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Why time is not running out | Paras Chopra's Blog
Conclusion: it all boils down to happiness (as always!)

I believe that the only thing a person can reasonably aim for is to be happy. If you buy that theory, it makes absolutely no difference to what you are doing as long as it makes you happy (ideally, while staying within the bounds of morality and not impinging on others). So the feeling of time running out is nonsense because it relies on an assumption that future will be happier than the present, but ironically the only people who worry about time running out are the well-to-do ones (have you ever stumbled across a poor chap who’s worried about this?) and for them happiness does always remain in future! (Side note: I really like a phrase and it goes something like this: “Future is the source of all worries!”)

Don’t complain, relax, listen to some french jazz and maybe sip a glass of wine too. Trust me, there’s nothing better you could be doing right now!
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november 2012 by snearch
Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin - SZ-Diskothek » Helge Schneider im Interview: “Jazz ist eine Lebensweise”
Beim Jazz kommt es auf den eigenen Ton an. Wie findet man den?

In meinen jahrzehntelangen Erfahrungen mit dem Saxophon habe ich herausgefunden: Der Ton kommt, wann er will. Er kommt von innen, aus dem Menschen heraus. Und nicht, weil du ein bestimmtes Mundstück bläst oder ein bestimmtes Blatt.
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march 2011 by snearch

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