischer Hintergründe (ACID, BASE, CAP-Theorem) und welche Einflüsse das auf das Applikationsdesign hat
- Betriebssystem-KnowHow schwach ausgeprägt
- Implementierungen von bestimmten Berufsgruppen sind entweder extrem naiv oder massiv overengineereed -> Code sollte aber so geschrieben sein, dass er die Anforderungen sichtbar macht -> kein Mensch will Dokus lesen
- Die Aspekte der Software-Entwicklung abgesehen vom Programmierhandwerk sind schwach ausgeprägt (Software-Architektur, Test, Deployment, Automatisierung des Entwicklungsprozesses,...)

Ich behaupte nicht, dass jemand das oben genannte nicht lernen kann, ich stelle selbst Quereinsteiger ein. Die müssen sich aber eben dann (mit Abzügen in der B-Note) daran messen lassen wollen. Ein "ich studiere BWL aber ich hab Bock auf Programmieren und will irgendwann ein Startup gründen"-Typ, der glaubt so seine Personalkosten irgendwann senken zu können, kommt mir nicht ins Haus. Ein solides Informatik-Studium praktischer Ausrichtung (Angewandte Informatik, je nach Uni auch Bindestrich-Informatiken) vermittelt die genannten Kenntnisse am ehesten. Auch wenn ich mir Software-Engineering als Ingenieursstudium wünschen würde, wie es in den USA der Fall ist.

Zentrale Design- und Architekturentscheidungen treffen i. d. Regel Informatiker. Das ist auch gut so.
Profession  IT  Lernherausforderung  PRJ 
10 days ago by snearch
An introduction to web development? : haskell
[–]analogphototaker[S] 4 points 2 years ago 
I think it would be a good idea to ride on the coattails of once that reaches it's final version. That's not to say that work couldn't begin right away.

I just think it would be beneficial / efficient to write the book / extended tutorial for an audience that has already completed that book. You could assume that they already understand all of the basics. So when you explain that an http request is a monad or whatever, they would know what you're talking about.

Given that the textbook takes roughly 6-12 months to get through however, you'd be safe to wait a bit as well.
Haskell  Webdevelopment  tutorial  book_recommendation  Lernherausforderung 
february 2019 by snearch
Deutscher Perl-Workshop 2018
Pony - noch so eine eierlegende Wollmilchsau richtet sich an Alle und wird in Deutsch gehalten.

Introduction to ponylang, die momentan beste Sprache.
Sicher und schnell, ein Pony das alles kann. Eine eierlegende Wollmilchsau wie perl6, allerdings statisch, sicher und schneller als C++ mit OpenMP. Wenn jemand mit Rust anfangen will, soll sich lieber pony anschauen.
Pony  Urban_Reini  PROs  Lernherausforderung 
february 2019 by snearch
Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law versus Faraday’s Law: the Conclusion - YouTube
Dries van Oosten
vor 1 Monat
The whole discussion boils down to your statement around 8:24, when you say voltage is any energy divided by charge. When a physicist uses the term voltage, he/she refers to an electric potential difference. And an electric potential difference is a potential energy difference, divided by charge. And you cannot define a unique potential energy in the presence of a time dependent magnetic field. This exactly demonstrated by the fact that that loop integral is nonzero. A potential energy should only depend on position and not on how you got to that position.

You use a more general definition of voltage, by dividing energy by charge and leaving out the word potential. So you essentially say that the electric potential is the total energy divided by the charge.

As a physicist I don't think that is correct and I consider the emf as an electric potential, even it can do some of the same stuff an electric potential can and has the same unit.

Now, why do we care so much about this distinction and why should you not? Because for an electrical engineer, your working definition of voltage doesn't get you in trouble, because you know what you are doing and you are trained to avoid the dangers of abusing of the concept of a potential (dangers that Lewin runs straight into with his faulty probing). So, within the framework of electrical engineering, you are correct. Why should a physicist care? Because you definition of voltage is not formally equivalent to a potential difference, but you use it as such. Does that matter to you? Ofcourse not. Why should it? We physicists are strange people.
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january 2019 by snearch
Keep that damn footer at the bottom – Medium
* {
box-sizing: border-box;

*:after {
box-sizing: border-box;
CSS  Lernherausforderung  Webdevelopment 
january 2017 by snearch
Talk notes: Programming and Scaling, Alan Kay 2011
r Outlook?

Ford benefited from Newton's invention of calculus, and the change of outlook Newton enabled in the West.
So an outlook, a point of view, is like 80 more IQ points!
Kay thinks CS in the USA is dead because of limited outlook.
Cicero: He who only knows his own generation remains forever a child.
Look deliberately in the past you don't know.
Kay_Alan  scaling  Professional_Software_Development  citations  change_of_outlook_+80_IQ_points  Cicero  Lernherausforderung  Arbeitstechniken 
november 2016 by snearch
Elm in the real world : programming
[–]baconated 7 points 15 hours ago

I fairly recently made an internal webapp using Elm. It was overall a fairly pleasant experience. Elm mostly delivered on the hype. If I had to make another webapp like that, I would choose Elm again.

I think Elm made the app much simpler from a architecture standpoint than it could have been if I just used pure js. Sure I could have potentially made the same architecture in js, but I doubt I would have. In one of his talks, Evan Czaplicki says he often finds that without planning the design out, starting with the Elm Architecture lead him to the design he would have wanted if he had spent the time. This is true for my app. There can a be a lot of stuff going on at any point, but it ended up fairly easy to manage.

This experience made me wish I could do Elm on the backend as well. I did the backend in Ruby using Sinatra, and most of my bugs ended up there. Even though the Ruby was less code and was conceptually simpler, it had more bugs. I bet some aspect of that is I got used to Elm catching these errors for me and thus got lazy when they came up in Ruby.
Webdevelopment  fun_in_programming  Elm  client_side  Lernherausforderung 
january 2016 by snearch
So It Turns Out There's A Lot We Don't Know About Ebola : Goats and Soda : NPR
The virus came roaring back into headlines this past week. A Scottish nurse who survived Ebola is back in isolation in London, being "treated for Ebola," according to the Royal Free Hospital. The hospital says the patient's "condition has deteriorated and she is now critically ill."
Lernherausforderung  Ebola  Virus 
november 2015 by snearch
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