Joel Spolsky and Clive Thompson discuss the past, present, and future of coding - Stack Overflow Blog
Joel: I just picked up Arduino a year ago and that was enormously fun because it was like going back to C, instead of all these fancy high-level languages where you don’t know what they are going to do. It offered a really detailed level of control. If something doesn’t work, you can figure it out, because everything is tractable.
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19 hours ago
Interview with Edward Snowden about His Story - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Snowden: I respect Tim Berners-Lee greatly. He is pushing for a re-decentralization of the internet. The idea is that we can make an internet that is more individually owned without having to be incredibly difficult to maintain and administer.
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3 days ago
Will Michael Burry Get Trapped In These Stocks?
Despite being one of the few prominent investors in the world to recognize the bubble brewing in the subprime mortgage markets and the crisis it would lead to when it burst, Michael Burry received only limited recognition for his talent until renowned writer Michael Lewis of ‘Moneyball’ fame wrote about Mr. Burry’s journey in the 2010 bestseller ‘The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine’. That recognition has turned into even greater fame more recently after the release of the movie by the same name, in which Mr. Burry is played by star actor Christian Bale. As the ending of the movie showed, even after making outsized gains during the financial crisis, Mr. Burry soon closed his hedge fund, Scion Capital LLC, due to the continuous redemption pressure he faced from his investors while betting against the housing market. However, what the movie didn’t show was that Mr. Burry has been back in the game since 2013. He started another hedge fund, Scion Asset Management, LLC, later that year and although he has been predominately investing in water, his fund recently revealed a fairly large U.S equity portfolio, submitting its first 13F filing with SEC, for the reporting period ending December 31.

Let's take a closer look at what Michael Burry is doing recently. Michael Burry's biggest positions are in troubled companies such as Western Digital, Cleveland Cliffs, Cardinal Health, and Tailored Brands Inc (NYSE:TLRD). Though we have to tell you that Michael Burry is also invested in a few extremely popular stocks among hedge funds such as Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), Alibaba Group Inc. (NYSE:BABA), and Disney (NYSE:DIS). All of these stocks are among the 10 most popular stocks list.
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4 days ago
Hoch dosiert: Vitamin-C-Injektion tötet Krebszellen ab - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Washington - Seine segensreiche Wirkung entfaltet das Vitamin nur unter einer Bedingung: Es muss in hohen Dosen direkt in die Blutbahn gelangen. Eine orale Aufnahme, beispielsweise über Vitamintabletten, sei wirkungslos, erklären die Wissenschaftler um Qi Chen von National Institute of Health (NIH) in Bethesda. Wirksam gegen Krebszellen werde das Vitamin über die Bildung von aggressivem Wasserstoffperoxid, das Krebszellen abtöten könne, ohne gesunde Zellen zu schädigen, berichten die Wissenschaftler in der aktuellen Ausgabe das Fachblattes "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences".
Die Forscher hatten Krebszellen und gesunde Zellen im Labor hohen Konzentrationen von Ascorbinsäure ausgesetzt. Die Substanz löste die Bildung von Wasserstoffperoxid aus, das bei den gesunden Zellen keine akuten Schäden auslöste, einen großen Teil der Krebszellen hingegen abtötete.

Anschließend spritzten die Wissenschaftler krebskranken Mäusen das Vitamin in der hohen Konzentration von vier Gramm pro Kilogramm Körpergewicht direkt in den Bauchraum. Aggressive Tumore der Bauchspeicheldrüse, der Eierstöcke und des Gehirns bremsten daraufhin ihr Wachstum deutlich um 41 bis 53 Prozent. Gesunde Zellen hingegen wurden durch die Behandlung nicht geschädigt.

Ascorbinsäure könnte künftig als wichtiger Wirkstoff in der Chemotherapie von Krebspatienten eingesetzt werden, glauben die Forscher. Die eingesetzten hohen Konzentrationen könnten auch im menschlichen Blut erreicht werden, wie eine Studie an Freiwilligen bereits ergeben hat.

Die dafür nötigen hohen Konzentrationen aber durch vitaminreiche Kost oder die Einnahme von Vitaminpräparaten erreichen zu wollen, sei jedoch völlig unmöglich, betonen die Forscher: Ein eingebauter Schutzmechanismus verhindere, dass mehr Vitamin C ins Blut übergehe, als der Körper benötigt. Überschüssige Ascorbinsäure werde daher einfach ausgeschieden.
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14 days ago
Forth: The Hacker’s Language (2017) | Hacker News
aidenn0 3 hours ago [-]

I don't use forth personally, but it is at a very interesting corner of the envelope.
I find it both easier to implement than C and easier to develop in than C, while being nearly as fast as C, and often lower footprint than C. It's a really good language for "I really don't want to write in assembly, but there are no decent HLLs already implemented for my target"

fun_in_programming  Forth  Programming_Language 
14 days ago
Go 1.13 Release Notes | Hacker News
mfer 43 minutes ago [-]

I started poking around and noticed that Go 1.13 now defaults to the Golang Proxy to fetch modules. This means a proxy, governed by the Google Privacy Policy, is now capturing everyone's module usage by default. Unless you change settings this includes proprietary/corp stuff.
Golang  Golang_Proxy 
14 days ago
YOW! 2011: Simon Peyton-Jones - Closer to Nirvana | Charles | Channel 9
One of the very interesting aspects of Haskell is how the surface language (so, the syntax you write) is boiled down to a very small intermediate language, System F. Simon spends a nice chunk of time in this conversation explaining this. It's a rather excellent approach. We only touch on C--, but I have a feeling I'll be interviewing Simon again in the future.
Peyton_Jones_Simon  System_F  Haskell  C-- 
15 days ago
Roll over Einstein: meet Weinstein | Alok Jha | Science | The Guardian
"I think this represents a new trend. It used to be that one had to be part of an academic hub, such as Harvard or Oxford, to produce cutting-edge research. But not any more. Part of the reason is the wide availability of scientific information on the internet. And I think this is a wonderful development, which should be supported.

"I also see two lessons coming from this. The first is for the young generation: with passion and perseverance there is no limit to what you can do, even in high-end theoretical science. The other lesson is for me and my colleagues in academia – and I say this as someone who on most days takes an elevator to his office in an Ivory Tower, as it were – we should be more inclusive and more open to ideas which come from outside the standard channels of academia, and we'll be better off for it."
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15 days ago
Puppet like configuration management in Haskell with propeller, linux.conf.au [46:21] : haskell
[–]joeyh 2 points 2 years ago 
I see that the FP Complete docker images are provisioned using propellor

News to me. Where did you find that?

Propellor deployment works by either uploading the executable and running it, or by committing and pushing. The latter is generally nicer, but the former can be handy in some cases where it's not practical to compile propellor on the host it will deploy.
Propellor  Haskell  configuration_management  deployment 
16 days ago
The BEST Science-Based Meals For Fat Loss (3 Diet Hacks You Need To Make) - YouTube
1. Kaloriendefizit!

3 key tips:
1. besonders sättigende Nahrungsmittel verspeisen (smart food): Popcorn, Haferflocken, Fisch, Kartoffeln, Äpfel, Orangen (satiating)
2. high volume & low calorie density foods essen: Reiswaffeln
3. mehr Protein/siginficantly more filling than carbs and fats
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16 days ago
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