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The Comparative Might of Pens
After nine years of exchanging letters, Willas and Oberyn meet in person for the first time since the tourney.
fanfiction  fandom:asoiaf  author:cleromancy  pairing:oberyn.martell/willas.tyrell  pairing:oberyn.martell/ellaria.sand  rating:mature 
7 weeks ago by smallsaddad
The Drowning Sky
Valjean pulls Javert up out of dark waters.

""No," Valjean says, but Javert knows that he has planted the possibility – Valjean shoving aside the bedclothes and rucking up his nightshirt and the grim slap of flesh on flesh and those hard convict's eyes boring into the back of his neck, Valjean's breath on the back of his neck again, and –

The rush of blood southward catches him almost by surprise. He hopes Valjean does not notice the change in his eyes, the startled swallow. He always hopes too much. To see where he stands Valjean need only glance at the bedclothes.

This, Javert thinks, the thoughts leaden in his stomach. This, this, this is what becomes of you without the prop of your law. This is where your thoughts slink – vile and filthy, back to the gutter, this is the slimy rind that's left of you –"
fanfiction  fandom:les.mis  pairing:valjean/javert  author:zamwessell  rating:mature 
february 2018 by smallsaddad
Ain't No Grave (Can Keep My Body Down)
It's six in the morning, and Steve is heading out on a run when he nearly trips over a bouquet of sunflowers on the front steps of his brownstone.

For a second paranoia takes over, and he kicks the flowers a little, waiting for them to explode. They don't. They also came with a card, which he picks up. The front of the card has a tasteful picture of the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It's very nice and sedate, like the kind of card you would buy to give to your boss. On the inside someone has written a short message in big, shaky block letters.


Steve sits down hard on the steps
fanfiction  fandom:marvel  pairing:steve/bucky  author:spitandvinegar  rating:mature 
january 2018 by smallsaddad
What We Pretend We Can't See
Seven years out from the war, Harry learns the hard truth of old history: it’s never quite as far behind you as you thought.
fanfiction  fandom:harry.potter  pairing:drarry  author:gyzym  rating:mature 
january 2018 by smallsaddad
To Know You Anywhere
"I understand now," Thor says. "You're neither man nor woman, not Jotun nor Asgardian, small or large. You are simply yourself, without a boundary or name, except that you are my brother, and you are loved. Loki, I know you when I see you."
fanfiction  fandom:marvel  pairing:thor/loki  author:triedunture  rating:teen  rating:mature  series 
december 2017 by smallsaddad
i'm the diode, you're the kerosene
In two years, Eugene had run over this exact scene in his mind too many times to count. Sometimes, he’d yell. He’d curse him out, hit him if he was feeling particularly pissed off that day. Try and get it through his thick, mad skull that waking up alone on that train was the final nail in a coffin that Eugene had taken too long to claw out of. Other times, Eugene imagined embracing him, breathing in the familiar smell of sweat and gun oil as he silently forgave him for it all.
fanfiction  fandom:the.pacific  pairing:snafu/sledge  rating:mature  author:dizzyondreams 
november 2017 by smallsaddad
a little wicked, just like you said
“Best of three, then,” Silver says, clapping and rubbing his hands together. “When you lose, you–”


“If,” Silver corrects, immediately, but with a tone like he’s indulging the idea of Flint winning rather than actually entertaining it. “If you lose, you’ll have to remove an article of clothing.”

Flint stares at him. Silver smiles back, mouth like a scythe.

“Excuse me?”

If Silver’s got the balls to organise a rum soaked nudist arm-wrestling ring on Flint’s fucking ship, in the middle of the fucking night, in the middle of the fucking ocean, he’d better stand up and take the credit for it - and whatever else may be coming his way.
fanfiction  fandom:black.sails  pairing:silverflint  rating:mature  author:youatemytailor 
april 2017 by smallsaddad
What things we have heard together
“Looking out for me?”

“Always. S’why I’m here, if you want to know the truth.”

Dick couldn’t look at him, not while he was saying things like that, not even after all that champagne. He coughed. “What, not God and country?”

“No, nothing that poetic. Just this gawky redhead I got mixed up with back at OCS. Had to keep him out of trouble somehow.” He pulled Dick to him. “And you know what they say: you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.”
fanfiction  fandom:band.of.brothers  pairing:winters/nixon  author:jouissant  rating:mature  series 
december 2016 by smallsaddad
Restless World Like This Is
Nix has memories he'd like to forget, memories he'd gladly shove down and rarely revisit. Still, there is a growing handful of memories he can't afford to share, but can't bear to forget.
fanfiction  fandom:band.of.brothers  pairing:winters/nixon  author:blueskypenguin  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
Dead Men and Dreamers
He takes out a pack of cigarettes and lets two drops into his hand. “You smoke?”

“Yes, sir. Just during wartime,” says Lipton, smiling a little.

“You’ll be a lifelong smoker, then,” observes Speirs flatly, and offers him one. Without hesitation, Lipton takes it between two rough, surprisingly nimble fingers and waits as Speirs produces a lighter. The flame catches between them and holds, making pools and valleys of shadow on their faces. Speirs takes Lipton by the wrist to hold his cigarette steady for lighting, but it’s strange: Lipton’s hand only shakes more violently.
fanfiction  fandom:band.of.brothers  pairing:speirs/lipton  rating:mature  author:epigone 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
A Softer War
In 1945, Edward Heffron comes home from War. In 1951, Babe punches a guy through a plate glass window, loses half his tastebuds, flees from alligators, and moves in with a doctor. All of these things are related.
fanfiction  fandom:band.of.brothers  pairing:babe/roe  author:twelve_pastels  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
Boys Missing Shoes
Lewis Nixon takes a swig from his flask and says to you with drunken clarity, “kiss me like you're going off to war.”

