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Intelligent machines part 1: Big data, machine learning and the future - CIO
In part 1 of this series, CIO looks at how some of the big players are using AI, including one of the most talked about facets of machine learning – deep learning or artificial neural networks that are made up of many hidden layers between input and output.
IBM, Baidu, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and others have invested big in AI. Local players that have also long been on the scene include DSTO, NICTA and CSIRO.

“The key to intelligence is learning,” says Alex Zelinsky, chief defence scientist at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO). “Once we master machine learning, then you can start to have artificial intelligence. We are intelligent because we can learn; you can learn lessons from doing things and remember those lessons.”
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june 2015 by snearch
Ray Kurzweil joins Google | Hacker News
He was on the ground, getting his hands dirty with the first commercial applications of AI. He made quite a bit of money selling his various companies and technologies, and was awarded the presidential Medal of Technology from Clinton.
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