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Let an entrepreneur be « Avlesh Singh
Contrary to the popular belief, an entrepreneur is NOT a businessman. The former has a much larger goal than ONLY making money. But again, I won’t be able to explain because … I have a humble request - if you are close to an entrepreneur, be a part of his/her vision. Don’t be cynical. Please be the force of good. The guy will most likely fail. However, if (s)he succeeds, and you were a part of the journey, you’ll understand what the heck was this guy thinking. The problem is, when you get there along with the entrepreneur, you won’t be able to explain it to someone else either.

- Avlesh
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february 2013 by snearch
Seltenes Dokument: Konferenz-Kritzeleien von Ronald Reagan aufgetaucht - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Politik
Wer wüsste nicht gern, was Politiker in langweiligen Sitzungen treiben? Jetzt ist ein seltenes Dokument aus den achtziger Jahren aufgetaucht: Es zeigt Skizzen des früheren US-Präsidenten Ronald Reagan. Zu verdanken sind die Bilder der findigen Diebin Margaret Thatcher.
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march 2012 by snearch
BBC NEWS | In Depth | Newsmakers | Paul Dirac: The unsung genius
The resulting Dirac equation, still widely used today, was able to explain the mysterious magnetic and "spin" properties of the electron. Like so many great discoveries, it required an extraordinary leap of imagination.
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november 2011 by snearch
What We Look for in Founders
3. Imagination

Intelligence does matter a lot of course. It seems like the type that matters most is imagination. It's not so important to be able to solve predefined problems quickly as to be able to come up with surprising new ideas. In the startup world, most good ideas seem bad initially. If they were obviously good, someone would already be doing them. So you need the kind of intelligence that produces ideas with just the right level of craziness.

Airbnb is that kind of idea. In fact, when we funded Airbnb, we thought it was too crazy. We couldn't believe large numbers of people would want to stay in other people's places. We funded them because we liked the founders so much. As soon as we heard they'd been supporting themselves by selling Obama and McCain branded breakfast cereal, they were in. And it turned out the idea was on the right side of crazy after all.
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november 2010 by snearch

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