“I’m already off to war,” you tell him.

“So kiss me any way at all then,” he says
fanfiction  fandom:band.of.brothers  pairing:winters/nixon  author:reserve  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
Beyond the Storm
Five years after the defeat of the First Order, a mostly-redeemed Jedi runs into a grouchy fugitive war criminal on a planet far from Republic space. Together, they fight the dark side.
fanfiction  fandom:star.wars  pairing:kylux  author:kaeda  rating:mature  au 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
The Red Wolf
With the Starkiller nearing completion, the LAST thing Hux needs is to be sent by the Supreme Leader to the Core Worlds on some kind of spy mission. That is NOT Hux's area of expertise, thank you very much.

And if attending cocktail parties and playing nice with the New Republic wasn't hard enough, General Leia Organa's son seems to be a demon from the deepest nightmares Hux never knew he had. Honestly. Can't the tall, dark idiot keep his hands to himself for just one minute?

Featuring the Terrifying Prince Ben Amidala Solo, General “I have no chill” Hux, Badass Goddess Rey Kenobi, Poe “Definitely not a Resistance spy” Dameron, and Actual Cinnamon Roll Finn.
fanfiction  fandom:star.wars  pairing:kylux  author:ofcorsetstrash  rating:mature  au 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
Sache que le Soi correspond au voyageur, que le corps est le chariot.
The cards provide Mr Segundus with some insight as to his relationship with Mr Childermass, who, let's be honest here, has probably been asking his cards about Segundus every night for the past decade or so. With a little help from some spiced wine and magical seduction, they finally manage to reveal their affections.
fanfiction  fandom:js&mn  pairing:childermass/segundus  author:apidologist  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
In Truth
“We have done nothing wrong at this time, sir,” Mr Segundus called, as soon as he had set foot outside the doors. Childermass only glanced up at him briefly. “You cannot try and stop us again from opening a school.”

“I can do whatever I want,” Childermass said. It consistently vexed Mr Segundus how insolent Childermass spoke to him, as though Mr Segundus were nothing more than a naughty child. “Seeing as I currently have no master. But I’m not here for that.”

In which Mr Segundus and Childermass come to an agreement.
fanfiction  fandom:js&mn  pairing:childermass/segundus  author:avaar  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
Something Blue
Thorin marries Bilbo after the Battle of Five Armies, a marriage of convenience, not love. Slowly, they must come to make the best of it, Bilbo resolves. After all, he's a Hobbit. They make the best of things.
fanfiction  fandom:the.hobbit  pairing:bagginshield  author:lapin  rating:mature  greatest.hits 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
Against the Cold
On an obscure, wave-wracked island Davos Seaworth and Stannis Baratheon meet. Fortunately, this time the worst things they have to deal with are frustrating family members, the machinations of local politics and finding some way to keep out the cold.
fanfiction  fandom:asoiaf  pairing:stannis/davos  author:hedge_witch  rating:mature  au 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
bring your battle to my door
Surviving the Battle of Five Armies is only the first step. Bilbo may not be able to master the sword, but he is certainly capable of putting Thorin Oakenshield in his place, and his place is the throne of Erebor. (This is a very nice way of saying: Thorin and Bilbo celebrate by having sex on the throne and the mountain says it's good.)
fanfiction  fandom:the.hobbit  pairing:bagginshield  author:kay_cricketed  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
Not Now Cobb We're Doing BGs
Arthur and Eames play WoW. They kick ass at Warsong Gulch, and when they team up they're nigh on unstoppable.

The don't know they're playing with each other.
fanfiction  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:cthonical  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
Promises Kept
You were never good at keeping promises, which is why you've never offered Dick any.
fanfiction  fandom:band.of.brothers  pairing:winters/nixon  author:nakeno  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
Depths of Winter
All these months, Stannis has been sleeping alone, and does so even now.
fanfiction  fandom:asoiaf  pairing:stannis/davos  author:dornfelder  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
“I swear to God, Dick, if someone told me that Monty was secretly working for the Germans, I’d fucking believe it. I have never seen such – my God, you have no idea, no goddamned idea. My fucking plane blew up, Dick.”
fanfiction  fandom:band.of.brothers  pairing:winters/nixon  author:profcricket  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
One Night in Rachamps
When Speirs stumbled a little Lipton made a soft, almost chiding noise - it was true, Speirs thought tiredly, he was like a mother hen to all of them, and the new CO wasn't excused - and slipped in easily under Speirs' arm to steady him.
fanfiction  fandom:band.of.brothers  pairing:speirs/lipton  author:renne  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
The Hours
He wants his best friend in a way he can't understand, but needs to learn.
fanfiction  fandom:band.of.brothers  pairing:winters/nixon  author:bigboobedcanuck  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
It Happened One Night
Nixon gets the chance to do the day before the big jump over and over and over (or, Every Fandom Needs Groundhog's Day Fic).
fanfiction  fandom:band.of.brothers  pairing:winters/nixon  author:raquelelpillo  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
Looks (passed and shared)
Speirs recognizes the looks: most of them sort of wide eyed and staring, deer in the headlights. And there's a kind of pleasure in that - knowing that most men rock back on their heels and dig in a little when he does get to yelling. Lipton doesn't look away.
fanfiction  fandom:band.of.brothers  pairing:speirs/lipton  author:prosodi  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad
Breaking a Fever
Ronald Speirs had lips like a boy half his age, a slight pout and a little too much of a curve in the upper to look as masculine as anyone reading his service record might expect. They tasted of coffee and sleep, unbrushed teeth and awkwardness. Carwood Lipton had lips that were made, right now, to be kissing them.
fanfiction  fandom:band.of.brothers  pairing:speirs/lipton  author:apiphile  rating:mature 
november 2016 by smallsaddad

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