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The Boeing 777 Flies on 99.9% Ada
Sundstrand, the supplier already in development, agreed to the switch and reported that, after beginning again, the development effort continued without a hitch. "We had to start all over again," Dwayne Teske, Program Manager for the 777's main electrical-generating system, said in a telephone interview. "But the project went really smoothly after that, so Ada had a lot of positives."
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september 2014 by snearch
How I First Got Into Ada : programming

Basically, because it’s a well-designed language for when you care more about correctness and reliability than coolness. An example being Altran Praxis, a company using SPARK (a subset of Ada really adequat for formal verification) that insures its software; contrast that to the mainstream programming world that think that “of course, our software have defects (bugs), there are unavoidable, lol get over it”.

Ada 2012 adds lots of useful features in the correctness area (pre-/postconditions, type invariants, etc.). Now, using that and things like GNATprove, one can get away with more and more errors (runtime ones, and some logic ones too) without having to use heavy things like SPARK.

Also check out the shootout benchmark; Ada is basically almost as fast as C/C++ in most cases (much more than, say, Go), while still being higher-level and way less error-prone. Ada is suitable and lovely for lots of server/system things; not even mentionning the embedded/real-time worlds, where it really shines (it was basically designed for these areas).

Other reasons exist, but almost all of them are assuming you intend to do (software) engineering, not “rockstar programming” or that kind of nonsense.
october 2012 by snearch
Intellectual Ammunition - C/C++ to Ada Help and Discussion
I have endeavered to present below a tutorial for C and C++ programmers to show them what Ada can provide and how to set about turning the knowledge and experience they have gained in C/C++ into good Ada programming. This really does expect the reader to
may 2008 by snearch
Ada (Programmiersprache) – Wikipedia
Mit Ada ist es auch zum ersten Mal gelungen, Programme in industrieller Anwendung automatisch auf Korrektheit zu überprüfen. Siehe hierzu das Buch High Integrity Software. The SPARK Approach to Safety and Security von John Barnes. SPARK verwendet hierzu
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